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  • MaralingaVet
    22 posts

    @dcaustin007 Game Not Responding Message 4 times in 45 mins. Been going on into it's 2nd year. Never fixed. Yesterday, got to Extraction Point in Countdown. Game Crashed, Restarted at WhiteHouse, Really!!!!

  • unknown_merc44
    33 posts

    Yep. Almost non stop crashing. First day of TU15 was fine, but every day since then I can't go more than 1 hour of playing without a crash, either game locks up or just straight crash to desktop.

    Seems even more unstable whenever I play Countdown, which is too bad because it's the first really fun mode they have introduced.

  • ObiBenBinomi
    1 posts

    The game keeps crashing for me as well. Never could play for longer than 5 to 10 minutes. I can't even finish the required objectives for this weeks manhunt. This is frustrating! I shouldn't have bought the season pass.

  • Valkurie
    8 posts

    @obibenbinomi yes very frustrating and the lack of communication/response from Ubisoft is just adding to the headache.

  • OboroBishamon
    5 posts

    i thought i would play the division 2 again and now the game crashes every few minutes... great to see that it's not my pc

  • NightRavenXI
    18 posts

    The fact they had over a year and so many posts about what could be the problem yet its still happening in every single game they release..

    UBISOFT ITS YOUR GOD DAMN CONNECT LAUNCHER... when will you get it through your thick skulls.... Fix the app and the problem will go away..

    Division 1
    Division 2
    Far Cry 6
    AC valhalla
    AC odd

    All are Crashing with the same "Not responding [censored]"...

    Jee bloody Wizzzzzzz

  • MisterFibble
    92 posts

    Earlier today when I was in a livechat with ubisoft support looking into the problem I've having with twitch drops I got delta'd out the game, which was kind of amusing.

    This evening I've tried to get some runs of countdown done and in the past couple of hours no run has completed for me properly, the closest being an evac into the 100% loading bug which requires a restart of the game to fix. No delta's but close to a dozen crashes for myself and by the number of folk dropping from countdown this is seemingly a huge problem on PC this evening.

  • Malandark
    4 posts

    @misterfibble No need to restart the game when you get to the Loading Screen 'bug', just double tap the ESC key, then press down on this key for for 2-3 seconds (might need to repeat a few times till you get the hang of this), until you see the countdown restart then you know you've gotten past this bug.

  • Apoxys75
    1 posts

    I had issues prior to this update about a month or so ago and found some comment about changing drives where the game was installed and that seemed to solve my issues having no crashes until this patch. Now it's intermittent where it crashes. PC stats for comparison's sake: Nvidia 3070ti, Driver 512.59, Ryzen 5800x

  • Adrian-11
    897 posts


    Yep, it's like that.
    I even got a hard crash in World in Conflict... 💩

  • LT.Mitchell
    125 posts

    Hello Agents,

    I found a solution to the crashes. But test them now to be absolutely sure.

    If that is true, I would offer this solution. however, wants to see something in money from Ubisoft. Don't do this for free anymore.

  • MisterFibble
    92 posts

    Sounds like you want us to help you hold ubisoft to ransom.

    Announcing you have a solution while holding out for a payday just feels like you're trying to weaponise the forums against the devs.

    As much as I'd like to see a solution sooner than later I'm reluctant to support that mindset.

  • Lagunist
    1 posts

    Just as the title says... the game is unplayable for me after todays maint. I've had the old bug of maxing out my CPU and then dropping the load on my GPU. I've had the bug of getting tabbed out of the game and booted to desktop. I don't know what was patched or done during maint., but I'd rather revert to the prior to maint. build. I have a 7980xe CPU (and yes it is maxing all 18 cores with boost) and a 1080ti (that normally runs at one percent while playing.) Before today I had no problems.

  • N3mB0t
    1485 posts


    have you ever played poker ? @LT-Mitchell seems he does , but his poker face isnt very good.

    he has a solution as much as we do ...

  • MisterFibble
    92 posts

    Compared to last night things were looking much better until about half midnight (BST) at which point I couldn't go more than a couple of minutes in game without being delta'd out.
    Waste of time to even try and start anything once the game starts to do that.

  • ChacaChaca13
    107 posts

    CPU is i7-9700k
    GPU is 2080 Super Black
    Z390 Pro Wifi

    For well over a year I have had to use the March driver because anything else will crash the game! Only Ubisoft games experience this. I play two games really and one with any frequency. Primary is Warframe and when I find the strength to do the same thing over and over, I play TD2. Stopped playing NFT, I mean Breakpoint when they introduced those nft's. So my Warframe has to suffer due to Massive hiring people have zero ability to fix this issue on PC.

    I get crashes, tiling, freezing on the menu screen and anything else that can go wrong. So March 2021 driver if I want to play this game.

  • AirJarhead
    18 posts

    I've has crashes and freezes of all kinds ever since they went from Uplay to Ubisoft Connect.
    Then a few months ago, the only type of crash/freeze I got was the game going into windowed mode and turning to a black screen. I would have to go into task manager and end the Division 2 process.
    I finally fixed the freezing by switching to DX12 (oddly enough). The game was finally stable for about two weeks.

    Then TU15 launched, and I'm getting freezes, crashes (where the prompt comes up to report to Ubi), and Deltas...it's a freaking mess!

    64GB DDR5
    Samsung 980 Pro M.2 NVME

  • fredspekvet
    41 posts

    Strangely enough, after having many of these issues in the past, since TU15 the game has been stable for me. However, I feel for you agents, as this problem has plagued many agent's and still does. All I can tell you is that i'm running my game with the DPI scaling changed and as administrator mode. Furthermore, I disable the easyanticheat service as soon as it completed loading (Just before the game starts, i'm a solo agent). for me, this combination now proves golden, but the chances of it working for anyone else are slim at best. This seems to be the only way that I can play this game, sadly. but hey, it's better than nothing.

    Note that i've been plagued by the same problems (except the disconnects) as you , somehow I got it working after TU15. i'm lucky. I fear however, the moment that Ubi changes something on their side, i'm left on the bench again with a game that crashes at the most random of moments. I'm just happy to finally play a league since the 2 years I have this game, so i'm making the most of it.

  • Oatiecrumble
    1121 posts

    Xbox Series X:

    Had zero crashes but......when playing Countdown it feels like i'm tripping over things, i can only presume very slight lag spikes.

    Don't get me started though on the missing enemy health bars & cannot see any loot in countdown, 50/50 chance of it happening, Countdown triggers it.

  • PT_Frizzer
    142 posts

    What I don't understand is; they made a PTS, for testing purposes and the normal thing to do after that and before the TU launch it was fix the bugs that PTS revealed. But what happened was that they launch the TU without fixing nothing. They were careless and lazy.The game is very worst than before. What was the rush in launching TU in this state. It look like we are playing PTS, not the normal game. Yesterday a mate was killed in HC because a frezze. It was not enough the caracther get killed for player guilty, now we are been killed because the lazyness of devs.

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