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    @Ubi-Woofer Hi!

    I've played an older save and it came that after making the report to Randvi about Ragnarssons quest, I was not capable of interact with the npcs while I was able to do just before. So maybe it's another lead for the devs?

    Re :
    And the raid against the camp began just after the Ragnarssons report

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    This post is deleted!
  • fiberfly
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    Ola, I'm having a problem with the settlement. however I did not go to talk to the npc, I went to do other things by the map, r now when I came back I have no option to deliver the mission or build other tents.. What can I do? No npc has dialogue to deliver or take on a new missionundefined

  • rriiccoov
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    I can’t speak with Tarben (bakery guy) to progress my “Man of Mystery” quest.

  • jesk135
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    Same here, I cannot speak tattoo/barber guy at all anymore. I am in ps4

  • ckcjbfb01
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    I can't interact with the shipyard and barracks npcs. So I am not alle to change my ship or crew. Not a game breaking issue but just super anoying.

  • Whitey_Ford1979
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    At the moment my settlement is totally broken. I can't talk to my barracks, ship builder, fishing hut, cartography, or hunters hut (and yes I have built them all - for a while I was able to talk to the barracks & ship builder before they stopped working, the other ones never worked from the moment I built them). I sure hope there is some sort of fix for this? I really enjoy this game, and I don't want to start over the 50+ hours already put in, but just doesn't feel good playing with this major of an issue going on.

  • guest-qjYnXKKF
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    Hi just wondering why all of a sudden I can't talk to the hunters merchant or the shipbuilder in ravensthorpe anymore

  • Archangel62513
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    @n0va56 same problem but extends to Reda as well

  • superguy35
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    There’s already a thread for this but it’s not on Ubisoft’s official watch list and I think it really should be because it’s completely ruining my experience so I’m making another one. My cartographer, shipyard, and barracks do not work and I cannot interact with them in any way. I’ve tried power cycling my Xbox One, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, and just restarting the game. Nothing works. I’ve not been able to edit my crew or my ship since very early into the game.

  • superguy35
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    Same issue. Can’t interact with the barracks, shipyard, or cartographer and it’s completely ruining the experience for me.

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    @ckcjbfb01 have you built them/upgraded building with resources?

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    I can't interact with my shipwright , the
    Barrack woman the edit my crew or buy anything from Reda

  • A Former User
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    Hey guys, we're currently looking into this and the developers would like your save as well as DxDiag files - please create a case and provide this. This will help them determine the cause and fix!

  • ckcjbfb01
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    Yes I have...and I used to be able to interact with the barracks in the past...but never with the shipyard.

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    I'm about 25 hours in and I just finished up East Anglia. When I returned to my settlement, more than half of the NPC's don't let me interact with them. For example there's no way to interact with the merchant, shipyard, collector, etc. On the other hand, some NPC's are fine like the Blacksmith and the Opal Merchant. Any fixes for this glitch yet? Thanks.

  • chriskean86
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    Any news on this? I'm getting quite far in now and would like to start making cosmetic changes to my ship amd crew that match the journey my character is on. Petty I know but its important to me lol

    I dont have my own support ticket do I really need to raise one?

  • SBdre22
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    Anybody else having this problem like what the [censored] is the point in building camp [censored] if you can’t talk to them???? Games been out for a week and a half and Ubisoft has done absolutely nothing to fix these bugs. Lucky I haven’t ran into any mission bugs like most People have.

  • stokekirk
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    In Ravensthorpe the hunter, fisherman and barracks keeper are no longer giving me dialogue options or quest items needed. So I cant earn cash from my Jordvikings and can't get rewards for delivery quests. I'm on a PS4 and pre bought the ultimate edition. We've got a lot of bugs to fix guys! Could you please make this one of them as it's seriously affecting my enjoyment of the game, along with all the other bugs

  • claud1o-
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    I stopped playing last Sunday to avoid too much progress without those features (barracks, shipyard etc and the randvi taken for granted quest amongst all).
    I am now in the position of not knowing if I will go back playing this game, including any other ubisoft games, after this experience, which was a disgrace for them.

    Waiting for Cyberpunk to be released.

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