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  • missouridude
    7 posts

    @ubi-woofer That was posted in October some of us bought the game April, May at that time there was no indication of the level of a DX12 Card if there was I wouldn't have bought the game.....

  • Milodude
    1 posts

    @missouridude like many of us "AC addicts"' did .....
    Pre ordered the best pack to ensure going to Valhalla on day 1

    A Yes from Ubisoft for a DX12 Feature level 11 support would be a nice Christmass offer in these Covid times....
    I can aknowledge that DX12 was mentionned, hence Ubisoft if you guys play the game honnestly, never a clai, on a specific feature level requirment...

    That is what caused the whole issue now

    In my case, having the Geforce GTX Titan, I saw DX12 was needed and the reco specs had cards mentionned that were less to equal to my Titan, so I was thinking.... we can go on our Viking tour.....
    Until Valhalla told me a no go...

  • mceulemans
    1 posts

    @ubi-woofer Thanks for the response. This was the last game I bought from you guys. As many other player mentioned, the level 12 requirement was not in the early system requirements.
    A poor message that you forwarded the issue to the developers is not what any customer want to hear from you.

  • j_m_m
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    I don't think Directx12 Level 12_0 was visible enough, that's why Ubisoft is finding so many complaints in less than one week after release. I guess Ubisoft will deliver a patch/solution soon, or I am pretty sure many gamers will leave this tittle.

    How many clicks do you need to find such information from here?

    Game Home Page

    Buy Game Page01

    Buy Game Page02

    STILL NO INFORMATION just before check out!!

    A fair solution would be to deliver a solution imminently or money back

    Not everyone who buys a game is a geek. We are quite a few non-experts in computing who love to play.


  • Dionysian_Tea
    2 posts

    @missouridude Thank you that's exactly my case.

  • missouridude
    7 posts

    @dionysian_tea You are welcome but I don't think they are going to do anything about it they got our money that's all they care about .....

  • Hello_Im_Me
    2 posts

    "From what I've found the problem seems to be Conservative Rasterization. That is the main difference from feature level 12_1 to 11_0. For some reason that wasn't hard coded into Origins or Odissey but it is on Valhalla(?). I don't see why it can't be disabled, take the FPS hit and run the game on Kepler cards."

    Exactly. I can play any other game, incl the other AC perfectly fine and I have a GTX750 Titan, which supports DX12, but up to 11_1.
    I really don't understand why Ubisoft has to die on the 12_0 hill.

    Have they seen the current graphic cards market? Have they?
    It's almost impossible to get any decent card for its real market price.
    A card that should be well within $500 is way past $700-800 in any store, and will be for who knows long still, if the supply chain and demand keeps being so completely off (thank you miners).
    I'm not buying a video card for at least another year, even if I could, I refuse to waste money like this. This is f stupid and really disappointing on many levels.

    I'm [censored] because they COULD patch it, simply out of the sudden realization that most gamers do not want to (or can't) change their cards every 3 years, but they just don't want to.
    If this doesn't get fixed, it's the last AC I buy, out of principle, that's for sure.

  • Hello_Im_Me
    2 posts

    @ubi-woofer you announced the requirements in October, fantastic.
    But it's ok allowing pre-orders with no mention of that, since what... April?
    Cool, I bought it in June.
    Stupid me.

  • missouridude
    7 posts

    Nice a major update and nothing on the DX12 issue

  • kilyan82
    78 posts

    Well i see lot of people buyng the game without reading the requirements....and dare also to complain? really ubisoft you should stop wasting time with those people, focus on fixing the game issues, don't waste your resources and time. It's good to listen to feedbacks, but is also good to be selective on feedbacks

  • missouridude
    7 posts

    @ubi-woofer Some of us bought this game pre-ordered back in May and June at that time all it said was DX12 there was no mention of a 12.0 or higher requirement if there had been I wouldn't have spent 130.00 on this game so now we are out of 130.00 unless we spend an additional 600 to 700 dollars on a card upgrade I think not going forward Ubisoft will not get my business

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6074 posts

    Hey there!

    I understand that many of you preordered this game prior to release. Please note that the system specifications were made public prior to the launch of the game. As this is a system requirement, it is not considered to be an issue with the game itself. We're sorry to hear that you feel these were not visible enough prior to the release, and have passed along feedback regarding this.

