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    Hi guys 😁

    first of all i want so say i love the AC Series!

    i played 60 hrs plus but i‘m really really dissapointed.

    it‘s lagging anytime possible! It crashed over 10 times MINIMUM at really annoying points in the game.

    the enemy doesn‘t attack me and i can assassinate everybody and they do NOTHING i mean [censored]!?🤣

    the story has so much more potencial! The perfect setting for a mindblowing story!!! 😭🤯😭
    i don‘t know the ending yet but i can imagine....

    i‘m just running around england getting annoyed of all these fu****** blocked doors and hidden keys!!!

    we want a mystic, dark STORY. Not beats and ghosts and cursed trees ect.

    where‘s the stealthy assassin gameplay? I know i play a viking. But wheres the big battles then!?

    i just see ‘‘ raides ‘‘And they are boring as .....

    was really excited for this one but it‘s getting worse every game.

    i will finish it but it‘s definetly not the best AC in my opinion. And i‘m sure not preordering the next one.

  • Argous_NIE
    Original poster 17 posts

    … new game and they didn't implemented coops. And like other said the raid is boring, it's like a "deja-vu". I'm at middle of the story and the game itself and that compass is still so annoying like the map as well, you understand nothing from it, please UBI in the future bring back the minimap and the real map, like in previous AC. Don't f...up this game please. From combat I like the most that trowing chain that pull the target near you. The rest is a little slow and somehow locked on movement, when he starts to attack until he finish his movement attacks you cannot do anything. And the settlements are pointless. If you have no PvP or some kind of attacks against them i see no reason to have one in the game.

  • Omgilovesteak
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    It is odd how so many people now a days think their opinion should be taken as fact.

  • WendysBrioche
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    I don't know what you people are talking about. I love the combat.

    It takes the system from Odyssey but replaces those dung ugly cartoon animations with combat animations that look and feel realistic and heavy. The combat is engaging, but doesn't forget to look nice while playing it visually as well as having utility and function.

    I don't really like female Eivor, I think Kassandra was way better than her, but I play as male Eivor and he's one of my favorite characters I've ever played as in an Assassin's Creed game. Customization options seem good enough for me considering you can upgrade your gear. I do take issue with the grind and need to find and sparingly use ingots, I despise features like that in video games and they're often not worth the effort.

    It's mostly praise on my end, I can't get enough of the game.

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    For me Origins was already better than Odyssey (but it's my subjective view)
    It seems that they tried to make an Origins 2 with vikings: so many features remind me Origins.
    What lacks the most for me, is the soul of the game. Origins had a soul, Odyssey too.

    When in Origins, I was riding in the desert, in an oasis, in Alexandria, I felt the heat of the sun and the sand in my eyes (almost haha), the dust of monuments and streets, I was in a living world.
    I dont have that feeling in Valhalla. I try to find it, I want to find... but it's nowhere. Valhalla is a good pc game (with bugs, but it's not the worse thing here), but it does not immerse me in a world like Origins did (and to some extend like Odyssey did too).

    Also the fear I have, is that once my adventure (main story arc) will be played, I'll have also my skill tree maxed. End of the game then? They tried to build a RPG but as it is now, it has a very short replayability in the long run: the game has been out for less than 10 days, and a lot of players have already almost maxed their skill tree and are steamrolling on every possible enemy of the game...
    and they plan to add us a Júl festival?!?! seriously, I wont stay to enjoy the Júl festival in a dead game. Or I am supposed to wait the spring's extension by playing orlog?
    I hope I am wrong, but the way I understand it, I'm afraid I am not 😖

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    31% in the game's progression and I stop.
    I dont have the strength to go further. And no, it's not the bugs (which will eventually be corrected) nor the game's performance (which will be also corrected),
    it's the core of the game, difficult to change: it's a one-time adventure guys, planned to be played, and then uninstalled. Mark my words: in less than 2 weeks from now, you'll see this very forum full of "and what next?!", "So Valhalla is over?!?", "I'm bored!" ... because ACV has not a single feature beyond the main story arc to keep us hooked. Not a single one.
    Origins and Odyssey have replayability for 1000+ hours, Valhalla cant pass the 100 hours.
    And this is way worse than a few performance issues or gameplay bugs.

  • detroitin2019
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    What was it in Odyssey that kept you playing? Both Origins and Odyssey I went into as basically 1-2 time play games. You play, explore, finish the story. It’s how I like my games. I play once when it comes out then another after all DLC comes out, if I enjoyed it first time. Nothing In Odyssey made me want to continue after dlc. There were some territories I hadn’t finished but nothing made me want to check them off. I enjoyed it and moved on to next game.

  • Rawshu72
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    @torfinr In two or three weeks, we'll have Cyberpunk, so a nice, quick AC game as an appetizer is perfect imo!

