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  • Snowdog2000
    2 posts

    Having had this issue I tried simply restarting the prodigal son quest by logging on at the very first save of this quest, using the load screen in the menu. I simply followed Sigurd to the banquet hall. Now this is where I noticed a difference from before. When I talked to everyone previously, Hytham was not available for me to talk to on his own. This time he was stood alone and eager to have a cosy chat. Following this I accepted the blade from Sigurd and followed him to the training arena. Unlike before, all three of them stood apart from each other and followed me as I assassinated the dummies. The quest ended and I followed Sigurd to the boat. Hope this may help others who are stuck.
    No further hitches as yet though from what I'm reading there seem a high number of bugs in other quests that make you wonder what amount of testing was done prior to release.

  • TodMod
    1 posts

    Me too, unfortunately came across this Serious bug on pc, having a family the time to play video games is now Little and sincerely start again from the beginning, After Played 10 hours, becomes frustrating.

    I just hope you solve the problem soon.


  • Kareem1219
    2 posts

    Im Also stuck on the dock with Sigurd. Nothing is Happening after he tells you to follow him. The quest sign just disappears and then the game saves. After that, absolutely f****** nothing. I just wanted to enjoy the game. The worst is that I like the game.

  • Kareem1219
    2 posts

    Shame on you Ubisoft for releasing a game in this state. I never witnessed such a broken mess of a game.

  • Death-glory
    1 posts

    I have been stuck for 3 days on this quest and dm their Twitter account. With no response. [censored] game , [censored] customer service. I have asked for a refund.

  • MaDMo0D
    1 posts

    Hello guys
    Got the same issue on "The Prodigal Prince" quest , train with the hidden blade..after i kill the dummy on the ledge the quest just stops and dont give me instructions to go forward..i didnt do any side missions , just main story, and stuck here..Sigurd dont open any dialogue

  • kenshinoku
    2 posts

    I'm a Italian Twitch Streamer and i can't continue the streaming of Assassin Creed Valhalla becouse the principal quest "The prodigal prince" don't work.

    When I have finished the Hidden Blade Test, I talk to Sigurd and he walks to the dock, I follow him but when he has reached the end of the dock I cannot speak to him.

    The game stops.

    Please, help me!

    Here is my gameplay with the problem:


    Gold Version on PC.

  • Shrekstafa777
    6 posts

    @oth4x the only one for now. You can always go back and do the stuff you missed once they patch it.

  • Torusya
    16 posts

    How is this still an issue? Game breaking bug that isn't fixed yet...

  • LizzNasty
    15 posts

    I am fairly certain that their is a mystery or several mysteries that cause this bug when they do not finish properly. Just my two centz.

  • Gothyka1992
    1 posts

    i just start a new game because there is no other option here , 7 hours played for nothing

    tnx ubisoft

  • amdo-AK
    7 posts

    @shrekstafa777 nope, even that didn’t work with me! I restarted 3 times already and ended having the same issue! 👎

  • amdo-AK
    7 posts

    @shrekstafa777 I did skip everything when I restarted and ended up having the same glitch!

  • Heavysider
    1 posts

    Basically the exact same thing is happening to me. I've decided to clear the starting area before going further by the main questline:
    1) NPC that asked for a beast got killed (don't know if it is relevant, the Mystery is resolved for me, but it seems like this might be a common denominator for a few people here)
    2) NPC that asked to kill Warlock got killed and the Mystery is stuck(NPC is gone, Warlock is gone, the Mystery icon is still on the map)
    3) NPC with the comb displays the "Talk" prompt, but after clicking on it nothing happens and Eivor can't talk to any NPC in the game after that (fixed by just loading the last save)
    4) And finally the same thing with Sigurd. After Eivor goes through the "Hidden Blade Tutorial" there is a "Talk" prompt with Sigurd. After clicking on it, Sigurd walks to the dock and stands there, doing nothing. Therefore Eivor is standing there doing nothing as well xD Eivor can't run, and can't fast travel, so something that triggers the next Sigurd's action for some reason doesn't trigger it.

    Not sure if any of those things are connected, or those are 4 completely different bugs, but this is what happened to Eivor before reaching this point 🙂

  • junglebunny11
    1 posts

    So played up until prodigal prince mission without a hitch, after the feast when you go to train with your hidden blade. Hytham basim and sigurd just stand still and silent the dialogue doesn't come on. They do not walk across the training ground so you can progress. I did the save load trick and limped through the mission after two days of being frustrated. Got to the part where you need to talk to your brother after on the dock but you press triangle to speak and nothing happens...the side quests on the other hand do about the same thing finished a few. Then low and behold others wont allow to finish b.c.of dialogue. Including the guy in the cave that knew ragnar. Hes been beaten and kneeling for three days now and wont respond to the speak prompt........love the games guys trying not to be toxic, that being said ubisoft needs to publicly acknowledge its fans out side of these forums. Millions of loyal fans are in the dark with no idea when the game will even be playable. Meanwhile we see some people have already completed the game...communication is key. Looking forward to actually being able to play this game. Other than the bugs you all did a smashing job on this game.

  • rjb457
    1 posts

    This is [censored] [censored]. Seriously you spend a butt tone of money on a game you expect it to be finished. I may aswell of brought a game on preview. How do i fix this [censored] because i am not bloody starting again. If i have to ubisoft owes me for 5 hours of my life.

    1 posts

    After speaking with Sigurd to follow him to the dock during “The Prodigal Prince” quest, upon reaching the dock, nothing happens and I’m unable to interact with Sigurd. It appears a cut scene should start but nothing happens. I’ve tried going back to a previous save and even started a new game but nothing allows me to progress from this point in the game.

  • zukeshark
    3 posts

    Have followed Sigurd onto the pier and the game will not progress any further, stuck in walk mode and cannot speak to Sigurd. I have restarted and haa=ve loaded an earlier file with no improvement.

  • curtis5281
    1 posts

    Same bug for me, but it was my second bug only. I did the mushroom mystery prior to this and it would just replay.. no resolution of the mystery. May have had one other mystery bug out. In either event, The bugs in this game are insane.

  • guest-ZRVvJeiF
    6 posts

    Having the same problem here, but on PS4. Similar problem on world events, with NPCs that does not answer.

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