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  • mskills
    10 posts

    Series X and Sony x900e here.

    New patch installed and performance mode (60 fps) has a lot of screen tearing in cutscenes (very noticeable at the beginning when the father is singing). In gameplay looks better.

    In quality mode the screen tearing in cutscenes is less noticeable but stills there. In gameplay looks the same as performance mode.

    Still needs work.

  • spiriticon
    5 posts

    Screen tearing still noticeable for me on the Xbox One X.

    3 posts

    @ubi-swaggins i cant even load up the game, whenever i hit continue it just freezes and crashes.

  • Quixy21
    14 posts

    I was excited when I saw the news about a patch to fix the awful screen tearing, but that quickly changed to disgust at the realization that they've only apparently fixed it on the next-gen consoles and have chosen to ignore the issue on the Xbox One X/S. Which based on complaint thread size (and obviously the existing install base) is a ludicrous thing to have ignored.

    I'm with others here, if we can expect a major AAA Ubisoft title to not only release in this unplayable condition, but also then subsequently ignore the issue on current gen consoles which tens of millions of people own, then this is absolutely the last Ubisoft title I'll ever waste my money on.

  • DreiKelch409621
    11 posts

    @quixy21 i feel you, its so disgusting to see that only next gen matter for Ubi$oft
    ffirst and last ultimate edition from this publisher

  • ragehu
    23 posts

    I stopped playing the game on my XBOX ONE S.
    I switched to GeForce Now.
    How can I ask a refund? I bought the game more than 14 days ago.
    But instead of the XBOX gaming, I would continue on Geforce Now and Ubisoft+

    I think, I don't have to pay for a half-made beta version game that causes dizzyness and nausea during playing.
    It is not my fault that Ubisoft doesn't support the older consoles.

    But I think it is a right decision to ask the money back when their product causes sickness.

    And I will continue my subscription on Uplay+ , so...

  • Tomkohler1991
    8 posts

    Screen tearing is still persistent on One X. No difference at all after patch.


  • GuestSparda
    3 posts

    Well Ubisoft.... based on the online comments and reviews of the so called patch which has just been implemented and the state of the game upon release, i think you've just burned your brand.

    I think most people, myself included have give up waiting for an actual decent patch for this issue to be resolved. The game should have never been released to the public in the current state, let alone as a launch and showcase title for the next gen consoles. It's absolutely disgusting that this was allowed. I mean, look at the megathread.... that will give you an indication of how many issues this game has. Now i understand most games arent flawless on release, and have a few issues here and there, but this is the other way round... its a struggle to find whats actually okay with this.

    For one the screen tearing has been an issue since release, and THOUSANDS of people, myself included, reported this and we had no acknowledgement whatsoever from the devs to give an update as to what they were doing or working on to help us all. All we got on the forums was 'its being investigated'. As a paying customer of your games, this quite frankly isnt an acceptable response. Secondly, the HDR implementation in this game, is probably the worse i've ever seen. In a pitch black room, it looks like its filled with blue fog. The black levels on my TV are absolutely fine and when i turn HDR off, it works fine.

    My next comment is just in the support of all of those people who have spent good money on your game/games and have been let down by the fact that you only appear to be supporting the next gen of consoles with your patches. Its disgraceful. You put the patch out for the game (not to mention the fact that it doesnt even fix the issues), but only for the next gen, and dont even bother to address those who are on the PS4 and Xbox one X. You couldnt even issue an apology, if it wasnt possible to patch those versions yet.

    As i say, looking at the rest of the internet, id imagine your sales and turnover will begin drastically dropping in the near future. I for one, most likely will not touch another Ubi game, as i've lost a lot of trust in the developer. Seems like a money grab, and put out a less than half optimised game.

  • brunofn123
    10 posts

    Ubisoft, you are a bad joke. The biggest problem with Assassins Creed is yourselves. You guys really worked a lot on this update (irony). We were just made up of idiots here on this damn forum

  • ragehu
    23 posts

    XBOX ONE S - Patch 1.04
    Nice work...

  • brunofn123
    10 posts

    hey Ubisoft, how long will we have to wait for the next patch? forget it ... we already know your answer. "We are investigating and we at support do not know anything. And we do not care if your problem has been solved or not. Thanks for your patience"

  • guest-aWJ1PeKF
    2 posts

    So patch 1.04 fixed screen tearing for xbox series x/s.... but not for xbox one??? Are you serious ubisoft?? So now I will have spend $500 dollars on a new console to properly enjoy this game? I find this is a huge disrespect... clearly ubisoft doesn't care about people who don't have the means to spend $500 on a next gen console. I'm so disappointed with this game.

    13 posts

    Hi Ubisoft. We are waiting for an answer. Thank you.

  • Alog92
    1 posts

    @ubi-swaggins Just apply the solutions you applied in the new gen to the old gen. Do you have any comprehension problems?

  • GoodieJury
    11 posts

    @ubi-swaggins there are several videos in other threads. Nothing has changed for xbox one users. Also why respond to just this thread when the longest one continues to grow with more and more reports of this issue.

  • B00MSIE
    402 posts


    With 1.04 I have noticeable less screen tearing on the Xbox Series X then with v1.02. In 1.02 I had constant screen tearing, now during normal gameplay it happens once every 10 minutes, but it is still very visible. At least, now I can play without getting noxious. In cutscenes it almost always happens. Also the camera skips then.

    I use a Samsung 2019 TV model UE50RU7172 connected with the HDMI cable that came with the XSX. The TV is setup to automatically switch to gaming mode. All display enhancements on the TV are off.

    I tried both new graphic modes provided in v1.04 and the give me the same amount of screen tearing.

  • MrInterfacer
    5 posts

    XBOX One X
    Vizio P Series Quantum
    AC Valhalla two different sections of screen at same time!
    I don't have this issue on any other game even GOT on a launch PS4 doesn't do this!
    Game is broken

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Community Manager 439 posts

    Thanks for the extra information folks, I have passed it over to the team.

    @AZNSAYSRAwR Sorry to hear that your game crashes. Is this also on Xbox One? Have you tried the steps listed in this FAQ?

    Official Response
  • reyals-81
    16 posts

    after patch 1.04 i have less tearing, but it is still happening 😞

  • TheReignStorm
    18 posts

    @b00msie That sucks, I'm not experiencing much, if any, now. What is the refresh rate on your TV?

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