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  • Petteflet88
    348 posts

    @chriswvu99 yes. Exactly.

  • DanteKingM.O.W
    4 posts

    So last night i decided to restart the game. I flew through to get to the Sons of Ragnar mission and was able to complete it. After raiding with ivar before completing the quest, i tried to load my first manual save which i was level 138 and had about 60 hours of game play. Well needless to say i didnt exit ths animus fully and when i loaded my first manual save, it copied the game i was currently on and now i lost my first save. I was able to complete sons of ragnar but now i have to basically start from scratch!!!! One mad dude right now!

  • Ner0Infern0
    18 posts

    Just release an hotfix that will reset the mission for everybody and then work for a proper fix! We don’t want to wait anymore.

  • BlitzBStone
    7 posts


    this is a way better solution than they could come up with on their own

  • Petteflet88
    348 posts

    @blitzbstone best solution ever

  • guest-VQnBB6Mo
    3 posts

    I must say it's astonishing how unprofessional Ubisoft is. Next to none communication with the community. Updates that fix nothing. And we even can't contact support?! Yesterday it was suggesting contact via chat that that didn't work and now the site is crashed.

    So maybe you should create a thread about getting our money back? We've paid for full game, not some short demo.

    This is the last Ubisoft game I've ever purchased. It's not because of the failing game, [censored] happens, bugs can occur in best games (but you should definitely fire all testing team). It's because how you're treating people, that paid for the game.

  • Agony567
    16 posts

    Okay i make it Work this worked for me a Solution and i finish the quest,i use PC.

    Uninstall the game and delete everything from folder,and i download all 51 GB again,all my save's was there cuz they are on Cloud.
    I just continue infront of the Tamensworth fort,watched cinematic and no freeze and no crash,i Finished thank to God.

    I hope this will help to others same as me,becouse this Ubisoft will do nothing

  • Nicotaco87
    24 posts

    Thé positieve thing is. There is no more boat on the road

    But now all the horses are dead

  • BlitzBStone
    7 posts


    legit question in regards to an offered suggestion. How can we play mission offline on Xbox One? Anytime I load into the game while offline, the moment I can move around, the game closes and informs me I need to be online to play the game

    6 posts

    It still doesn’t work why have I paid so much for a game that doesn’t even work I’ve done the update and still nothing. I want a refund

  • MooseNuugle
    22 posts

    Does anyone know what constitutes something being able to qualify for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT? I mean we were told if we wanted a fix send saves (Console players can’t), told to talk to customer support chat (can’t), sold a partial game and they stalled us past the 2 weeks for a refund with bull [censored] patches. Ubisoft most of us are going to need that money to buy an actual game like Cyberpunk not a demo. I figure if not we just flood Twitter and all other social media making sure no one else buys this game and get treated like this!

  • armydoc7yrs
    2 posts

    Please fix this bug asap. I've looked at the thread and there are quite a few of us whom can not continue the Main story line just because you couldn't be bothered to fix bugs before shipping. Honestly, this is ridiculous. I could understand if the issues lay with side quests and add on content but the main story line? Uuba is just standing at the dock can't talk to him and his ship is on the shores with all of his men.

  • Lo5er02
    1 posts

    @armydoc7yrs same. Thought today's patch would fix it but no luck

  • armydoc7yrs
    2 posts

    @lo5er02 As did I.

  • acorrea27
    2 posts

    Did the 1.04 update fix it

  • Petteflet88
    348 posts

    You can file a lawsuit against them and you will prob. Win. Problem is it will cost you a lot of money and for what? You May get your 100 dollar back... but i agree, they should be charged. Rubish garbage this game and "patch".

  • jdfdemocracy
    11 posts


    Patch fixed NOTHING if anything ut made it worse 🤦♂

  • Petteflet88
    348 posts

    Just waiting for official response that they are still investigating :') fool company. Purely money driven

  • AVA0723
    5 posts

    So, the patch is out today but we don't address a very big issue? I, along with many others cannot play through the sons of Ragnar quest. When I speak to ubba it basically keeps the mission at that spot and I cannot progress. Also, there is a ship that glitched on land. I think that entire area is messed up. So now, I can't even play the game... Off to other titles.. looking forward to maybe playing this game when an actual update is released.

  • DonParic
    23 posts

    @acorrea27 In most cases quest bugs even when fixed wont change your already started buged questline you wud need to reload a save from before starting the quest or at least some time earlier in the questline for such a fix to apply. I am not saying its always like that but a lot more often than not thats how it works.
    So i wud suggest you try and load an earlier save and replay that mission and see if it works now.(already wrote this same suggestion to somebody elses questline bug)

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