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    I prefer the unique armor from Valhalla but this system shows that Ubisoft's take on microtransactions doesn't work for this system. In Odyssey it worked better because you found armor every 30 seconds and there was more (but very ugly) of it. But i am also not a fan of AC becoming too much of an RPG (but i love RPG'S in general).

    In Valhalla they had to give us more unique armor or more free armor to reduce the hate on microtransactions. A new microtransaction armor set every two weeknd is just too much and the new armors are also the best in the game when you look at the set bonuses. Sadly this does not matter in Valhalla because they tuned down the RPG mechanics and set bonuses are not important even on the highest difficulty. I would even use an armor without any set bonuses and runes. I am curently playing with the standard staring armor and didn't upgrade it once or use any runes on very hard. I don't play this game to be challenged ( for this kind of game i have Sekiro and Nioh 2). I just want fights to look stylish (which they didn't to in all the games after Unity because they wanted to copy Dark Souls and The Witcher 3).

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    How do you go from dozens of armor sets, all with unlockable recolors, to 9 armor sets? - great question. Man Odyssey was such a superior game.

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    Honestly whil ei was playing OPdyssey i many complaints about the game and there much that could be improved.
    Now that i am playing Valhalla i just dont understand what happend. Why would the next studio not further improve what we wanted in odyssey instead they started to downgrade th egame...

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