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  • zadidoll
    5 posts
    1. when arriving at Raventhorpe the festival icon is approximately 26 meters above ground. Had to climb a roof to trigger the event.
    2. all my opals from Reda’s quests, including the two packs (of three) redeemed at the festival, have disappeared.
    3. all the rewards I redeemed at the festival prize booth are gone. (All I had left to redeem was the last Opal pack.)
    4. at the start of the festival I had 27 days. When I quit the game & came back a few hours later it said I had 48 hours left before the festival ended. A glitch occurred during the ring fight causing me to restart the game (see next issue for details) & when I entered the game the festival notification said it ended (& this is when I noticed all awards removed).
    5. while in the fight ring, during round 5 the previous contestant was still in the ring unconscious. The new opponent & Evior couldn’t move so I rebooted the game & this encounter the previously mentioned issue.
    6. Unable to avenge any one’s death (I’ve encounter this issue since the last festival) so I can’t complete the weekly challenges.

    So is this a server wide issue since I can’t do any of Reda’s quests now as I’m unable to connect to the Ubisoft servers? If this is a server issue, once fixed will I get back all the items lost including all of my opals?

  • FyreInsyde
    7 posts

    Exactly the same issue happened last year with the second annual Yule Festival. Those who had participated the first time around encountered several issues when the event came back around in year 2. Newcomers to the game had no such issues. Sounds like w/e the issue was Ubisoft didn't learn their lesson, or forgot to playtest the issue on multiple different saves...

  • The.sovereign
    2 posts

    I woke up from my dream after playing the new DLC and returned home to Encounter the same problem😰

  • Azhrei21
    122 posts

    man that's odd... I'm on a launch ps4 and had no issue, except the bear you find when tracking the "deadly predator" (lmao i have to admit that little quest was hilarious) was floating in mid-air like 5 feet off the ground...

    Edit: actually you're on pc... there's like hundreds (or a thousand) different configurations and parts pc's can have. You should post your specs/parts since you're on pc so they know what they're dealing with. It's not a console where they're all identical pretty much...

  • SkyeSoPorcelain
    4 posts

    @nox_cl Same issues here, can't do the target quest from Thyra either, those don't show up and it doesn't kick you out, you have to quit to desktop.

  • SkyeSoPorcelain
    4 posts

    @azhrei21 I doubt it has to do with our specs since there's so many of us with the exact same problem 😕

  • MintMaple793269
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Winkbuul
    1 posts

    I got the same problem

  • Niogiro
    1 posts

    Joining the band with the same issue.
    PS4 slim.
    The festival area and decorations are missing.
    Steps from troubleshooting guide didn't fix the issue.
    Last year there were issues with the event now too....

  • onkel6ix
    1 posts

    @psychospekz I'm having the same issue as you. Hope they will release a hotfix for this

  • LCFrankland
    3 posts

    I have installed the latest game patch and I have completed the first 2 story arc's in England and I am still unable to access the festival. Can someone advise on a possible fix?

  • LCFrankland
    3 posts

    @hachgee I have the same issue. Completed more than the first 2 story arc's in England and when initially visiting Ravensthorpe, no quest prompt appears to indicate the festival is there. Frustrating

  • Golradir93
    1 posts

    I am having the same problem. Festival grounds are just empty.

  • VARR571
    5 posts

    same here !!! nothing loading in

  • andy-sim
    4 posts

    The same problem in PS5.

  • Deargdue6
    2 posts


    Having similar issue on PS5 before the update I was able to see the festival and had no issues but after the update installed everything disappeared.

  • hashi2015
    2 posts

    same here on ps4slim

  • FyreInsyde
    7 posts

    @azhrei21 Not a PC vs. console issue. I'm on Xbox Series X and having the same issues. If the bug works the same as the Yule Festival one from last year, the platform you're playing on doesn't matter, only that you participated in the first Ostara Festival. The issue is squarely with the game code itself.

  • Ubi-Milky
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4158 posts

    Hello everyone, thank you for your patience whilst we have been looking into this issue.

    To help try and resolve this, could you all please reload your latest Manual save/Autosave, then visit and explore Ravensthorpe, until the game can trigger the Ostara Festival.

    Please let us know how you get on after trying this?

    Official Response
  • InnerVoiS
    9 posts

    @psychospekz Same here. PC

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