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  • MarkSpengler
    6 posts

    @MrCypher504 These fixes are just a placebo.
    The culprit is a memory leak inside the code itself.
    Open the eventviewer in Windows - Search in applications for "Division" and look at the report.
    You will notice "RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64" - The OS has detected a process that is not handling it routines in a efficient manner - As a result it may begin to exhaust memory resources.

  • MrCypher504
    5 posts

    @MarkSpengler Yeah Hope they can nail it shut.

  • MarkSpengler
    6 posts

    @MrCypher504 So say we all.
    I just started over from scratch after years not playing. Got the DLC Warlords of New York too but : *flushing sound of a toilet*

    My ticket is still open

  • Aced_100
    477 posts
    You will notice "RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64" - The OS has detected a process that is not handling it routines in a efficient manner - As a result it may begin to exhaust memory resources.

    If this happens you need to make a video of it so the devs can look at it and fix the issue. Also reinstall the game, update your drivers, test your memory, have your computer checked over completely and hop on one leg for an hour at least. I'm sorry I couldn't help myself. 😊

  • Kard0z
    1 posts

    By now we should be honest. They have no clue or they simply dont want to fix. It will never be fixed.

  • MrCypher504
    5 posts

    Ok I went and looked again at Exploit Protections and then to Program Setting and added the games EXE path.Then went and checked off ALL of them that were available. The ones that were OFF I left them alone and they have a few set to ON once you check Override System Settings and I left them alone and in the ON setting.

    The ones I left ON were :
    Control Flow Guard (CFG)
    Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
    Randomize Memory Allocations (Buttom-Up ASLR)
    Validate Exception Chains (SEHOP)

    Then I started the game up. I was able to play 3 Different sesions for 2 hours each without a crash or issue. Hope this helps. Going to try the game in DX12 and HDR in a few and see if I crash or not.

  • MrCypher504
    5 posts

    yeah went back and played it in DX12 and HDR on and was able to play but then crashed , looked at the memory usage it was a 6,688 86%. So yeah big memory leak and also think EasyAntiCheat might be a issue also being when I crashed I clicked and set Affinty to 1 cpu and jumped back in and was able to play again for a bit till a crash. But that might be due to its using memory as well and they are playing tug a war with the game for Memory lol

  • AjSLim79
    5 posts

    playing again after a longer time for a few days now, BUT..
    ..first all was fine, then random crash a few days ago
    > joining a friends game, i can play for hours without any problems in the group,
    BUT when switching to my own session, opening the map, scrolling in it > game freezes, like opens in a window, crashes to the desktop

    Did "verify game files" in ubi connect. it found some "corrupt" file, repaired them - still crashing.

    tried DX11 and DX12 and other "tipps" from reddit.. no effect.

  • BB-Ghost
    33 posts

    Aside from freezing and crashing(EVERY DAY)...now the damn game takes 2-4 times to even get it loaded up.....[censored] are these guys doing to the game??

  • AIM_Palinca
    1 posts

    @fredspekvet you need to stop direct x 12 version, go to 11 version!

  • MarkSpengler
    6 posts

    @Aced_100 I am an IT-Professional at age 51. My system is maintained and all components work as intended. There is crap inside the code that triggers the preleak event.
    All these fixes are a nonsense. The freeze happens at random - It can be after 2 minutes or several hours. Even the choice of API (DX11 / DX12) doesn´t matter. As soon as a pointer hits the faulty part of the code, ya game will freeze. Without the preleak detection your machine would crash.

    Addendum : My ticket gets dusty.

  • mercenarie22
    13 posts

    @MarkSpengler Same situation here buddy, It's Ubisoft's [censored] code that they seriously should revisit and fix or else this game can be declared DEAD on PC.

  • O_Feio
    2 posts

    I chance my gpu to a rtx 3060. Anda now when i open the division 2 my vídeo crash.
    I have a image from my screen

    This is what happen. When turn down the Pc image back to normal.

    Ty for help

  • Swinebelly
    3 posts

    @Ubi-Milky This evening playing division 2 for about 45 minutes and was doing Tidal Basin on my Level 179 HardCore character when the game did the freeze/crash to me. I had to task manager out to restart the game and when i returned my HardCore character has shuffled of this mortal coil. This tics me off seriously because I not only lost the character but lost all the exotics that I had accrued to this point in hardcore. I have now started another character tonight but find level 7 to be a bit of a drag. Is there anyway I could get my hardcore character back? These crashes are making the hardcore game on PCespecially unplayable if not depressing.

  • Gabriel.Knight
    497 posts

    @Swinebelly Read this thread, and go through the process. Let me know if it works for you. I haven't gone through it myself. Asking here will not get your character back as I understand it.

  • Viskyone
    4 posts

    @Ubi-Milky Star to fix all this frrezze in game, all this crash-in game , diffrents spots, diffrents missions. this be going on for a long time now.
    (and dont answer on this file that our file there,, that are not helping)

  • Sargonias
    5 posts

    @MarkSpengler Same here but im 46 and my system is maintained all the time. i have a big ZERO issue with my PC anywhere else. I tryed to troubleshoot the issues but as i said it before , its not us, its Ubi. There is some people that are lucky enough to be bug free, but we re a LOT with the issue here.

    I used to 100% trust Ubi games, but now, ill be more carefull before buying Ubi product again.

  • AjSLim79
    5 posts

    @AIM_Palinca does not help at all

  • RustyPunky
    1 posts

    @WrecK3rr It's the same for me, but now I can't open the map of Washington, when I try to move from New York, the game close inmediately

  • Red_Nose4
    8 posts

    The Division 2 game crashed three times for me today within a four-hour period.
    First two was during a Warlords of New York campaign playthrough during The Tombs mission. The first crash of the two was the classic freeze then shift to window mode, had to close game from task manager. The second crash in the tombs mission was just a plain freeze, had to restart PC to get out of the game.

    The third crash was during countdown on heroic difficulty which resulted in a Delta-03 error.
    This instability issue has been ongoing for a long time now. I wonder if it will ever be fixed.

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