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  • Lamby21
    6 posts

    @editorial So that's it then. All hope of getting a new Settlers game is gone. I watched the video and the live stream on Twitch and the game was over in around an hour with none of the Settlers nuance. They were building an army within 10-15 minutes and the only set backs seemed to be if they had enough carriers, wood or hammers. If not, simply build another residence or another woodcutter, no challenge at all! The unlimited resources means no planning needs to go into production and a simple fishing hut allowed them to boost production of goods and build the army faster.

    The worst thing, they allow you to view the map at any time in game and that show's where the gold/iron/coal is as well as the enemy starting position so there's not even any chance of mistakenly heading to the wrong mountain. They say this is so you can't have prior knowledge of the map and therefore an advantage over someone that doesn't have that knowledge but that can be solved with a simple randomization of what resources are in which mountain and a number of different starting positions that all have equal distance from the resources.

    They've really dumbed this down to the point that anyone who enjoyed the original few Settlers games will find no interest in this one. They're simply looking for the PlayStation generation to pick it up and play for an hour at a time and repeat.

    This is a sad day.

  • AlxRou
    36 posts

    They could create a different game like that one. Not ruin Settlers. Why you should ruin such a beautiful game? Why? You could name it something else, NOT Settlers so you could release a real Settlers game some time in the future...

  • Samlucasson55
    24 posts

    @AlxRou At this point it is unlikely that Ubisoft has any interest in developing a new settlers. Seeing it realistically they burned all bridges with this project: They started to develop a new settlers with the original founder and he delivered a great version of the game. Over the last 2 years they ruined everything - and i mean everything - from the former version is nothing left and they even try to hide its existence. And now after 2 years all they have to show is a ruined version: Not only a bad settlers BUT a bad game in general - The original founder left, the version of 2019 and the community at this point is barely engaging in this failed abomination of a settlers.

    The easiest way for Ubisoft is to release the version of 2019 to win back the community. But just releasing this "Settlers: New allies" will put the last nail the coffin of the settlers as a franchise. Even when they would announce a remaster of an older settlers game it would only bring back old players and maybe some enthusiasts who want to play the settlers but it will fail appealing to the wider masses due to the old mechanics and because many players who played the old game will not want to play it again for full price. It would be a remaster for die-hard fans of the settlers.

    The version of 2019 would have been a great way to revive the series it combined the strength of the older games and improved a. expanded on ideas they touched upon. @editorial @Ubi-Barbalatu @ChrisGansler @Ubi-Ciel But this version of 2022 just combines all the bad points not only of older settlers titles but of predecessors of the genre in general and even manages to streamlines the mechanics even more. Even mechanics build into the game makes no sense for an RTS, e.g. the food - does it make sense for an RTS? No, it slows the game to much down (In an RTS the production chains are held simple to emphasize combat). Why is it in the game? Because it is a settlers game and the settlers game have food. So when it is an RTS why is there no in-depth interplay between the units? Because settlers in an build-up city-simulator with RTS elements.

    Ubisoft destroyed the version of 2019 and upon its ruin it builds a shack which can not even hold itself together.

  • Samlucasson55
    24 posts

    Even now they hide behind red tape to not talk to the community. To this point they have not even acknowledged that there was an older version which they redeveloped or that the community asks constantly about the older version. In the stream they had on the first of December every questions asking about this remained ignored. Negative comments ignored. Critic points ignored. But when people asked general stuff the creative director Christian Hagedorn was happy to answer - and how quick he answered!

    This is such backwards thinking. When the game is released it has to speak for itself without the help of marketing or posts which could emphasize the positive and negate the negatives. Even know when the game is only 3 months away the game remained for the bigger portion in the same state as shown in the beginning of the year. Almost no progress has been made - just some small adjustment. As the community said they would! Proven right again! With their policy of not engaging with the community properly and just spoon-feeding us this by their marketing team well-prepared statement with do not say anything important they will damage themselves in the long run.

