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  • Locked Solved [RESOLVED] Assassin's Creed Valhalla missing from Ubisoft Connect library after purchase | POST HERE

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    @gerihebovija2 I don't get it why not sending a activication key by e-mail when you buy a game on uplay.

  • KmarkoPL
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    How long you been waiting ?

  • nozgarth122
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    same [censored] here, didnt wanna buy from uplay from start but cant w8 to play AC:Valhalla.
    And yes ofc Uplay fails like a pig trying to fly as u can expect.

  • Avianek
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    i bought it yesterday and i get it instantly, but i saw error after purshase

  • StemongoMcmikal
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    Same here. First time buyer here on PC. Just spoke with a live chat representative as the game purchase and order history shows on my Ubisoft store web account but not on my Ubisoft Connect. Though I did not receive a confirmation email, I was told the purchase did not go through and it makes absolutely no sense. The initial funds of $64.97 had been taken out of my account, I had provided screenshots of my purchase AND of the game being in my recent orders on the webpage. I was still told that I needed to repurchase the game and wait up to 7 days to receive a refund for the initial first "Failed" transaction. At this time, I will now be spending up to $130 today to play the game (i'll get the refund within a week but to me this is beyond unreasonable when evidence had been proven that the game was purchased successfully). Very poor business practice with little to no helpful service on the issue being handled except "Too bad, buy it again and we'll give you money back later."

  • jarucha2010
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    I just don't understand note in the order description in application - game is displayed in your library. It means, that purchase "made it" and theoritically game is assigned to my account or what?

  • Kinoso
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    Another victim here. Bought it 3 hours ago, nowhere to be seen, even tho I have both the confirmation email from Ubisoft and it appears as 'bought and in library' on launcher.
    What a [censored] disaster.

  • Sarti.
    3 posts

    Ubisoft is like drugs, we know it sucks, it hurts, it takes our money, they don't care about us and we still buy things from this [censored].

  • niekvermeer
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    Same here what a [censored] store this is. And I also would like te complain about the customer care, or maybe it's better to say THE LACK OF CUSTOMER CARE.
    it hasn't appeared in my library either.

  • RainbowAshii
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    @stemongomcmikal At least you got some information from your live chat. I just tried and the guy wouldn't tell me anything, because I'm not in his region. So I have no idea if my purchase is safe or denied. Oh, and Ubi from my region ignores me.

  • ZealotQ.
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    Does someone here know how long the refund process takes? Im 5hrs in, this is unacceptable. Seems really close to false advertising tbh.

  • xXgrimhildXx
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    @sarti This is my first and probably last Ubi purchase. I impulse bought because I wanted a game to play tonight. It was against my better judgment. Pre-orders are dumb, not ordering on Steam is dumb. And this is why. Ubi should stop taking orders if they know they can't fulfill them. They should be transparent about what the problem is.

  • AnthonyNg11
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    Same here, i have tried to purchased game 3 times, first 2 times i got error messages that says i should try again, and i did, both have gone wrong and money was taking out of my bank account without any email confirmations. The third time and the last time, the order was success and i have confirmation mail but i cannot find the game in my library. I have send a support ticket and chat to them but result is i have to wait until someone in my region come to office and check the ticket.

    I mean if this is very bad service from Ubisoft with pre-order product. If they have problem with payment, they should block the payment until they can fix it and give us informations about this. After all of this problems have been fixed, i hope Ubisoft repay us some respect and some acceptable explainations here.

    Edit: i pre-ordered on ubisoft launcher. Not on web.

  • fankavo78
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    I also purchased the standard edition about an hour ago, got a confirmation mail and the the game does not appear on my account.
    I didn't expect such thing....Pre-Order?????hahahahaha

  • StemongoMcmikal
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    @zealotq Chat representative told me up to 7 days

  • DanyelKem
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    Did your game appear? Im still waiting

  • Frebu1
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    @sweaty_simon same here, only I bought the game on November 6th.

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    @niekvermeer It's like they do it on purpose screw with the customer who buying a game from them and when a game doesn't appear in your libary even you got confirmation of payment succesfull by mail and on uplay connect launcher. And then say oh wait 24 hours we have a delay in our deliver system come on.

  • StemongoMcmikal
    10 posts

    @rainbowashii Ha. I dont even know if i would call THAT service "information."

    My experience is as follows:

    "sorry its not in your order history"
    "yes, it is, i just bought it and you took my money."
    "The transaction failed. its not there."
    "yes. It is. You took out an amount of $64.97 I am looking at the order history as we speak. can i send a screenshot to a representative for proof?"
    "sure. (provides image upload option)"
    (sent a screenshot of my entire page with my account name and the game in my recent orders and 60 uplay points)
    "Sorry, its not in your history. Please buy the game via the launcher and it will be there. You'll get a refund in 7 days."
    "wow this is sad, and a very unpleasant experience for a first time buyer."

  • ValorOfPerseus
    4 posts

    ubisoft is probably just mad a lot of us waited until reviews came out to preorder lol

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