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  • smithy10GB
    Original poster 70 posts

    Kinda frustrating not gonna lie, I bought the new watch dogs to play while I wait for valhalla to get fixed and that game crashes all the time so I spent £38.99 to tie me over while valhalla gets fixed, just to get a game that crashes every 10 mins 😞

  • claud1o-
    50 posts


    I am very disappointed and angry about this as well.
    It took ages for them to recognize the bugs (thanks to @Ubi-Woofer who was the only one to help so far).
    No news now on the status, it will take ages to develop a patch free of bugs.

    How long shall we wait to finally play the game we paid for without game breaking bugs and to be able to use the customisation we also paid for and cant use right now.

    As I said, I will finish this game once it is playable but Ubi$oft will not see my € for a long time.

  • heartpunches
    13 posts


    i'm sorry to ping you yet again on this thread, but is there any chance you can give us even a tentative timeline on a fix? anything from "hope to have a patch by [ ]" to "the devs don't know if/when they'll have this taken care of" would be super helpful.

    i think a lot of people (myself included) are waiting on this info to inform whether or not we'll keep playing, wait it out, start a new game, or quit entirely. i totally respect that trying to isolate and fix bugs on the fly post-launch is a nightmare, but it would be nice to know the status since this is such a frustrating issue.

    thank you again for your help!

    1 posts

    @guest-qjynxkkf I’m also having the same issue it’s annoying have tried resetting an other tricks found online but nothing seems to work. I can’t speak with the hunter, fisherman, cartographer or the shipyard. Not sure what Ubisoft is planning to fix it but they need to hurry the help up this is very annoying since I can’t turn quest items in.

  • Whitey_Ford1979
    9 posts

    Just adding my voice/complaint to this thread. Having pretty much the exact same problem as most people here:

    I am now 60+ hours of game time played, and I'm over power level 200, and would hate to have to basically start all over just to be able to fully enjoy the settlement part of that game. I am able to talk to the Blacksmith, Hidden Ones Bureau, Trading Post, Tattoo shop, Seer and Museum. I've never been able to communicate with the Fishing Hut or Cartography NPC's from the moment I built those buildings. However, when I first built the Barracks, Hunters Hut and Shipyard I was able to talk to them at first; it was later that all of a sudden they stopped working. This is why I feel like something in the game actually bug/glitch on me - because of the way some of them worked and then later stopped.

    My case is # 13362548

  • guest-vFntBpaF
    1 posts

    I have the same issue where i cant talk to certain people in my village. Im really regretting the tattoo i chose for my face.

  • OkkieOkster
    1 posts

    It happened on ps 4 the moment I build the house of Valka and went to Asgard. At that moment my settlement was rank three. I hoped by building more houses the bug got fixed. I am now rank 4 with the settlement. I can talk to Reda, hunter, blacksmith and Hytham. I can not talk to Shipwright, Fisher, Cartographer, Barracks, stable guy, and Keri's wood house (reinforcing settlement). I did not build the bakery and farm yet. When I am reading all these posts it differs to which NPC's you can not speak.

    I think Valka is the problem in the game ;). Also with seer's quest.

    Hope it will be fixed soon these bugs. Nice game.

  • Rakkertje08
    15 posts

    For me it happend after i build the Hunter Hunt, reload a save game and suddenly no option to interact with Petra and the huntress Quest got removed from my completed Quest overview. So it looks like i have to redo that quest, only problem it triggers automacially after you have build the Hunter hut, which i already got.. so hoe to trigger it and continue the side Quests with Petra?

  • chriskean86
    11 posts

    Just found out I can't progress the seer quest. Visited Asgard the first time but for the 2nd time Valka is nowhere to be found to talk to. Cosmetic issues have no become main story issues

  • SneakySmithy
    2 posts

    First, could you all please specify the level of your settlement, and whether this issue has been occurring since you upgraded the buildings, or since a later point? Can you also please let us know the current quest you are working towards, and whether you have been completing a lot of side quests or focusing mainly on main quests throughout your playthrough?

    Hi and thank you for helping.

    on PS4 My settlement is now lvl 5, I can not access the stable, barracks, hunter's lodge, cartographer and shipyard. I was able to access the Barracks until I had done the Berserker quest line. then everything seemed to stop, I did this quest around lvl 2 of the village. I am able to access the tattoo now after doing the side quest for that one.

  • Hambone2021
    6 posts

    I also just noticed this problem where I cannot interact with the barracks any longer and my settlement is at level 3. I recently built the hunter hut and performed the first quest where you kill the wolves so it's possible that was the trigger. Just before that or around the same time I was able to manage my crew etc. at the barracks so the bug just appeared in the last day of gaming. I am playing on Xbox One X.

  • TychoRedLead
    2 posts

    Likewise here, can't interact with shipyard NPC.
    Playing on ps4

  • KenSterz
    2 posts

    I am playing on ps4 also bugged on npcs. I can't talk to shipyard, barracks, hunter, when I talk to hytham, I can't turn in the codex or kills, when I talk to museum guy, I can't turn in roman artifacts. I am currently settlement level 4.

    I have a ticket open as well #13373412

  • heartpunches
    13 posts


    not to beat a dead horse here, but my support ticket (#13370751) has not gotten a response, live chat has been disabled, and reaching out to support on twitter has gotten me nothing but radio silence. even if your update is "there is no update at this time" could you please let us know that the devs are still looking into this?

    again, i understand patching this stuff isn't easy, and i also know that support is slammed right, but the total lack of communication from ubisoft is extraordinarily frustrating. i've loved valhalla so far and i want to keep playing, but the bug/ubisoft's response so far is making that a tough call.

    thanks in advance for any info you can give us!

  • Leorres_ZY
    1 posts

    Have the similar issue with all the NPCs in the settlement. Played on PC and currently on level 5/6 of the settlement and 200+ power level and just finished the Lincolnshire main quest line, and since i can't talk to Randvi, I can't proceed with the main story.

  • SwikzySome
    2 posts

    Look, I'm sorry, but I'm going to be rude here. It is completely frustrating that you CANNOT CUSTOMIZE YOUR PSESONAGE AND YOUR BOAT, and you do not comment on that. REALLY? LOOK AT THE PRICE WE PAY FOR THE GAME!

  • UbiKoality
    448 posts

    @pralokf2 Hey there! I'm extremely sorry about the delayed response here. I also apologize for the inconvenience that this bug may have caused you! Have you tried completing our PS4 troubleshooting guide? Those steps would be good to run through if you haven't done so already! If you don't notice any improvements, can you please grab videos or screenshots of these problems? I would be glad to get them reported for you.

    Please keep in mind you can always contact our support team if needed!

  • parmacratfrMK2
    1 posts

    I have built both the shipyard and the barracks in my settlement. I have accessed the shipyard menu only once shortly after building the shipyard, since then I am unable to speak with the npc to customize my ship. recently I have found I am no longer able to customize my crew or lieutenant.

  • Biggdoggy2080
    2 posts

    Having the same issue as everyone else with talking to the NPCs. Really hoping I won’t have to reinstall because of how many hours I’ve put in. I understand you’re doing the best you can but don’t think I could play again if that’s the case

  • lil_nicky2
    1 posts

    Im not able to talk to alot of npcs. Missions can't be completed because it doesn't have a option to speak to them.

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