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  • Locked Solved [RESOLVED] Assassin's Creed Valhalla missing from Ubisoft Connect library after purchase | POST HERE

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    @elgatorick Hey there, I cannot see the order, therefore please update your support case with more details, such as order number and email receipt. We can only investigate via your case, not on a public forum!

  • Sir.MurangaA
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    6 days and the game is not in my library ?????
    case - 13176233

  • Sarimae
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    @pmacleod instead of posting here, you should give this to a lawyer.
    AThats the normal way to handle things, also, thats the usual way companys clear differences. Its the democratic, lawful

  • ElGatoRick
    10 posts

    @ubi-spud Where I do that

  • Kurosx
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    @ralleeen i bought it 2 days ago . it doesnt appear. 60$ in the bin

  • LeMinduin
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    @leminduin 4 days now and no reply and game

  • Pandastronaut
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    @pandastronaut Live chat was re-enabled and I was able to talk to them. I had to re-purchase the game.

  • Count_Warheit
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    They took the money out of my paypal account and I didnt get the game. Did that happen to you as well?

  • Count_Warheit
    5 posts

    They sure took my damn money real quick but I dont have any game still. It shows in recent orders but I didnt get a confirmation email from ubisoft but I did from paypal. Never had this issue on steam.

  • sdrumm0714
    6 posts

    @ubi-swaggins 4 days and haven't heard from anyone...

  • ElGatoRick
    10 posts

    @Ubi-Spud My case is the numer 13264496 I sent an email with the proof of purchase a long time ago but nothing happens.

  • Poiuyt89
    3 posts

    I purchased the game yesterday and the game does not show in the games library. Under the client's my order tab, it says the game is in my library but has yet to show up. I have put in a ticket for this issue and im aware that things take time since there are a lot of issues with bugs and such, but i would appreciate an update as i have no idea on the status of the ticket as i can not reply to the email they sent me saying they received my ticket. Any help would be appreciated as i would like to play the game this weekend if possible.

    My case number is 13255586.

  • Count_Warheit
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    @poiuyt89 Welcome to the club. I purchased it earlier and still dont have it. What a monumental [censored] up. I have never seen anything like this. Maybe they should just unrelease the game as they cant even get it out to people who bought it. They sure took my money quickly but I have no product I paid for.

  • Poiuyt89
    3 posts

    @count_warheit oh im aware im part of this illustrious club now, will there be cookies or cake?

  • Count_Warheit
    5 posts

    @poiuyt89 Yea there will be cookies and cake but you are going to need to fork out some helix credits if you want them.

  • Poiuyt89
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    @count_warheit *slick backs karen hair cut* I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO A MANAGER!!!!!!!!!!*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 798 posts

    @Count_Warheit @Poiuyt89 We're sorry to hear this has been the case.

    We are not able to assist with this issues over the Discussions forum, the Support Team will be back in touch with you as soon as they have an update.

    Due to a high number of contacts our responses to support cases can be delayed.

    Official Response
  • Wolf01811
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    • 13270300
    • please help
  • coldairkiller
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    Game still not showing in library, i waited a few days so see if they could resolve their issue but im at a wall now, ive been charged for the game but still haven't received the ability to download and play.


  • Maligknant
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    I purchased the game Friday evening 11/13/20 around 6pm PST. Here we are Sunday 9:30am PST and no game to show for it. I've contacted support, I've chat with "game" support - who had no access to "store" support.

    The transaction is pending in my bank account - perhaps this is the issue?
    If it is the issue - why? When I buy a sandwich or groceries at the store, the clerk does not hold them until the transaction posts - they confirm funds are in the bank and they reserve those funds and I take my food.

    Why can't I play the game I'm purchasing Ubisoft Connect?

    I've never been this frustrated with a distribution service. I'm sure there are some reasons - glitches / high demand..etc. However, a much larger issue is the support and communication has been non-existent from the Store support. They closed down live chat and no updates on process.

    If I was anyone else, I would have purchased the game, then SAW NOTHING for it, and because there was no email confirmation of the purchase, I would suspect fraud.

    What's going on and when can we find resolution? I want to support Ubisoft, I have for many years. But this is beyond frustrating.
    #ubisoft connect

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