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  • Scott1904
    11 posts

    Tearing on xbox series x is not my biggest problem. (will be fixed with VRR when this will be enabled on my sony x900h later).My problem is that Ubisoft told all medias that this game have native 4k@60fps on xsx and all technical reviews eg from digitalfoundry are showing that the game dont reach native 4k at all. Mostly the game runs in 1440p far away from 4k. I was wondering about the unsharp picture quality ingame compared to other titles. Its blurry. So if its not possible on this hardware than please dont lie to us, and please give us an alternative graphics modebin settings like 4k@30fps with native 4k.

  • MossinoUzumaki
    1 posts

    Same here XSX whit Sony 4k HDR. To much screen tearing. i made a support ticket for this and they reply to reset my console or activate vrr that my tv don't have. morons . i stop playing they unfinished product that cost 100$. Next time release your game when is tested.

  • Rich102
    2 posts

    Re: [Screen Tearing on Series X|S | POST HERE](/topic/78552/screen-tearing-on-series-x-s-post-here)

    I also have the screen tearing problem, I’m playing on a Panasonic TX-58DX902b 4K LCD TV. I haven’t seen this problem on any other game including Watch Dogs Legion. My TV runs at 60Hz, but apparently switching to VRR or 30Hz can fix this problem. My TV doesn’t support that option though. The game IS playable, but like others have said the tearing is really jarring at times and ruins the immersion.

  • CancelToDebug
    11 posts

    Shame we still have no update from the development team.

  • CancelToDebug
    11 posts
    i made a support ticket for this and they reply to reset my console or activate vrr

    Just as I feared.

  • SaintlyStorms
    78 posts

    @canceltodebug Na they have to do something about this. Too many people don't have vrr. If it needed vrr to work without screen tearing then they should have made that abundantly clear beforehand. This is on them. It clearly wasn't optimised correctly to begin with. They really need to say something now because it's not just the Series X that is having this issue. There are also reports of people with vrr that are having this problem still albiet in smaller numbers than regular 60hz TVs and monitor users. This is a problem on their end.

  • Grawens
    6 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Grawens
    6 posts

    I brought a video myself.
    It happens at the beginning of the game, when I step on the breakable ice. (0:20s) but it only happens on broken ice and on the edge.

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Community Manager 439 posts

    Hey folks,

    I am sorry to hear that you are all encountering screen tearing.

    The team are aware of this issue and are investigating it further.

    Once we have more information, we will provide it.

    Official Response
  • Bzduras
    28 posts

    @ubi-swaggins thank you for addresing the issue. I experience it every time I'm playing the game. XSX, 1080p display with no VRR here.

  • parksieman
    1 posts

    Same here, Bravia x8500 55", 4k 60hz screen tearing all over the place. Other games like watchdogs don't have the same issue, just valhalla.

  • Ryp0h_
    3 posts

    Tried the latest patch today on Series X under performance mode, but unfortunately still getting screen tearing with no real noticeable improvement.

  • sloopage
    6 posts

    Tried the new patch on Xbox One X and the screen tearing seems worse. Didn't make it a minute in to the intro and it was very noticeable. Is it time to just trade this game in Ubisoft?!

  • jeffclaire083
    9 posts

    So for me, I was having horrible tearing on xbox series x on my LG oled C7. With the new patch, there is still tearing running in performance mode (60 FOS). But not AS much, but it’s still there. For instance in Asgard when your in the “City” (I guess) it was tearing all over the place. Today at 60 fps, it still tears, but not AS much. Same with cut sceens, and various other towns around the world etc.
    But at 30 FPS I’ve seen no tearing, again in Asgarde at 30 FPS runs great. Of course the downside is…..30 FPS, not as smooth as 60. But it took me about 10 mins of playing in 30 FPS to get use to it.
    NOW, I hope dev’s don’t use VRR as an excuse to not optimise games to run at 60 on none VRR displays. I haven’t played watch Dog legion, but from what I’ve read, it runs fine at 60 FPS and it’s by Ubisoft, so I’m not sure what the deal is with Valhalla. Hopefully a few more updates will improve the 60FPs on none VRR displays

  • mskills
    10 posts

    Series X and Sony x900e here.

    New patch installed and performance mode (60 fps) has a lot of screen tearing in cutscenes (very noticeable at the beginning when the father is singing). In gameplay looks better.

    In quality mode the screen tearing in cutscenes is less noticeable but stills there. In gameplay looks the same as performance mode.

    Still needs work.

  • DreiKelch409621
    11 posts

    @mskills what is with the older consoles? There is the same problem and Ubisoft is
    nothing gonna do about it, its really a shame first and last ultimate edition!

  • Bzduras
    28 posts

    Xbox Series X, problem still persists after patch 1.0.4.

  • DemonI81
    16 posts

    Screen tearing is far worse now on the Series X post patch.

    I've not seen a single bug actually fixed with this patch, there's more actually. I'm beginning to wonder if I should even keep playing this game. Then there's the question of if I should keep my copy of Immortals preordered. Oh yeah, have Far Cry 6 collector's edition preordered as well. Should probably cancel that too. This company has become horrendous as of late.

  • DemonI81
    16 posts

    Problem is far worse post patch for me.

  • TrickShady
    4 posts

    Screen tearing is still happening for me also on Xbox 1 X, it is not as bad and as constant as it was before, but is still highly visible a lot of the time.

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