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    Lost all my save games level 340 restarted the game played for about 2hrs, saved before exiting, next day found that it didn't save the game (this means that it can't save the game).

    I could put up with the game crashes, one day it was 4 in a row the next day I played 4/ 5 hours with no problems but this latest is a real problem.

    I have most titles in Assassins Creed but this will be the last I will be buying if you don't fix this problem ASAP (very disappointed).

  • fireman531
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    Lost about three hours today. This is the third time this has happened. Game just cuts off and you lose auto and manual saves. This is maddening, why hasnt Ubi addressed this? I know to them 3 hours might not be a lot but to me it is. I could have bought a finished game but i bought this steamy pile of dung. Some may say my wording is bad but the first time the game crashed i lost 28 hours and had to start again. Ubi you Need to fix this and stop dragging your feet or youll lose customers

  • shawnjwallace
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    I just went to play and, after a brief bit of confusion looking at the unrevealed map, realized that I lost over 50 hours of gameplay. The most recent saved game is really old, and there are a series of them that just say "data corrupt" with an invalid date.

    This makes me furious.

  • QNK_
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    Lost 6 hours of playing today. I play on Xbox SX, was about to load a save then it crashed (infinite loading screen).
    I reboot the game and all my recent saves were gone ! Please fix this.

  • guest-019O02mZ
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    I just lost 3 days of gameplay due to the fact that every save had corrupt data. This is some straight up bs. Now I have to go back and redo everything because they can’t recover my gameplay when it’s their fault because of the update

  • Netspook
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    Welcome to the buggy mess called Valhalla.

    I lost 37 hours due to saves that simply vanished. That equals a whole work week.

  • private-pain
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    X box series X
    Games crashed no error have reported using report a problem on the console

    Lost about 30hrs half skill points plus legendary weapon a lot of my saves have gone and none of the auto save are available

    this has happen twice first time only lost couple of hours so wasn't to concerned

    Not happening all the time , but when it does you cant go back to the last auto-save or any manual ones ,for example I did a manual save on the 24th but will only let me access the one I did on the 16th

  • ftsi
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    Every day, I have to check and see if my previous day's saves are still there.
    If you can't get your act together, UBISOFT, at least give us the ability to save reliably to our local drive.

  • Skulllk
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    Xbox one.
    Lost 2 hours. Why cant the manual save be on our harddrive? When will this be fixed? There is no point in playing if this just keep happening.

  • Innz909
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    There any fix for this ****. Sick of losing hours of game play. Last time I get a game made by ubi soft. Friends all have the same issue of game just closing at random and saves and progress are all gone. (PC)

  • guest-yzj0fLSo
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    Been seeing a lot of comments around nov12 about saves being lost. It’s dec 27 and it just happened to me how is this still a problem?

  • blauensl
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    @guest-yzj0flso Same for me, have you found a solution?

  • blauensl
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    This post is deleted!
  • rapolitano
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    This has been happening to me on a regular basis. Almost daily. In-game it appears that manual saves are happening. I have an Xbox Series X. It has also happened in Immortals.

  • guest-26BVWmmn
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    @mrnukezy I've pretty much lost 16 plus hours myself. Im wondering if there's a way to refund my money. I'm done with this game now. So [censored].

  • Skulllk
    7 posts

    Lost 2 hours on Xbox one. Got some not connected to ubisoft messages sometimes. I was playing when suddenly the game froze and shut down. When i started the game a again all of my saves from the last 2hours was just gone.

  • priscolupo
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    I have the PC Version of the game.
    I have the same problem, my manual saves every random time disappears from the list. Fortunately the autosave works, the game has never crushed so i had not lose the actual save point
    I have another bug, related to the disappearing of the "Berserker" armour set bonus of the season pass, as happened to many people, described here: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/80910/berserker-gear-not-showing-up/6?lang=en-US
    I spent many resources to maximize the set to max stats (all four blocks) for both armour and weapons, when the set reappeared in my inventory, it was back at level 1!!! Losing all resources spent!!!
    My previous save point vanished!!!
    So i have no save point, no resources back, and two unresolved bugs!!!
    At least i would like to have the resources back!!! And obviously, the bug fixed!

  • Roman_Sword1
    1 posts

    I’m having saves disappearing from my Xbox series X. I had about 13 hours in the game total and now only showing as 6 in the game. Ubisoft Connect shows that I’ve played for 13hours but somehow these save files have disappeared. Please Ubisoft fix this broken save system.

  • guest-AJpIityp
    2 posts

    it is almost January and this is still an issue. Ubisoft you and this game are pathetic. I’ve been a long standing fan of the franchise and pushing out this half baked piled of crap is unacceptable. Be better because you just lost a long time fan.

  • Astro_Cat_
    1 posts

    Just happened to me. I lost about 12 hours worth of work. I was almost finished with the order of ancients. Spent the last few hours running all over the map getting clues then in the middle of Readingum Abbey the game crashed. When it reloaded the "last save" was about 40 power levels below where I was before the crash and from yesterday morning. This is ridiculous. Im so done with this stupid game. I could deal with all the other weird little bugs like the extra horses, extra NPCs, even the one where none of my attacks would work. Or the NPCs not being in the right places, the solders glitching around right when I shoot an arrow at them/ swing at them (and I'm not talking about them dodging, straight up disappearing and reappearing) but losing so much progress has made me so mad. Ubisoft needs to get it together. Makes me never want to buy anything from them again.

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