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  • RobbyP84
    2 posts

    I just started playing AC Valhalla on PS5. When I try and complete the sudwella monastery raid, it will not complete even though I have looted everything and killed all soldiers. Anyone else having this issue?

  • emanumitous
    8 posts

    @azullfr when i go to start the mission salve to a freesh wound hunwald is stuck in the rock, so i cant talk with him to start the mission, do you know how to solve?

  • L_T_Morningstar
    1 posts

    ”The godess of birth” quest in my game is still bugged, even though the patch notes said it got fixed. It’s the last thing I have to do in my game, is there anything I can do about it?

  • azullFR
    3184 posts

    I'm really sorry, I don't know any workaround for this
    (I'm not so far in the story, just because of the list of the bugs, at LVL409 50Mpts, I'm waiting for the game-breaking bugs to be patched)
    Hope you will find one,
    If I find one, I will reply directly to this post tou adressed me

  • Gamerkepeer
    10 posts

    Hello. My skill points are 409. I unlocked all the skills, but it looks more than 1 point. When I check the skill menu again, I see that I have no missing points. 1 point extra is on my screen. There are 410 points in total. However, the achievable skill points are transferred to mastery points after 409th and 1 skill point appears on the top right of the screen. In the skill menu, the exclamation mark is always on. This situation is a little nerve-wracking.

  • azullFR
    3184 posts

    This happenned for some people some time ago, before the official patch that gave us the skills above 400.
    Seems you have more skill points than anyone
    just hope they will later add some skills so you will be able to use this one...

  • emanumitous
    8 posts

    @azullfr thank you very much 🙂

  • Adamerica1
    3 posts

    Alright ubisoft, the game has been out for half a year and you seem to be prioritizing releasing new content rather than fixing the bugs that came at launch. The big flatfish and big mackerel bug is still there and I still cant get that damn cow to drink from the ice. Please fix these known issues, for someone who is a completionist, I like to get everything that is part of the base game and these bugs prevent that and the lack of fixes for them have me lose faith in your company. Hours wasted on something that I cannot do. Launch bugs need to take priority to be fixed over new content ALWAYS. And if the aren't fixed, refunds or partial refunds need to be offered. I don't pay $90 bucks for stuff that are broken!

  • gameloftp
    2 posts

    In Sony Playstation 4 even update game to latest version also then also same problem appear dear

    Saint George's legendary Armor in river dee bug

    I open every treasure in small, big military camp

    But unable to find legendary Armor 2nd part

  • Raksomas
    9 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • victoruchiha82
    229 posts

    1.Norway flyter Stavager dao and even in a new game
    2.in the wedding horns the option to fight your self glitches only way to finish was to let the king fight
    3.the Brewing storm drag doesn´t fight, he´s just the colour red and doesn´t do anything.

    It´s game breaking! and unacceptable because i have a special edition and the season pass and i would like to finish the game before the dlc!

  • Jedi4Jesus13
    2 posts

    Latest update fixed most of my previous bugs but introduced some more. (On PS5)
    In performance mode about every 15 min my screen will freeze for 30 sec and some people will not speak when I speak with them.

  • Raksomas
    9 posts

    Hi! In the Ostara festival shop in AC Valhalla, some cosmetics have disappeared, such as the raven skin and several new hairstyles, do you know if It is a bug or not? I will not get them?

  • Dsawyer23
    4 posts

    I have a bug Suthexe Hoard Map. When I'm at the tree where the treasure is, I can't loot it. No treasure at all. I meditated, exit the game and reload the game but it's not unsolved. Please help

  • Livinmylife420
    1 posts

    The orlog player in wincestre talks but won’t let me talk or play with him.

  • Ubi-MrM
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4543 posts

    Hello everyone,

    This is a quick post to advise you all that we will be closing this thread down.

    The reason for this is that we have many different megathreads and threads open for issues, and it would be best to investigate each issue in an individual thread to make sure that we are able to collect all of the information we need, and communicate updates from the development team clearly.

    In a combined thread for issues such as this, it is not possible to address each issue in the depth that we would like, nor collect the data that we need. As such, this thread will now be closed and I would encourage you all to consult our reported issue megathread list to check if your issue is listed. If it is, please use the appropriate megathread to host your report, and include as many details as possible about the issue for us to consult. Check through our recent responses as well, as we may have posted regarding an incoming fix! If a megathread does not exist for our issue, please first check for an existing thread by another player, and if one does not exist, create an individual thread for your issue.

    Thank you all for coming to the Dicussions forums to report your issues, and we look forward to supporting you further in individual threads. 🙂

    Official Response

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