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    I am experiencing similar behavior after the update. A combination of freezing or crashing to desktop

  • dyahn31a
    2 posts

    My game is still freezing or CTD as much as it did before today's patch. Several other things "fixed" also did not fix.

  • RedIndianRobin
    188 posts

    @camokillo Nvidia 1060 6GB.

  • teh_DK
    1 posts

    Getting constant freezes after the update today. Have never had a freeze before today, and now it happens consistently after what seems to be 10-15 minutes. (PC)


  • Blasse-Diablo
    2 posts

    @blasse-diablo An update, so far it seems my crashing to desktop was related to a raid. I have been able to do story mission without problem. I will try the raid again to see if I can reproduce.

  • dobermaxx69
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    Come on, guys. I just wanna play my game. Whenever I start AC: Valhalla, Ubisoft Connect crashes. I tried with Watch Dogs: Legeion and Far Cry New Dawn and it doesn't happen. It only happens with AC Valhalla. I've tried reinstalling several times, verifying game files. Nothing works. I takes me one hour of trying just so I can play.

  • azxd333
    2 posts

    what a joke of a company ubisoft is.. its been so long and still haven't figured it out.
    is there a way to request a refund for my ubisoft+ subscription ? this is ridiculous.
    either crashes at loading screen or 5 secs in or 5 mins in , BUT it always crashes. it might work with an RTX4090

  • namechanged
    2 posts

    Rarely had any issue with Valhalla -- patch came along, and now I'm crashing every few minutes of progress. Managed to finish missions rushing through areas, and lowered graphic settings down to High. Game is now unplayable. Anyone else?

  • Snootypootpoot-
    2 posts

    My game instantly crashes after loading any of my saved games. This problem only started the morning after downloading the new 1.04 update. I have restarted and verified everything and nothing. Please help.

  • azxd333
    2 posts

    didn't fix it, thanks for sharing though

  • Gizil2
    5 posts

    Ok, 1.02.2 crash game after Alt+tab. Now, 1.0.4, game crash randomly, but exactly in the interval of 15-20 minutes. It is simply impossible to play it. Not Ubisoft+, all drivers, reinstall game/
    P.S. I had to turn off auto-update ...

  • Umweltminister.
    6 posts

    @ubi-spud I haven't had the issue for some time now but yesterday it reocurred during things like turnign around after reading a letter or jumping on a bar outside a watermill

  • Amalia23Ist
    1 posts

    Hi everyone. I have a problem. I updated my game yesterday (26.11.2020) and since then my game is not working anymore. Everytime I press continue, it crashes. I saw that I am not the only one with this problem. Can you please help me. Thank you.

  • davidho719
    3 posts

    Hoping patch 1.04 will somehow fix the game crash every 15-30 mins of gameplay. But NO..... still crash and quit to desktop and ask me to send crash report. It's very frustrating to purchased a game which is unplayable and don't know when Ubisoft will finally investigate the crash issue with the crash report info. Please fix the crash ASAP.

  • OzoneHeals
    22 posts

    @ozoneheals Ubisoft told me that they know their is an issue with saved games and cloud saves specifically and that they are working on it and will update the forums when they come to a resolution, which could mean anything.

  • Ubi-Wan
    Community Representative 636 posts

    @davidho719 Hello there! Sorry to hear you're experiencing these crashes still. A few things I'd like to have you try are these PC troubleshooting steps. If the crashing persists after, please give the steps here a try to also improve performance while playing Valhalla.

    Official Response
  • Incabuloss
    12 posts

    Nothing worked for me. Can't play this game anymore after 131 hours.
    Shame on Ubisoft on this one...

  • temtu
    5 posts

    Multiple reports of PC problems (infact all platforms) after patch 1.04. Game crashing, micro pausing, stuttering etc making the game quite literally unplayable.
    Clearly a problem with the new patch. I suggest Ubisoft roll back to 1.02 until 1.04 is fixed.

  • Incabuloss
    12 posts

    My game didn't crash at all in 1.0.2. (i've got 131 hours on the game) But since the 1.0.4, can't play it anymore. The game crashes everytime i try to load any of my saves.
    So yeah, there is way more instabilities in the 1.0.4 version than before. But i think the staff is aware of it, even if they redirect us to the troubleshooting post..

  • ItsjustLurker
    8 posts

    Luckily I dont seem to be troubled with crashes in the game (not yet atleast) but I do still have the memory leak/deterioration over time, playing for around 1 hour and the fps ingame starts bouncing all over the place and it starts stuttering like crazy which basically makes the game unplayable 😕

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