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  • Big_da_DeE0319
    2 posts

    @Ubi-TheBerry I’ve done all the recommended steps already and they don’t work, I truly believe it’s the server , it only started when last season came out. It never happened before and it’s tragic because I just hit plat 2 because I’ve really been getting in the game recently.

  • Dexter.M4L
    3 posts

    @Miko251 I had the same issue last season ( ending of the season ) and I thought like something wrong at my processor even I started to look for new processors then at Brutal Swarm it looks fine as far as I saw I hope you'll get your help asap :))

  • Dexter.M4L
    3 posts

    @Mr-_Banana dude my pc has i3-9100f and GTX 1050 Ti and when I used to play this game before my CPU usage was at %70-80 and I think my CPU isn't enough for my GPU cause when I test bottleneck it says yeah CPU is weak and in R6 it's in %100 usage then I thought like I need to change my CPU to get out of this situation but the new season launched and as far as I experienced it looks nice. I think it's mistake of Ubi.

  • Karnus115
    3 posts

    I am also having this problem.

    I have updated windows 10 to the latest recommended release, Nvidia graphics drivers updated to the latest Version, verified game files but I still get 1-2 second freezes like I’m getting 0fps seemingly at random but ALWAYS at the worst time. Like when I’m swinging or counting down the clock on an echo drone. I think it happens the most when in a drone but that might be because I spend more time on drones who knows.

    This only started happening over the last month or so and is causing me to lose games. Specs:

    CPU: i5 9600k
    GPU: nvidia gtx 1080
    Ram: 16GB Corsair Vengeance

  • Behind_U_Ghost
    13 posts

    The game keeps [censored] freezing. I'm done not being able to play the stupid game I paid for for a month because of your incompetence at game developing. I waste my money and time for you to keep [censored] with this game braking issue. The only solution you gave me was to check my GPU when I already told you it is a latency issue. Why the [censored] are you so stupid? Fix this [censored] or give me my money back

  • Mannaride
    3 posts

    @Behind_U_Ghost I'm getting crazy with this issue too. but I'm losing hope after more than a month. I restart my pc like 5 time to play 6/7 matches

  • Ubi-TheBerry
    Ubisoft Support Staff 5874 posts

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for your updates.

    @Behind_U_Ghost - I've merged your thread where we've been discussing this issue extensively.

    I've also updated the title for better visibility and amended my Pinned Post.

    Please could you include your Windows version and CPU model when reporting this so we can track the impacted builds.

    Thank you!

    Official Response
  • CapitanoGabibbo
    6 posts

    @CapitanoGabibbo i have an i5-6600K

  • Leipe-Lou
    7 posts

    CPU: Intel Core i5-2400
    OS: 21H2 (19044.1949)

    I hope you guys at Ubisoft are fixing this as soon as possible, I just bought the battlepass and I want to unlock a bunch of things right now + I activated my 7-days booster that i cannot take the full use of it..

  • Craize.
    24 posts

    @Ubi-TheBerry please stop this casual answers! You obviously dont care for your customers, your ubisoft and u never will! Problem is known for several months and its still there!
    Stop telling lies and start working!

  • Craize.
    24 posts

    @Leipe-Lou sorry to say that, but they will do nothing as usual.. its bug that is known for months, ubisoft dont care

  • Miko251
    Original poster 46 posts

    Just a new season with the same old freezing. GG UBI.

  • eXil_-e
    1 posts

    1909 (18363.2212)

  • updog_monkey
    3 posts

    Version 21h2 (OS Build 19044, 1889)

    Intel i5-6600K, issue present in both regular settings and overclocked to 4.3GHz

    More context:

    Freezes coincide with CPU spikes up to 100% usage. GPU is at <40%.

    Dropping ALL settings to lowest does not resolve the issue.

    Issue happens both on regular and Vulcan. Fullscreen and borderless mode.

    Overlay is disabled. No background apps consuming significant resources.

    Freezes tend to happen on the 2nd match onwards. Restarting the game allows playing without freezes for one match most of the time.

    After the freeze happens I can see packets lost and latency (hourglass) icons, but I think it's a side effect of CPU maxing out.

    Happy to help debug this further if needed 🙂

  • Dexter.M4L
    3 posts

    I have i3-9100f for CPU , GTX 1050Ti for GPU and 16GB RAM

  • Genkotsu11
    6 posts

    I have a problem with new map (Stadium Bravo) since the last major update. Everytime i found this map on matchmaking, my R6 application will freezes immediately alias not responding. And i must end task this manually via Task Manager.

    I didn't found this problem on other maps. All of them are working normally, only Stadium has an issue. I play on PC, and here is my specs :

    • Intel Core i5 11400H
    • 16 GB of RAM
    • GTX 1650 Max Q
    • Windows 11 Home version 21H2 (build 22000.918)

  • Karnus115
    3 posts

    I would like a refund on my battle pass if this cannot be fixed.

    Windows 10 Pro 21H2 build 19044.1889
    CPU: Intel i5 9600k

  • ZYX977081
    1 posts

    Really not possible to play.
    Windows 11, 21H2 build 22000.856
    RTX 3070ti
    32GB Ram

  • Mr._Banana
    15 posts

    lol, only Intel user 😄

    i got a i5 3570k build --> look 2 or 3 pages back.

    come on....
    Now finnaly fix this issue, it must be possible to fix it. This issue exists over 4 Weeks!!!! Other Games do it faster. I remember at a other Shooter, they have fps drops and only 3 days they fix this issue.

  • hahafunny_
    1 posts

    @Ubi-TheBerry I've got i5-7500
    Windows version 21H2 (Build 19044.1889)

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