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  • Locked Solved [RESOLVED] Assassin's Creed Valhalla missing from Ubisoft Connect library after purchase | POST HERE

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    7.5 Hours for me and it just showed up after constantly closing my launcher and reopening i saw the "Pre-load" banner and then clicked it. Now Downloading.

  • Sarti.
    3 posts

    Got it after 6 hours. Hope you guys receive it soon too!

  • Khodemchuk
    15 posts

    Just so people know - there's no need to constantly reload the launcher. I did that for 8 hours, and then the game showed up when I left the launcher on whilst I was watching TV (didn't even need to switch the page - just stayed on the library and it suddenly appeared.

  • DonCisco-DK
    2 posts

    I am able to download now, and play tomorrow i guess.. 7 hrs more or less.

  • Cmkelley4
    1 posts

    i have mine just cant play it yet

  • Sejten6677
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    They should give us season pass for free. Its unacceptable. We pay, and dont get product we pay for. Shame

  • ricky6779
    2 posts

    The game finnaly came out from nowhere in my games list and is starting to download .... took around 4and half hour....
    Wish you all good luck .....
    We'll see how long it takes to fix other launchday issues , as there always are with those types of games but it seems no problem is hopeless

  • coxstermc
    8 posts

    @ecekaan 11 and half hours for me

  • DJStraz
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    After 6 hours from purchase, the game is finally available for me to pre-load. Purchased the game from the Ubisoft store at approximately 1:30 PM CST in Texas. Game became available to download at 7:25 PM CST.

    One interesting thing of note for me, is that my Ubisoft Connect client also changed drastically at the same time the game became available. Up until now, it was very simple and plain with just a News and Games tab at the top. I've been closing and reoping the client all day in the hopes of the game being available. When I relaunched the client at 7:25, suddenly Store, Ubisoft+, and Discover tabs were at the top, as well as more things appearing to be "fleshed out".

    Not sure if this was a coincidence or what, but now everything seems to be in order.

  • XIII_ArBlade
    12 posts

    @subpeidk I have got the same problem as you..... 180$ just fly away

  • Painshadow
    18 posts

    The game has now appeared in my Ubisoft games list. Now hopefully they'll cancel my Refund request. 😂 For those waiting longer than a few hours, SUBMIT A TICKET. They will fix it. Be patient yes it's frustrating but they are working hard to fix the orders. See you all in Valhalla!

  • Khodemchuk
    15 posts

    @painshadow I waited for 8 hours, submitted a ticket after 30 minutes. I know people who didn't submit one and got it sooner. It's a lottery, friend

  • NthPowr
    2 posts

    Mine just showed up a little bit ago. so took about...8 hours for it to appear in my library.

  • BolognaTugboatt
    2 posts

    I just paid $108.00 for this gold version of the game and I cannot even access it. The fact that I spend this kind of money on Ubi games and they disappoint time after time is so frustrating. Can someone please help me out here? Ive been charged for the game when I check my banking statement but absolutely no evidence of the game in my Ubisoft Connect.

  • BolognaTugboatt
    2 posts

    @Ubisoft can you guys please give me some kind of answer here? this is so frustrating getting so hyped up for a game, PAYING for it and then not even being able to download it when I should be able to.

  • StemongoMcmikal
    10 posts

    6 hours. Finally got mine.

  • M1nDTr1cK2020
    21 posts

    i also got it after 8h or so ... its 6a.m. atm in my country , have read that alot of ppl are having troubles launching the game... i almost have it installed , ill try now but why do i have the feeling sth else is going to break .... ❌

  • M1nDTr1cK2020
    21 posts

    ""The program cant start becase d3d12.dll is missing from your computer"" .... ?!?!? and suggestions

  • devastator0327
    7 posts


    I have tried to contact ubisupport and ubisoft on facebook. Ubisupport is not working due to covid, and on Facebook i got no answer.

    It is the 10th of November and the game is still missing from my library...

    Please do something.

  • subpeidk
    15 posts

    @samendio same the price of the game got deducted from my bank account 5 times and it also said before I checked my bank account ops failed please try again and in my and i can't even find it in my purchase history ubisoft please help us all don't fall on deaf ears please.

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