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  • Saqiw
    120 posts

    crash again, so insane

  • darkarvan
    3 posts

    How I supposed to submit a support ticket for this, when the only method i can choose from is the unavailable chat???

  • Saqiw
    120 posts

    crash so many times today, time to log off this s..t

  • antourar
    7 posts

    @NeonSki interesting, I don't need ISLC indeed. Smart tim also eliminated the crash issue.

  • BB-Ghost
    33 posts

    Frozen windowed mode is what I'm getting now.

    They keep messing up the game and then basically refuse to acknowledge it...maybe in order to get peeps to stop playing and then they can justify dropping the game?

    I pity the mods for the forum fires...but the devs deserve all the hate...constantly messing the game up and taking forever.....IF EVER to fix it.

    GREAT GAME.....But VERY substandard talent running it.

    8 posts

    Update on this issue. I was able to play with the CPU clock speeds, voltages and such to get the game to run more stable.

    The most stable setting so far seemed to be hard setting the CPU 5Ghz and 1.3 Vcore in the bios. Right now I'm playing with allowing Intel Turbo Boost to do it job under full auto with all C-States enabled. CPU is boosting to 5.1Ghz max so far all P-Cores (it's a good one it seems). VDDQ is pulling the full 1.4V while Vcore hasn't needed more that 1.25 so far. I'm sure that will change under different stress situations.

    GPU is voltage regulated to 915 mV and set to 2025 Ghz using MSI Afterburner to manage the curve. I'm allowing the Power Limit to 106% so that it will boost to 2040 Ghz but that's probably not doing much more than making the GPU hotter.

    It's was still crashing at least once an hour or so last night... but at least I was able join the others for a bit. The rest of the people I play with can sometimes go an hour or two without crashing. So I can see why this problem is nearly impossible to fix if they are troubleshooting this from the wrong angle.

    I observed that the crashes are happening when I trigger a significant data structure or store. For example, every crash since adjusting my system spec included me opening a weapon crate, me finishing off a substantial enemy during multiplayer fire fights, or fast traveling to my group/clan mates.

    Hopefully, someone that matters will read this and it will help.

  • Gabriel.Knight
    497 posts

    @WAYLIFE Here I thought they were triggered more when I picked up special ammo. Almost every time it crashed, I had picked up special ammo within 15 seconds. But then again, I just sorta want to believe that is the problem so I can avoid it. The reality for me is, its a Ubisoft problem, its not a how my rig is set up or what I do. In this vid I didn't do any of those things and it just crashed.

    Right now I'm running GFN so any software/rig solution is beyond my control.

    8 posts

    @Gabriel-Knight Yup... it's not our rigs or the virtual machines in the case of GFN. It's absolutely the product. No question... and it's not a question for them either.

  • Gundalf_Zuria
    2 posts

    Dear Agents and despair mates:
    Do not break your head trying to solve something that is not in your hands.
    The problem is not in your PCs, therefore, the solution is not to mess with the files, nor in the task manager, the problem is in "Ubisoft" and they are the ones who should solve it, but it seems that they don't want to.
    In my opinion, "The Division 2" is an excellent game, but it has become unplayable since more than a year.
    The only solution that is within our reach... is to stop trying to play it.

  • Saqiw
    120 posts

    oh la la crash!

  • Mazzpianist
    9 posts

    Good morning, I'm a big fan of your game and it's a real pity seeing it crashing like never before.
    I downloaded the game in December 2020 and I played it without problems till Spring 2021 when, without changing any in game settings, it started crashing. Sometimes the game start in windowed mode, sometimes in full screen, but at the end it randomly crashes going or staying in windowed mode, but, as I saw in Task Manager, the game still operate for CPU, Memory and GPU are still used. I saw that the main thread for this issue is marked as solved, but this problem is far away from being solved.
    These are my specs:

    Asus vivobook 15
    16GB RAM, Intel Core i7 1165G7, Nvidia MX 330 (2GB), OS: Windows 11, which, as I red, meet the minimum requirements to play the game.
    By the way, don't write me about the troubleshooting steps, I tried them, everything is updated, and they don't help solving the issue.

    Please solve this issue, the game is amazing, but is impossible to play in the conditions it is, and I paid not few money to buy it.
    Thank you very much

  • Ubi-TheBerry
    Ubisoft Support Staff 5891 posts

    Hello @Mazzpianist,

    Thank you for reaching out, sorry to see you're experiencing crashes.

    We kindly ask that you refer to our Pinned Thread on this issue - the Pinned Post (which does mark the thread as solved) notes that this is still being investigated and requests some information from impacted players.

    We do in occasion use the 'Solved' feature to highlight posts regarding the current status of an investigation, as they'd otherwise be buried in a thread as active as this.

    That said though - I'm afraid your PC does actually fall below the requirements. The Division 2 requires a GTX 780 or equivalent with 3GB VRAM - your GeForce MX330 does fall below this requirement, so your laptop will have issues running the game to begin with.

    Official Response
  • Mazzpianist
    9 posts


    Thank you very much for your fast answer, I can assure you, I played for quite half a year without any problem with object detail: 30, shadow quality: medium, everything else on low and high resolution without having any issue going from a minimum of 30 fps ( for me is sufficient) to 50 fps inside buildings. The crash is not linked to my GPU for sure. Thank you again for your answer.

  • Saqiw
    120 posts

    Guess what? I crash........

  • F.i.x.e.r
    138 posts

    @Gundalf_Zuria. Already ahead of you. 👍

  • m1xjuice
    4 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Moutro
    9 posts

    For crying our loud. Is this ever gonna be fixed?! Crashed 3 times within 15'. And you dare to charge for battle passes...

  • Moutro
    9 posts

    Make it 4...

  • Ubi-Ciel
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1574 posts

    Hey @Mazzpianist,

    Thank you for getting back to us! I understand how you feel. Though your laptop was able to run the game previously - despite being under the minimum requirements - the game receives continuous updates, making it more demanding. Those updates are the reason for the PCs minimum requirements being what they are.
    I'd still recommend keeping an eye on the forums for any news on the investigation that is currently ongoing, as it could also be the reason for your crashes.

    Official Response
  • Saqiw
    120 posts

    @Moutro post for everytime you crash

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