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  • Locked Solved [RESOLVED] Assassin's Creed Valhalla missing from Ubisoft Connect library after purchase | POST HERE

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    @darkerikviper They made the choice to screw customers over when they decided not to release on Steam. I knew this was going to be a bad idea but I took a chance anyway because I wanted a game tonight.

  • xXgrimhildXx
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    @stemongomcmikal You're saying if I had just purchased this in the launcher it would show up there? Should I order there and refund the other one?

  • woogwoogs
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    I was hoping this would all be resolved within a few hours, but losing hope for being able to play on release. Purchased 9am which was 7 hours ago since this post and still nothing despite it being in history and paypal statement.

  • PinkiesBrain
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    It is well known for SEVERAL days now that the game does not show up in the launcher after purchase pretty often. Especially if you take a discount with points.
    There is a lot of people (like me) who get the game in the evening to be able to play at night and preload. And UBI just does not care!

    !!! Not only that they do not fix it in time- no- they DO NOT EVEN APOLOGIZE!?!?!!? - There is only a random comment from support that says- ye if it didn´t work in 24H come back.!!!

    WE ALL KNOW that it will work tomorrow most probably and WE DO NOT CARE! We want it to work right away! - as you took the money RIGHT AWAY! There is no agreement about you taking the money and delivering 24h later!
    And btw UBI - SHAME on you- such a big company is not able to get stuff right that backyard companies do a thousand times better?!

    I know btw- that there is other things in life and that I can still download and play tomorrow- or the day after - or next week or whatever. But that is not how it works - This is not how a customer wants to be treated and it is not what the expectations are when I buy a digital product online!

    This is a complete disgrace!

  • StemongoMcmikal
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    @xxgrimhildxx That's what it seems. But the underlying issue is I didn't know this until AFTER I purchased the game as it is my first time buying on the website.

  • RainbowAshii
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    @stemongomcmikal My agent said that the game is in the order history and I should just wait, but that was weird. First he didn't want to tell me anything and then he went to "just wait, it's there". I have a feeling he just wanted to get rid of me. But I also never got any email from Ubi store after buying it, only confirmation from the payment method. And it's been almost 9 hours now.

  • ileb0i
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    @pinkiesbrain 100% Agreed

  • diiorio
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    @pinkiesbrain not sure if that is because it has not officially launched and people purchasing in other stores won't launch until midnight EST.

    if you go to the store or ubi connect , you should be able to hit play and preload.

    It downloaded the whole game on UBISOFT connect (main game) then an additional 600mg update today. But it is not launchable until Midnight EST tomorrow. 11pm CT)

    The open beta will also not work now.

  • xXgrimhildXx
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    @stemongomcmikal Has anyone confirmed that it works in the launcher? I hate to loan them $60 but if it will make the game show up I will do it.

  • Rhyterpallash
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    Same here. Ordered a few hours ago. It's terrible and to be expected of me putting faith in this abstergo [censored] company

  • MericSever
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    This is pathetic that it may take up to 24 hours for the game to be recognized / delivered to your game library there should be NO delay at all, Covid-19 dose not affect computers ... this is Very poor service for any company asking up to $130 usd for a game (edit: its $130 not $150)

  • Vengarr89
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    im waiting only 2 more hours for official release if it wont work its ok.
    i will wait for "free" version 😉 and fuc* ubisoft.

  • Doz1986
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    Ordered 1.30pm it's now nearly 9pm still no sign.

  • jarucha2010
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    @stemongomcmikal So if I got an email from ubi store and the order is displayed in the application, is the game assigned to my account?

  • StemongoMcmikal
    10 posts

    I'm going to bite the bullet and do it. I'll let you know. As long as i get my refund from Ubi within 7 then it is what it is. If i don't then ill have to fight for it. I just find it utterly disappointing and very bad on their service.

  • ZealotQ.
    7 posts

    @jarucha2010 No, its not. I got all those things and the game still isnt added to my library. Maybe you got lucky and it does show up in your library, but I doubt it.

  • xXgrimhildXx
    8 posts

    @mericsever Poor service? You must be mistaken, the receipt and pages on the website say "Great customer service" is a feature of this game company. Never believe marketing I guess. And never order a game if it isn't on Steam.

  • BirthdayDog
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    So what's the point in digital preorder if you can't preload? Literally defeats the purpose. I preordered WD a couple weeks ago with no issues whatsoever. In fact, I have never had any problems like this from any digital storefront in my entire life. Imagine renting a movie off amazon and them saying "It might show up in 24 hours". Imagine buying an album from iTunes and being told "Check back tomorrow and let us know if you still don't have it." This is grounds for reimbursement, seriously. We are paying for a service and it was not provided in a timely manner.

    Maybe disable preorders until you fix the store so people stop having this problem, and if connectivity is really the issue on Ubi's end, piling more orders might make the problem worse.

    Except we all know that the problem isn't related to the number of people on the service, and they would NEVER stop someone from giving them more money, even if they can't give us a product. This is probably because of the switch from Uplay to Ubisoft Pathetic or whatever the new system is called.

  • Khodemchuk
    15 posts

    @xxgrimhildxx "I thought "well I am super annoyed this isn't on Steam and normally I just wouldn't get it because they are thumbing their nose at customers but I will take a chance because this looks like a cool game." Lesson learned." - my thoughts exactly!

  • azriel57
    1 posts

    I purchased this game in May and still not showing up in my inventory and no way for me to do the pre-download. I have submitted a ticket and hope this gets correctly soon because I would like the download to start so I can begin playing as early as possible tomorrow.

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