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  • Strunk88
    4 posts


    Are you able to pick up contracts from the other The Thousand Eyes members?
    If so maybe you can talk to Reda again after completion??

    I'll try it out when i'm home and online again.

  • Ro6inU1omek
    6 posts

    same problem for me. im done with the mainstory but this quest is still up. there are no childrens aynmore. i cant talk to reda.

  • xBlazinkaoSx
    3 posts

    I can’t talk to Reda to start the quest I tried rebooting the game few times now and nothing.

  • HaTTDoG1970
    5 posts

    Been playing for about 60hrs on PC and Reda has still NOT turned up in the game for me... I've missed out in the daily & weekly missions rewards... The only things that i can buy from venders are RUNES, no weapons show up in the vender's stores, i think that is from not having Reda in the game !!! The only other problem i have is that i have 4 huntsman's chest armour's, some how i've lost other chest armour's and they have turned into huntsman's chest armour's....
    Please fix these problems so i can enjoy the game the way it's meant to be enjoyed 😊

  • Strunk88
    4 posts

    Seems to work! Or maybe I was just lucky.......

    When I fired up the game I confirmed that interacting with Reda was still impossible.
    Fast travelled to Northwic, and I was able to talk to the Thousand Eyes member there and accept contract missions.
    Completed the missions, travelled back to my settlement and Reda was telling the kids stories again and was able to speak to him again when he was done talking.

    Curious if this is working for other people as well. (I hope so!)

  • GreyKnight56
    1 posts

    I am also having this problem. I need to talk to Reda to finish the quest "Viking for Hire" but I cannot interact with him.

  • Chelf4
    1 posts

    @blackice_xd how long did you wait for him to talk

  • Tw1tch1985
    1 posts

    yea same here as soon as the quest Viking for hire became active I was locked out from reda please fix this ASAP Ubisoft love all ya games and I’m happy to deal with bugs and wait while they get fixed as long as they are indeed getting fixed especially progress effecting bugs like this one other than that brilliant title so far loving it and the similarities to the show Vikings is fkn awesome !!!!

  • ShifteRPr0
    1 posts

    Hello, It's been 2 days since I completed the reda mission entitled (Vinking for rent) so I go to the camp to talk to reda again and I see him telling a story so I wait on the rated as it is proposed and once his story is over I go to him to talk to him and the impossible I have tried everything and nothing or done I can no longer talk to him. I am therefore contacting you to ask for help. Thank you

  • BraBabaBus
    1 posts

    Cant talk to Reda since 2 days. Cant use my 200+ plus opals. and im looking for friends. Add me BraBabaBus 300+ strength Viking. Very cool game. death body trap is awesome. thats the content i want all years.

  • M331331
    2 posts

    can't talk to Reda....it is been this since he started telling a Story to the Kids around him, i listened to the Story but i couldn't talk with him afterwards now i have the Quest with him because i finished 10 contracts that i got from the other kids in other Towns but i can't buy anything from the other kids or start the Quest so that is a Problem.

    here is a short video i made ingame (internet is always on)
    (it's been this way for 3 days)

  • Storm130
    2 posts

    I encountered this issue the moment I completed Viking for Hire. The quest icon is above Reda to talk to him but I get no prompt to interact with him.

  • Storm130
    2 posts

    @blackice_xd Not for me, he has told that story and now he just sits there with no Interact Prompt. Just the quest icon for me to finish Viking for Hire.

  • BlackIce_xD
    13 posts
    @blackice_xd how long did you wait for him to talk

    I fast travel und use the meditation 2 times.

  • jFate_
    7 posts

    hi it's been 3 days and i cannot interact with Reda at all, there's no icon...

  • KyraJack69
    12 posts

    Im able to do contracts but just as ALL the stores in the settlement, I cannot purchase anything. The cursor will not go anywhere but the back button.
    Its like that on all the stores in the settlement.

  • AlvaroSantana11
    1 posts

    Hola buenas se me bugueo la misión de reda en el campamento de se necesitan vikingos soy el único?
    No me deja hablar con el

  • pharmartist
    4 posts
    Okay so I had the same problem, I already did the bakery quest and dag, I could not interact with reda, he would just sit alone, before he had the children sitting there telling a story. My fix was I kept continuing the story until the children came back, once they were back, I listened to the whole story, once reda finished I could speak to him. Hope this helps someone!

    Can you tell after witch mission I can see those kids.? I'm having also the same problem. Done 10 reda missions. Stuc

  • Gemynal0
    1 posts

    @jfate_ Same problem

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