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    @ozoneheals when people can’t even play the game they paid $$ for, that should be the top priority..

  • Incabuloss
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    I hope this is a priority for Ubisoft. If not, i'll ask a refund next week.

  • Plan3tCrackr
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    Ubisoft, please update your game to generate a crash report so you can fix your poorly optimized and bugged game. I am getting random freezes where the game must be force closed by ending the process in task manager and only one time out of maybe 50 crashes has a Ubisoft crash report window appeared. No errors in windows reliability history either like would normally appear with a game or GPU hardware crash. I have tried clean installs of AMD drivers from April 2020 to the latest ACV game ready drivers, including WHQL game ready driver, and still get the game freezing anywhere from the load game and settings screen to playing for 5 minutes or 2 hours. I am using Ubisoft+ and my internet connection is fine and have tried every troubleshooting step including removing all overclocks of CPU/GPU/RAM. Patch 1.04 froze within 5 minutes of using and yes I even verified files before launching the game after the patch update. Ubisoft Connect wants to track me for ads and analytics each time I open Ubisoft Connect, the cookies don't save, but you don't want to track my game crashing multiple times a day? I want to help.

  • Guio_
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    same here... i played for about 45/50hours without a single freeze before patch. now with the 1.0.4 it happened 3 times the first day.
    i tried to delete the entire game folder in documents folder (it contains all game caches and settings). it worked for an entire day until it froze right now during a jump from a sync point (dunno the exact engish name of the spot). image completely frozen but ambient sound and music still working.

  • ark924153
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    I've experienced the same issues after the 1.0.4 update on PC. Today alone i got 4 CTD with no error message or anything after the crash.

  • C-Tau
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    Though I really love the game, I beginning to be frustrated. I've been kicked out of the game to windows 8-9 times now, and the game freezes frequently (about 10 times by now) and the only thing to do is to reboot my computer. I never had this kind of problems with any other game in the Assassins Creed series before? Whats going on?

    cpu: i7 8700
    gpu: GTX 1070 Ti
    mem: 16 gb
    Win 10

  • RPGFiend2139
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    Since the last patch my game just randomly freezes! I can't close the window, ALT+F4 or get to task manager because the frozen game is locked in the foreground. All I can do is restart my computer every time it happens which is 2-3 times a day.

  • Lucisto
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    le jeu freeze au bout de 20-30 min de jeu depuis la denière mise à jour (1.0.4). Obliger de passer par le gestionnaire de tâche pour fermer le jeu.
    je pensais avoir un soucis de mon coté mais j'ai vu plusieurs personnes avoir le même soucis.
    merci d'avance

  • tick509
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    As I stated in the title I've played for 60 hours without crashing. Within a few hours of updating to 1.04 I crashed 3 times. I've had a great time playing this Assassin's Creed Valhalla, but it isn't worth playing again until fixed.

  • sAvAs6387
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    Hello everybody,
    My game hangs up after a minute, then after 10 or even after an hour only LVL 90 it is no longer playable.

    Does anyone have a solution?

    My system is being installed and I have a Ryzen 7 x 3700 and an Nvidia RTX 3080.

  • MCT1
    3 posts

    Same issue here. Crashing between 10 and 60 minutes. This is not NVIDIA specific issue.
    My hardware: AMD Ryzen 5 3600, AMD RX 5700, 16GB Ram, 1TB SSD. I've sent the crash reports in the hope this will help you fixing this.
    Come on Ubi. Why you cant just bring up working, quality Games like many other Developers and Publishers? This is the first Ubisoft title i baught in about 10 years and in aspects of stability and optimization its just an dissapointment. You will never loose the bad image you got in the gaming business if you keep going like that. I know, this title is new and Release date is not long ago, but i wanted to use this as a gap filler till the relase of Cyberpunk 2077. So please fix this, or i'm going back to Witcher 3. You can keep my 60€ for hiring some people for the quality control department.

  • camokillo
    13 posts

    @mct1 Damn that last statement was a big burrrrn. but seriously Ubi why? Why do your AC fans like this? Just fix the issues we are having. If there are multiple people posting on a thread about stability issues, its a problem. JUST FIX IT PLEASE

  • Enhance89
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    I've experienced back-to-back crashes on PC while attempting to complete a raid in Essexe. It's the raid that's in the northwest part of Essexe, south of Walden. It's a bit of a longer raid due to the overall ground to cover and the volume of enemies, but every time I try to collect the third supply chest, the game freezes. One time it crashed back to desktop. The other time I had to do a CTRL+ALT+DEL. I tried going in a different order to collect the chests and the issue keeps happening.

    I currently run the game on Very High to Ultra High and haven't experienced any other performance issues to this point.

  • Psioon_
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    As of now;
    My game worked fine at the beginning.

    But now when i unlocked the england session and especially the asgard session my game crashes (freezes so i need to alt/tab and kill the .exe) ALL the time! Are this for [censored] real Ubisoft?

    I getting sad and MAD. Why is it that you can't do even ONE game that not has these issues??

    Really [censored] annoying because the stories in you games are so nice and i love them.

  • mrdallass
    1 posts

    Game on pc freezes randomley. Tried many fixes.

    Nvidia 2080
    Latest everything and can play other games just fine

  • waniMar
    3 posts

    After the last patch, the game is impossible to play.

    I can play 15-30 minutes and after that it crash, multiple times ...
    I'm stuck and I really want to know how the story goes on...is incredible how a patch can ruin EVERYTHING. Pls, resolve this...

  • Canhoto83_PT
    1 posts

    @wanimar Same here!

  • waniMar
    3 posts

    @canhoto83_pt glad to hear that ahahah
    So...We are waiting now ahahah

  • AnolinMcGinnis
    25 posts

    So Valhalla ha been randomly locking up my PC. The screen will jus freeze, and there is a BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRZZZZZZZZZ sound coming from my headphones.

    Other games run fine!

    Anyone else having this?

  • Incabuloss
    12 posts

    Well, according to Reddit, those crashes may caused by dupplicated items in the inventory. In fact, i have an amour in double. Hope Ubisoft will try this lead.

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