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  • L8v3lyn
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    wanna see Jorvik guards playing limbo rock? LOL

  • cazmaclyd
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    All broken since 1.0.4

    1. Can’t complete “Of Blood and Gods” because Meditate Not Currently Available (not available at all anywhere).
    2. Can’t progress in Sciropescire after battle when Ivor wrecks the peace. Quest guide stops guiding and all NPCs disappear.
    3. Can’t progress The Baker’s Plaint because can’t assume control of the boat.
  • Shieldbitter
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    This post is deleted!
  • geedlet
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    I and several people on Reddit have noticed Odin's Sight sometimes does not function correctly. Specifically, rather than glowing red through all obstacles, we can only see enemies that are visible on screen, and there is only a small red glow around their chest. (This applies to Stealth Recon as well.) I believe other collectable objects are simply invisible to Odin's Sight -- no glow around arrows or food, no yellow circle for treasure.

    I'm less certain about this, but I suspect this bug is location-based. I and someone else on Reddit had this issue occur at two major enemy fortresses during the King Oswald questline, but I have also experienced it in a few other places. The thing that makes me think it's location-based is that I experienced it once in the Lolingestone Bandit Camp in Cent, but ONLY with enemies in a certain section of the camp. I used Odin's Sight and was able to see a bunch of enemies to my left through the walls, but none to my right out in the open, so I assumed I was fine and walked forward into the open. But I immediately got spotted by someone to my right, and when I looked for them, I couldn't see them at all: no red highlight, even when I used Odin's Sight again.

    Edit: I'm on the PS5, but it happened to me on the PS4 as well.

  • Wujing421
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    Cannot get Old Cellar tablet since there are only 8 barrels to shoot, not 10. So, cannot unlock Excalibur (even though I just put hours into getting the tablets). Thanks!

    The berserker Bjorn I recruited is always changed to another default crew member.

    Zealots go to full health randomly when fighting(not healing, just go from near dead back to 100%). Basically the fight resets mid-fight.

    Parkour is still very bad. Died several times jumping from synch point to leaves.

    On kidnap missions I either can't tie up, or carry target NPC without restarting the game.

    The game has frozen and crashed 3 times. Each time, I have lost 10 HOURS worth of progress(even though it was all supposedly saved).

    And this is all before and after the 4-plus gigabyte update Thursday. Nothing changed.

  • IndirectGoose
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    I am currently doing the quest-line in Essexe and after completing 'Old Wounds' and 'Childhood Sweetheart' I believe another quest is supposed to begin. However after the quest appeared for a moment it has since disappeared and there's no sign of it anywhere. I've tried reloading the save and restarting the game and console but I have had no success so far. Any help would be great

  • Commando_Sergio
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    I have found several bugs, I'm playing on PS4.

    First, the legendary animal trophies don't show at the longhouse. I have killed the Elk, the Black Shulk and the Corpse eaters, I have given all three to Wallace and only the Corpse eater head is showing.

    Second, the berserker Bjorn who you recruit in the exclusive mission of the ultimate pack, always gets automatically out of the crew and changed with another crew memeber when I select it and fast travel. And also when selecting it it looks like a different character. My game has even crashed sometimes when selecting it.

    Also I don't know if it's intended but characters you recruit in story use their own wood shield instead of the crew one, if it's intended I don't get why buying shields from the store if half of the crew is not going to use them.

  • TertiaryGecko32
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    After completing The Paladin’s stone missions, I go back to report to Randvi to report the news that Sigurd has been taken hostage, but once I do that, there is no more option to continue the main story line. Is this a bug and I need to reinstall the game, or am I doing something wrong? I’ve put a fair amount of work in and would rather not have to start all over again...

  • razorblade56473
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    AC Valhalla Cent Saint Hadrain's Priory Wealth. The movable barrier on the second floor to gain entry and retrieve the second key is at an immovable angle and my character can not interact with it anymore. I play on Xbox one.

  • lonewolph1
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  • zKingSparTaCx
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    This post is deleted!
  • CKEALiddy
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    At first I had this problem and thought it was a glitch but I kept on pledging and eventually I found it was one of the pledge area on the bottom side of the map, I can’t remember which one but when you click on an area to pledge Randvi will talk about Basim and that’s where you can continue story otherwise if she doesn’t say anything about Basim it’s probably the wrong area.

  • Anthony_Powell
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    @ckealiddy Okay, thanks for the tip, I’ll give that a try! 🙂

  • Corvusu
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    1 - Unable to trigger the last corpse of a daughter of Lerion, I CANT finish the game because of that (trophies).
    2 - Treasure of Eurviscire, is not in the pool.
    3 - Lost Glory mission, I talked with Halfdan before so now he doesnt trigger, hilarious.

    Really frustrating, how much takes this kind of bugs to be fixed, 1 year??!!

  • LUMB3RizJACK69
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    Enemies have stopped detecting me and attacking me. I have literally ran up and assassinated someone in front of other guards and nothing. Wolves and animals don't respond to me. Legendary Animals don't respond either. The game still plays but its pretty much taken away any challenge.

  • Ubiaddict2011
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    I am finding a lot of bugs. The game locked and closed, then to blue bug report screen opens. This has happens at least 20 times now throughout the game. I was able to make this happen 4 times in a row when starting the fight with Regan. If you save the wolf, then fight her out does this every time. I am playing on a Playstation 4. Also the A Rivalry for the Ages quest does not display the house key on the still. I can see the key icon in Odin sight, but is not there for me to pick up. I used the girl to distract him. I've reset the game, loaded a previous save (which is ridiculous to have to do in the first place). I'm a long time AC fan, but this game was not ready for release. Way too many bugs preventing game play.

  • xInkedButterfly
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  • Splxtmeister
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    This post is deleted!
  • Splxtmeister
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    This post is deleted!
  • ValentinesIre
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    @apexkayzer I'm having this same issue as well 😞

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