    I digress, this game is actually growing on me personally...I like it the more I play, but I can see how the replayability factor is lacking compared to Origins and Odyssey, but again, I'm actually ok with that, with all the other new games coming out anyway.🤷

    384 posts

    @detroitin2019 In Origins I liked to roam, kill stuff, collect things, sell them, buy xp books, unlock skill and so on.
    In Odyssey unlocking skills alone by doing contract.
    And when bored do a newgame+ and repeat (that feature may eventually come but it doesnt solve the lack of content at the end of the game)
    Hundreds, if not thousands of hours of gameplay beyond the main story arc in Origins/Odyssey
    And here.... nothing?

  • detroitin2019
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    the beauty of games, We all enjoy different parts. Without more story I just lose interest, even if a story is bad I need one. I do miss pyramid exploring. I loved that setting.

  • geexix
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    I am playing on Xbox Series X (disc version) and here is my opinion:

    I like the game, story and combat but technically it could be better:

    - there is horrible objects / texture pop-up and pop-in, especially as a bird. Ubi you have more ram and fast ssd now, I hoped it will be better, pop-in transitions to closer, more detailed objects should be better.
    - draw didtance to be improved.
    - cut scenes frame rate is poor, in game mostly 60fps but there are some frame drops here and there to be corrected too.
    - i think that day should last longer than night, and especially mornings and evenings when great sun effect is there. I know it is Norway (north) but I would prefer more daytime in this game. C'mon it is a game don't have to be realistic.
    - music: there is not much music at all. Main theme is nice but is there any other music than that + music in boat at all?
    - main character is ugly 😞 I am glad I could at least shave him so now he is more handsome. I do like his voice a lot on the other hand.
    - Polish dubbing please!!! I would like to have this game in polish language. Otherwise must stick to english only, but many of my friends does not know english and avoiding the game just because they would not understand the story and they will not know what to do 😞
    - I love the possibility to create the house etc. Like rts game. Would love Ubi made some good rts game in the future. And hope for an update that will bring more levels and new buildings. This idea is brilliant and I like it a lot. Some small economy system would be welcome to this game too.

    Sorry for typos, sending from smartphone.

  • Mirmidonas74
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    @cell1e I think pretty much you covered everything. I could not agree more. On that note am off to play my favourite Kassandra hehe 🙂

  • Mr.Dastone
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    I will jump in here too, Odyssey was a great game, I cant even play this game, it is so bad in comparison, every time I try I rage quit

  • Chevy_man2010
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    @mr-dastone im with you. Im plugging to finish story but game overall suck, gameplay is horrible & so much is getting left undone for bugs along with crappy design.
    I am definitely not pre-ordering the next AC game or paying for the Ultimate or Collectors Edition. My money is too precious for trash like this.

  • Argous_NIE
    Original poster 17 posts

    I agreed with the "the soul of the game". When I'm eager to play and after few raids maybe some order killings, I'm bored. Something is missing like TORFINR said Origins was awesome and still is. I finished every bit of the game besides the story... and played on nightmare. I like Odyssey a lot, both games makes you feel like you are the in those ages. This game besides that you're wearing Viking clothes and use axes, don't feel anything like you are a Viking. The Landscape is awful is like it's repeating itself from time to time. I'm feeling that I'm in the same spot everywhere I go. And all the time i agree with the others that you are the feeling that you play the game always at sunset or sunrise, never in the middle of the day, always dark. Odyssey+Origins was so colorful and alive.

  • Argous_NIE
    Original poster 17 posts

    @omgilovesteak It's a personal opinion like mine and many others who share it. And I agree with everyone's opinion, I don't have anything against people who really like Valhalla, it's their opinions and good for them that they have fun in this game, but I don't have.

  • IllyriusWarrior
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    One thing I have to give credit to UBI is the members of the order. If the devs are reading, congrats on history research on this one got it right especially on the father, wolf in sheep clothing, or better say snake in sheep clothing.

  • IllyriusWarrior
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    Also London as primary location of the snakes.

  • prodraught
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    This game is flawed - The health system totally undermines the gameplay. Every jump, fall and scratch basically sets you back and the combat is impossible. I hope UBI read this and patch the game with a workaround, because after 10 hours of getting nowhere i am giving up and i wont invest in any future editions...

    From AC3 i have completed everything to 100% - it wasn't always easy, but the games made you want to overcome the obstacles - This one is just ill-conceived and will turn gamers off in their droves...

  • Argous_NIE
    Original poster 17 posts

    I finished entire story all quest but the REDA quest. So another set back for this game, they made as well the new patch and the REDA quest still bugged, I cannot finish the main quest. The little boy is angry with me he don't want to talk 🙂 !

    Still after I played all the story I remain to the same conclusion this game is the worst of all from series AC. The combat is soo slow and bugged, and that odd map, the bird who cannot mark targets ...very bad.

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