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  • jerre_602
    12 posts


    Any updates of when the hugely needed hotfix/patch is coming? Still stuck at Valkas Hut. Tens of thousand of players are stuck there, instead I completed the region, because I thought a major problem like this would be fixed asap. Atleast give us some information. I'm 8+ hours in, I'm not reinstalling. Disappointing!

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 798 posts

    @guest-vWJNPtOF Thank you for reporting this to us, we're sorry to hear you've been having issues with this mission.

    Are you able to track and complete other Quests, it's just this one that won't work? Does the Mission still appear in your Log?

    Official Response
  • Lelonimo
    1 posts

    I have the same bug, just asking if you were doing side quests and collectibles, will this tag appear with the patch, or will I have to play again ... I'd rather not waste my time.

  • BeaYeah94
    1 posts

    Same problem here and I have spend more than 10 hours exploring... I can't not start again from the beginning....

  • gillesclaeys
    1 posts

    Obviously stuck there like everybody else. If I want to do the dirty fix and reinstall the game from disc without updating, will I lose my preorder benefits?

  • I_Superneal
    5 posts

    I cannot proceed. After 14 hours of exploring game play... collecting craft items, hunting, etc... I cannot get past "A Seer's Solace" and really bummed. As others, I am on a PS4. I have spoken to everyone in town, done every quest from drinking and the dice game to collecting antlers... and Randvi told me to go see the seer (Valka) and I go there and nothing happens. I have one quest and it "A Seers' Solace" but when I go into Valka's hut, nothing happens. I am afraid to start a new game because I have limited time to play and just wasted 2 days of game play. HELP! This is the first Assassin's Creed game I have played where a bug completely killed the game.

  • Dominick5297
    1 posts

    @ubi-swaggins also me, I did side quests before A Seers Solace.

  • Kristi_00
    3 posts

    @rncmetalsi Sure, its the best option but same time u will be scared to play more. What if after 20+ hours u again will do "accidentally" side quests or exploring and again brike any oyher quests?

  • Lukensen87
    18 posts

    I'm refunding the game for now, sorry but no achievements on PC, broken (main!) quests and overall very buggy launch makes me do that for the first time ever, will be back next year when the game and Ubi Connect (BTW I really miss Uplay) will be fixed and improved as they suppose to be..

  • Ghostman9819
    2 posts

    Same happened to me, (ps4) After looking at all the comments I got myself to delete all my saves and just start a new game and rush through everything. No looting, no raiding, no exploring and I got the missions at the village. A shame to delete it all after the exploring I did at first, but atleast now I can continue.

  • sofia.mood
    7 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Ghostman9819
    2 posts

    PS I didnt reinstall the game, just delete saves and start over.

  • janbravo6
    1 posts

    hello on PS4 Sunday mission family matters - help oracle, please help

  • guest-oFeyEbuF
    1 posts

    I have the same issue. Does anyone know when this bug will be fixed?

  • Kati_93
    3 posts

    For the mission I have to head North to speak to Valka at her hut but the icon doesn’t appear to go there nor does it have the icon to speak to her. So I’m just stuck I can’t continue at all! This is barely chapter two,Can this be fixed??

  • jagsBCN
    1 posts

    Same issue, at least they should give an ETA on patch so everyone can decide what is better for himself, wait or restart.

    Thank you.

  • Mrloven88
    1 posts

    @ubi-woofer I've played like 15 hours. Do you seriously want me to delete it?! Screw you ubisoft! Make better products instead of telling us what to do.

  • szalkiria
    14 posts

    I think is better to wait .

  • driton_the_don
    5 posts

    I collected and looted a few places before heading to the quest @ubi-swaggins

  • guest-KBihldeF
    1 posts

    This is really aggravating. Why would I want to restart the game with a bug so early on? That doesn't instill confidence in the rest of the game working properly...

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