    But at this point: Who cares? Really? Game is dead. Community is dead. Ubisoft will be dead. They do not want to save anything, repair anything or make amends to anything. Let them close their gates one final time and be done with it. @ChrisGansler There are other publisher doing a better job. The legacy left behind by Ubisoft will be one of incompetence, arrogance and lack of innovation. Having a achieved 2 failed settlers game due to their own stubbornness and false sense of superiority. Having worked 2 years on a finished project to ruin it just shows how out of Ubisoft is. That they spend 1 year after they postponed it to still hold tight on their failed vision is a testament to their arrogance. That at the end of approx. 7 years all they can show is a bad Starcraft 2 clone with the bare minimum of any features of RTS released in the 90s shows how much they lack innovation a. commonsense.

  • cajr1968.
    1 posts

    I have a feeling I’ll be buying it then playing rise of an empire that I constantly play and is my favorite. Seems to me they are pushing towards consoles more than pc.

  • Lordhardriel
    2 posts

    OMG! Back to the origin s! Or doesn't write The Settlers on it ....This will be a flash in the pan. 3 hours of playing time for 80 Euro. Shame on you
    AND WOW you can make a save game and can use the buttons...And then to claim that you work together with the comi. Worst game so far 2023!

  • thenewmansown
    1 posts

    @HaxerFlaxer For real.

  • Senka73
    1 posts

    Seriously?!! February 2023 now? I paid for this game almost a year ago. and the release date keeps getting changed to months later. I'm just going to take my money back and buy another game. From the comments, the game isn't worth buying anyway. You make people wait for a year AFTER they paid for the game. Ridiculous. never seen this before and I've been a gamer for 20 years.

  • KodaSitka
    25 posts

    No shame, huh? Just a quick cash grab while closing down the project to recoup some of the wasted budget? How else can the community possibly read this? It took a year to make [censored] changes that ignored the community and could fit into a month 1 patch? This would be watered down even as a mobile RTS. Pretty please cancel this and give it to the Anno team.

  • KodaSitka
    25 posts

    No one on the team has enough passion for games to speak up and do something about this?

  • FIL_903
    9 posts

    How do i get my money and Ubi Credit back that i paid 12 month ago for this game?

  • w4rlockdk
    1 posts

    I think this is totally [censored] move. you should have released it in Dec. 2022 like you said you would. You keep delaying it over and over and over

  • stevesuperboy78
    2 posts

    i take it that Ubisoft been taking over by the left? is that why no one in Ubisoft have no clue how to design a game that we fans want, a settlers 8, not made by a 5 year old kid. sad that Ubisoft going the same way as EA games. if you cant listen to the fans that want to buy your games, then you shouldn't be making any games that looks cheap or crap!.

  • Phlegm_Master
    10 posts

    @editorial Watching the latest stream, thank you for adding some economy focussed maps.

    We get such a strong impression that your hands are tied by management to make some form of competition-based pvp quick-run RTS game. The economy is still so simplified so that basically no one can fail (part of the fun of the Settlers used to be to not defeat yourself). The limited maps will also affect any real replayability. But thank you at least for noting that we are worried and trying to do something.

    It would just be nice if it weren’t only sometimes that economy was the focus…

  • katrijn1979
    2 posts

    @editorial where can I find my pre order? I pre ordered it august 2022 but I can't see it in my purchased games.

  • Zetisek
    17 posts

    @editorial Wy can't see my pre-order in epic game library? Can we get download before premiere?

  • Procnessil
    38 posts

    I remember that at some point in the past preorders were cancelled and money returned, so maybe yours was auto cancelled as well. Try checking your emails / bank account.
    It was a very long time ago, several months

  • P4ddyTTH
    1 posts

    @FIL_903 same question, had hope when they stop the beta and wanted to “listen to feedback from the community” so I kept my preorder, but now how do I get a reimbursement?

  • MacDeiv
    32 posts

    @editorial any chance to see (in future update too) stone wall and other feature? like champions for lead and give bonus to army?

  • LinhaelPL
    4 posts

    @TomK1888 Look at almost any Ubisoft Game. Remember Watchdogs?
    Their games always gets downgrade and I laugh everytime I see their Xbox Series X / PS5 optimized version of the game which looks like X360/PS3 port.

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