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  • DHangelfan16
    24 posts

    @stinkyrichard I've given up entirely.

    It's just so ridiculous how many people are on the net posting about main story breaking bugs.

    And the next patch won't even fix anything.

  • Dcruse0484
    8 posts

    @dhangelfan16 how can I upload my save file from Xbox one?

  • SirYetii
    1 posts

    I am having the same issues/bugs as everyone else here. I just want to say as annoying and ridiculous as this sort of thing is, especially being something from a triple A developer game, I ask that you be patient as I am. It's frustrating and I get
    that completely, but we have to remember that we are still all dealing with COVID related issues, at home and within our working environments. Therefore we have to understand and accept that this affects everyone greatly, it will be fixed in time, I'm sure they're exhaustively and diligently working on addressing and resolving these issues/bugs within the game. I have read online that there will be patches for issues/bugs such as this one rolling out within the week. In the meantime I suggest you do as I have done and collect your resources, gear, and all the other wonderful stuff this game has to offer and enjoy the world and various quests, there's plenty to do so level and gear yourself up that way you can move forward an absolute monster when everything is inevitably sorted. 🙂

  • Petteflet88
    348 posts

    @siryetii you do know that it is already 9 days right?

  • Ethereum1250
    1 posts

    @mrsiebs13 I had the same issue, but i finally found a fix, it worked for me. Before you speak to the bandits, save your game, then Enter Graphic Options, set “World Detail” to a setting other than “Low” . After speaking with the two slaves, it activates the next cinematic.

    PD: sorry for my english 😃

  • Belfahl
    14 posts

    You might have a point if it hadn't been nine/ten days at this time.
    One of the best parts of these games in my opinion is the story, and I've been kept away from it now for eight days. My map is looking sparse and it isn't going to be a case of being an absolute monster it's going to to turn the rest of the game into a glorified cut scene due to the 200+ level difference.
    Patience is one thing, but now it is just getting insulting.

  • iamcalice
    3 posts


    would it be possible not to erase the save when the patch comes out but also fix the bug for everyone really, cause I have 56 hours in, level 150 and don't want to do the game all over again please !!
    I put so much effort in farming and everything else but then when I reached the sons of Ragnar quest I couldnt talk to ubbe and still can't.

    Its been 8 days and there is now a boat in the path, ah and also no quest mark on ubbe's head, plus I encounter plenty of audio bug especially during raids ( there's blood coming out of my ears).

    its a shame you guys this game have so much potential but all these bugs.... ( this quest is not the only one)

    for your information im on PS4 didn't pre-order the game and my version is on cd and I have the French version.
    I re-installed, reloaded, kill myself, exit the animus, change the alliance map, done all the alliance missions, gone to Vinland, Norway, Asgard, back to England ... everything I thought of but didn't work.

  • junofall
    2 posts

    I just had this bug and it was driving me crazy. No quest marker for speaking to Ubba, I saved before speaking to him and it bugged out afterwards, but managed to reload before and now I can travel to Tamworth.

  • DHangelfan16
    24 posts

    Hey, Ubisoft, there's literally a new person that encounters this glitch every hour. And that's only the people that come and post on this forum.

    How's a game going to grow in popularity and support while this still stands?

  • SLXW75
    13 posts

    UP, please fix it...

  • Awesomefruit6
    4 posts

    Same this has been a glitch since I got the game the first day please fix this its annoying as hell

  • Thrasher6669
    2 posts

    I cant even talk to my brother in the tent. I got in there and nothing happened and then my game crashes. Xbox one

  • Sierra53
    3 posts

    I had this same bug, but I managed to fix it - on PS4 (base), and I'm not 100% confident of the exact steps, so not sure if this will work for anyone else.

    I deselected all quests in England, travelled to Norway, saved, restarted my console, travelled back to England and only then did I reselect the quest. This spawned everyone back in the game and allowed me to speak to ubba and trigger the quest. It also spawned a longboat in the pathway that everyone got stuck on, but loading a save right before talking with ubba a bunch of times fixed things.

    I've seen some people say travelling to Norway and back doesn't help fix the bug - it might be deselecting the quest and restarting the console while in Norway that did it for me. No idea. Game seems to be riddled with bugs.

    Good luck, and hope this helps someone.

  • EmoKid199387
    19 posts

    This freaking sucks just want to talk to the guy and continue playing wish there was a way to fix it without whatever ubisoft has planned

  • Frankie_Drums
    12 posts

    Quit to the animus and it fixed the bug. Thanks!

  • Dcruse0484
    8 posts

    @frankie_drums this only works if you haven’t already triggered the cut scene with ubba already.

  • Dcruse0484
    8 posts

    @sierra53 this only works if you haven’t already triggered the cut scene with Ubba. Only fix is to reload save before speaking with Ubba. Myself, in particular, would be sacrificing 35 hours of game play by doing this.

  • DHangelfan16
    24 posts


    Didn't work for me.

    Thanks Ubisoft.

    It isn't the actual developers fault this is happening.

  • MKS_Chicken
    7 posts

    Tested this now on PS4 and PS5. I got the error on both consoles. I mean Graphic Bugs and flying ships are annoying enough (and this Game is Full of it), but a buggy main quest? Does still Ubisoft do any playtesting or just realease a 70% game, because the customers are way cheaper Play testers?

  • Great_Rhunder
    1 posts

    Do we have an eta on this patch? I'd really hate to quit playing as ill likely never come back to this game and I was really enjoying it.

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