    As mentioned by my colleague Woofer, we have passed on this feedback regarding Feature Level 12_0 support to our development teams. I'm afraid that we cannot promise that support for Level 11_1 or under will be added to the game in the future. We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback and comments within this thread, and please rest assured that we are passing this information onto the developers for their consideration.

    If your system does not meet the aforementioned requirement of 12_0 support, and you would like to submit a refund request, you are welcome to submit a request by opening a support ticket. Please note that these are considered on a case-by-case basis.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

    Official Response
  • missouridude
    7 posts

    @ubi-borealis You keep stating that the system specs were put out in October that doesn't help us that preordered the game months before that, as for the refund I bought my copy thru epic in may of this year..... I seriously doubt I will be getting a refund

  • Battle_Ruler
    2 posts

    Same problem here with a GTX 1050Ti 4GB not to be able to even open the game. Sent already a ticket to support. Believed that Ubi would put some effort to solve the matter in the latest patch but with no luck. Very disappointing. Hope to solve matter soon or at least refund the users.

    4 posts

    Why the devs Still won't working on assassins creed valhalla and make the game , support DX 12 FL 11 , although many and many of people talking and requesting it

    Why ?!!!!!!!!!

    I know the devs can do it . 

    so why wait and make some late and waste the time, start now , i know the ubisoft devs will do it , because the ubisoft organization will do anything for gamers , and will support DX12 FL 11 , and support anything so where is the update that support DX12 FL11 ? 😠 🙄

  • usrnmz56789
    4 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • VastoLorde2861
    1 posts

    Can you please add support for lower end PCs for AC valhalla? I knew before buying the game that my laptop does not meet the minimum requirements but I thought that it would still run as was the case with origins, odyssey, and far cry 5 (my laptop didn't meet the minimum requirements but the game ran anyway at 720p low with an avg 25-30 fps). My laptop would've been able to run AC valhalla before patch 1.04 but now it appears that MAYBE the devs removed support for dx12_11 and only run on dx12_12 (I'm not sure whether I've used the correct terms for the dx12 versions but what I meant was you've removed support for the lower versions of dx12). Now when i run the game i get an error saying "unable to initialize graphics gpu does not support dx12". I got past that error using dxcpl and I even got past the game's initial screens where it shows the safety warning, ubisoft anvil logo, amd logo, and the autosave feature screen with 18-20 fps which made me hopeful that the game finally somehow works but when i hit the title screen the fps radically drops to 1! If there is ANYTHING that you guys can do in the next update to make the game support lower end PCs (which I'm pretty sure is possible but you probably won't), please, add support for lower dx12 cards or low end PCs in general for that matter. Cause if my laptop can at least launch the game and get past the initial screens with 20 fps, then it's very much possible for it to be able to run the game at the lowest possible settings. I've even seen a video on youtube in which the game runs on a 2gb nvidia mx150 laptop (mine being mx130, the difference shouldn't have been huge). Again, I know my laptop doesn't meet the minimum requirements so I don't really have a right to ask this of you, but i guess it's worth a try.

    Laptop specs:-
    RAM: 8gb
    GPU: nvidia geforce mx130 2gb
    CPU: intel core i5-8250u


  • missouridude
    7 posts

    ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX 570 DirectX 12 ROG-STRIX-RX570-O8G-GAMING 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready Video Card

    I ended up buying this card game runs perfect now no issues whatsoever....

  • Nickrob02
    1 posts

    I have a GT1030 and it is borderline unplayable even with everything on lowest and ini file tweaks. Needs DX11 support and optimization for 2GB cards - weird it works better on base Xbox one with LESS video memory! But as money talks this is unlikely.

  • fuaubu_al
    4 posts

    I've played through Valhalla since release for most of the last month with surprisingly few crashes in the whole time - usually because I let my system 'sleep' and Valhalla wouldn't respond when I woke it back up. No biggie, just restart the game.
    Other than that, maybe two outright over and out crashes, which is acceptable.

    What isn't acceptable is this blanket 'no play without dx12' message so I can't run it any longer. I know it works with my dx12 'Feature 11_0' on a GEFORCE GTX1070 card because that's what I've been running it on for the last month. I can only
    assume this lock out was some clever manager's quick, cheap and dirty fix for crash issues on some systems.

    Please let me play the game I've paid for and have had minimal issues with.

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