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  • SiC713
    2 posts

    Same problem here on Xbox One. All my autosaves say data corrupt and my manual save does now too. I have over 300GB space.

    If all my saves are corrupt am I looking at starting from scratch? 10 hours in.

  • begone452
    2 posts

    All of my save data corrupts after my last auto save during Rumor of Ledecestre. I had 7hrs of gameplay after that and it was all gone. Don’t know what to do PLZ HELP!!!!

  • randisboy
    4 posts

    @begone452 same thing happened to me. From what I gathered that whole save is boned. Need to start a new one. Sadly.

  • Misakio91..
    1 posts

    Hello I'm sending a technical issue  showed on my PS4 and that is the save game files are getting corrupted Can you please report it to the technical team  ( I have about 30 h game progress and I don't want to lose it 

    Sincerely Mike M.

  • Badmotherduck
    1 posts

    @misakio91 I've had this happen 4 times! Luckily only it furthest its let me get is sailing to England but I'm on my 4th re-install of the game and it just keeps corrupting.

  • Ruffy667
    3 posts

    Some of my saves are corrupting, and all the cloud ones are.
    This is now stopping me from playing the PS5 version of Valhalla because I'm not resetting 30 hours of progress. Is there a way to manually choose a save to put in Ubiconnect so I can get on with my game?

  • Diogaralmeidara
    15 posts

    Xbox one x here, Not sure if related but me and my girlfriend play seperate character she play a female and me a male and we both overwrite manual save 2 times every time over our older manual saves, its already hard enough seeing who's save is who's since you can only tell by hours played unlike in odyssey where you can tell by the difficulty, level, hours played, but today in the morning her manual saves disappeared, she only has auto saves from maybe 2 or 3 hours of gameplay before? Also i looked up and down the options and I don't see autosaves or anyway to turn them on or off and how frequent it makes no sense to me.

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 798 posts

    Hey guys,

    For anyone on PS4 or PC, could you please provide us with a copy of one of the Corrupt Saves? You can find the Saves via the steps here.

    You can do this through one of the channels below:

    Please reference this thread when you do so.

    Official Response
  • begone452
    2 posts


    idk if they’ve had an update since I posted this yesterday but I believe I’ve fixed that save file by resetting my console while playing the game. Had to do it twice

  • The_Killer-RJ
    1 posts

    @ryusennin no meu caso também ocorre isso, mas continua sempre de onde parei, mas nao vou jogar mais até sair uma atualizaçao e outro erro q aconteceu foi ao selecionar o personagem masculino ou feminino, eu tive que colocar as configuraçoes todas no baixo ou desligado e a e menor resoluçao possivel para conseguir selecionar o personagem.

  • godOFconquest77
    1 posts

    Cant even play an hour with out a data corruption error, then I have to play everything over again.

  • B00MSIE
    402 posts


    I have the same problem. Playing on the XBox Series X. A restart of the console and/or game does not always fix it.

  • flyinpiranha
    3 posts

    Same thing on my Xbox Series X. Had to restart and delete the corrupted files, but the 'continue' had me starting from where I left off.

  • Endersempathy
    2 posts

    This has happened to me on my XBox One. I've got plenty of room on an external drive where the game is installed.

    After a point, all new save attempts give me the corrupt message. I Can't proceed. Doing a hard reboot of my xBox now.

    1 posts

    I have the same issue on series x I think it's to do with quick resume had to restart twice 8 hours in

  • supermadre68
    1 posts

    so my husband just got the game on the 10th. at first the saves were fine. now they all show corrupt. ALL TYPES of saves. however, he can still go to the missions and play with no game play time lost. it's just a pain in the [censored]. we are afraid that later he won't be able to load the game and have to start over. so is this an actual problem or is it just a glitch?

  • Endersempathy
    2 posts

    @endersempathy Replying to my own message here. After a reboot, I had lost just abit and I can now save and proceed. Some save files are gone I think. I wonder if it has anything to do with being logged into Ubisoft in the background. I lost internet connection for a bit while playing. Maybe that? I don't know. Glad it seems to be working now.

  • SmalLongDog
    6 posts

    System: Xbox Series X

    Place in Game: 3-4 hours into the campaign

    Details: A few hours into the game I realized my save files from one point on were all corrupted. WHen I tried to save again, the new saves were also corrupted.

    Solution: I rolled the dice and did a hard restart on the console, which luckily kept my place in the game with "quick resume". After the restart I was able to save again without corrupting the data.


  • Codyace067
    2 posts

    I’m about 15 hours into the game on the XBSX.. haven’t unlocked a single achievement. Under further inspection, I realized when I save it says “corrupt data”.. however, it loads and plays just fine. Is there anyway this would be patched so the achievements will work? Thanks

  • maxx609xd
    1 posts

    My save data keeps corrupting every time I save my game any one know how to make it doesn't happen again

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