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  • Ownzuonehit
    2 posts

    Cannot proceed with the main storyline as I cannot start the “seers solace” mission. I work full time and with the little time that I have off I preordered the ultimate edition and excitedly waited for its release. I’m sure you can understand the frustration I had AND still have upon encountering said bug one mission into the game. [censored] guys it’s literally release day, I don’t mind if it is something small that I can work with but this is not something I can work with.

  • EchoMarz14
    2 posts

    Your farther in the game than I am. It’s absolutely ridiculous, I can’t even get to the part where you pick your gender. Completely broken

  • Ownzuonehit
    2 posts

    I did hear about that one aswell, don’t worry I didn’t get much farther, only about 30 mins.

  • guest-9ZTQIgiF
    1 posts

    This sucks, just wasted hours thinking I must be doing something wrong before I came here so see others have paid $100 for this crap too

  • Albert1687
    1 posts

    I can’t complete Seers Solace. Can see others had the same issue. What is Ubisoft doing for this? It’s stupid to uninstall, lose all progress and not upgrade to ver 1.0.2.

    was this game not tested? It’s $150 down the drain. What a mess.

  • Andrearoselli60
    16 posts

    I have the same problem, and I cannot play the game,please fix it soon!

  • Dromnakk
    2 posts

    Has anyone found a work around to get the seer cut scene to happen?

    I found the sleeping watchman then went into the hut but no cut scene happens the seer just stays at her table and I can not interact with her.

  • daletrit
    3 posts

    @dromnakk I have the exact same issue on the PS4 as the latest patch caused the issue and to make it worse the game is officially out today in the U.K. the workaround till Ubisoft release the next patch is to u install and do not let the game update passed 1.0.0! You will loose all your progress! Other option is to hope now the game is live for everyone is they release the new patch ASAP today

  • wombatsRfuzzy
    1 posts

    My game seems to have a bug - when I get to Valka’s Hut nothing happens. Selecting the quest doesn’t show the location with the symbol - and when I walk in I’m ignored. Running version 1.02 on PS4.

  • aarnihiisi
    1 posts

    I got the same bug, but I don't even have a quest marker for The Seer's Solace. I tried reloading an earlier save, but I encountered the same problem. Now I can't continue the main storyline, which is slightly distressing...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    PS4 and 1.02 update.

  • AVenturingAV
    1 posts

    Also have the same issue.

    Reinstalled the game with version 1.0 but to load the saved point i had i "needed to update"

    If its not sorted soon im going to return the game..

  • oceano-
    5 posts

    Ehy guys same issue here.
    Can't talk to valka! Just roaming around waiting for @Ubisoft to fix the patch!
    I hate to Say but having the game before release its a mess..You should tale more care on customer that spend Money on You product and report bugs.
    In this case those Who wait for You to drop the price are smarter.

  • loupgarou74
    1 posts
  • Andrearoselli60
    16 posts

    Nice job...

  • oceano-
    5 posts

    @Ubi-Spud can You please tell US when the new patch Will be released? In writing from italy, Just so You know It would be nice to head from You the update of this issue.

  • pirewit
    6 posts

    @cecan20 I go give it a try 😉 I will lost some gameplay 😢

  • FunbagsOfSatan
    27 posts

    They will patch it when Ragnarök (Doom's day) comes and we are all writhing in agony. Seriously, this bug appears to be unanimous across the board. Can anyone find an example of someone playing on 1.0.2 who has not had his issue and done side content before starting the Solace quest?

  • abcghi123789
    12 posts

    Apparently a similar bug appears in the mission The prodigal prince, so deinstalling it and playing it all again does not guarantee us to get through this game..

  • littlenutri
    2 posts

    Hello, are there any news on the fix? I started exploring the area while waiting but soon it will block me entirely from progressing.

    Best wishes to the Ubi team, I love the game so far. And bugs are normal, especially at the beginning of the release. ^^

  • Ghleyo
    4 posts

    Also seeing this issue on PS4, v1.0.2.

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