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  • vm4M9Tz4pB
    152 posts

    @as1r0nimo it's not a raid like content, of course it do have guides.

  • komplikCZ
    26 posts

    I dont touch it but watched few videos. Game mode itself looks fine. Nice environment, nice shooting... no mechanics needed team coordination. But.. 8 players.. it will be hard to get into mode couple weeks after release in non player peek hours.

    I would like to see four man squads maximum and possibility to play it solo with proper scaling to squad size, and difficulty settings/directives for extra rewards.

    And personally, I hate timer. When I playing games I want to chill, no pressure needed, so toggle for timed/no time limit version will be great for many players. You can scale XP and rewards for time limited and unlimited mode.

  • komplikCZ
    26 posts

    @vm4m9tz4pb which is fine, easy to handle for non communicating random matchmaked squads. Exactly why raids are only for small part of player base. I never touching raids and very coordinated missions in any game. So new mode is more for players like me, but 8 player matchmaking will be terrible after few weeks after release, especially when you playing outside peek playing time.

  • vm4M9Tz4pB
    152 posts

    @komplikcz matchmakin just like discovery raid only, still many come to play it . however i just concern it is publicly matchmakin on 8p or from friend list etc. as anything i watched now it look like a raid.

  • IT-Mx
    2 posts

    @f_stormhammer Dude, have you ever tried it? I just finished countdown in a group of 4

  • komplikCZ
    26 posts

    @vm4m9tz4pb MM like raid, gameplay like mission with time limit. You can start mission only when 8 players are teamed up. You cant play it solo or with lower players count.

  • As1r0nimo
    412 posts

    @komplikcz you are talking about the raid or countdown? Xoz you CAN start countdown immediately after you create a lobby

  • LateNiteDelight
    1040 posts

    Just tried it for the first time, ran it solo. Died at Extraction because I didn't realize there would be multiple Hunter's mixed into the BT - but it certainly seems doable Solo.

    Timer will be tough solo if you get stuck with some hiders.. honestly found that more distracting than anything, but it fits with the concept they are going for.

    Hoping to try it with some friends later - feels like it will be a good 4man mode, and a decent challenge Solo/Duo when one feels like it.

    Overall, it kind of feels like a cut section from the IH Raid..
    Edit: though long term, it will need added variety

  • komplikCZ
    26 posts

    @as1r0nimo Well I do not play PTS for good reasons, just seen videos. If you can run it solo or with less than 8 players it is fine... if it will provide correct scaling.

    It needs to let players choose all modifiers, not random which you can see when you start it. If devs wants to preset something, they can do it in similar way as Destiny 2 does, they change it each day.

    For sure toggle no time limit seems fine option to many players.

  • N3mB0t
    1478 posts


    if you are the "raid" leader you can start it with how many people you want , 1 or 8, its up to you , and i can tell you i already soloed this without trying hard.

    Pro tip - in the end as long as you manage to get on the square to call the chopper you can just run around and avoid pretty much anything while its coming , when its there just run up to the rope and press to extract , its instant and doesnt require you to clear the zone , did this yesterday alone and left around 5 hunters and a whole bunch of tusks looking at me , they should be complaining in the forum today.

  • dagrommit
    894 posts

    Tried a second run with one friend due to the Delta errors when joining someone else's session. We ran out of time on the main objective, but I think we could have completed it if we'd been more aggressive during the earlier objectives. In other words, I'm fine with the current scaling - with one exception.

    The random hunter spawns during the mission are fine, but putting a bunch of hunters in your path as you run for the extraction area is not cool, especially with the disrupt spam they put out. I would prefer that rogue agent NPC's appear instead. Dealing with them and their skills would still be challenging, but skill users would at least be able to participate.

  • KraziAgent
    50 posts

    Countdown need t be Pve SOLO OR IM OUT NORAID BUl_$H!\T

  • KraziAgent
    50 posts

    Bye AGENTS Massive has went ROGUE and im leaving the Division

  • LateNiteDelight
    1040 posts

    @kraziagent I and other folks have Solo'd it 👩‍🏫

  • Noxious81
    1441 posts
    (...) If you can run it solo or with less than 8 players it is fine... if it will provide correct scaling. (...)

    Until now it still seems hard to grasp for what the current scaling seems to be the correct scaling. Because for eight coordinated players Countdown is way way way too easy. For eight players, gathered via matchmaking, it still is way too easy. It is totally doable for smaller teams and it has been solo'd several times already.

    So to actually be challenging, you currently probably need to play Countdown alone or in small teams (maybe of 2 or 3). Other than that the current difficulty is not really a challenge.

    Thus it miiiight seem to be a good idea to think about adding different difficulties (from "normal" to "heroic") to the mode.

  • LateNiteDelight
    1040 posts

    @noxious81 two things came up when our group of 4/5 ran it..

    • It feels like it was scaled for relatively new players - not a group of veterans with maxed or nearly maxed builds - which is perfectly understandable. In fact, I like it, because I loathe sponge. I'd rather they see if they can simply add more enemies. Felt like playing Challenging, which I find the most fun [I only run Heroic+ if I need to farm for something specific].

    • why not have three variants? Discovery [remove Timer and Currency drops], Normal [as is], and Legendary [White Tusk].

  • UbiChrisMANG
    Community Representative 331 posts

    @kraziagent Hello Krazi! As a few stated above your post, you can indeed solo it. Enjoy!

    Official Response
  • Aldur2309
    45 posts

    @ubichrismang Please consider making it so it doesn't require matchmaking and just have it scale from 1 to 8 players automatically. I'd even go as far as have it go 1 to 4.

    I'm fairly certain that the vast majority of the playerbase never saw the current raids and never will. I am 42 years old, I have a family, a job, and many other obligations. I play TD2 quite often; mostly solo but sometimes with a couple of friends who have similar obligations. Kids often interrupt and play sessions will go on hold for 5-10 mins. That's obviuously not an option if you're in a matchmaking group. But it's fine if you're in a group of friends.

    More general feedback:

    • Please consider more solo / small group content.
    • Please acknowledge and fix the crashing issues on PC. These have been going on for far too long. There are threads about this issue almost daily on the subreddit and the regulars are just calling the crashing a Division 2 feature now.
    • Please consider doing a quality of life patch. Fix some of the annoyances like having to constantly deal with skill and gear mods, certain crafting mats have a really low cap, etc.
    • Fix the bugs. The 'The Tombs' mission gets stuck if you get the rogue agent encounter and defeat them. You have to suicide to reset and do the room again. Fix the 'broken armor' directive. Fix the 'save loadout' button so it, you know, actually saves the loadout in 1 go.
  • LateNiteDelight
    1040 posts

    @aldur2309 I haven't played much the last six months, so maybe my feel is off, but it felt as if the difficulty was in the ballpark of 4man Challenging?

    The biggest thing solo is the timer - but you can still extract even if you fail the objective. Enemies spawn pretty spread out, and some of the mechanics require multiple runs back and forth between input and target. Also, depending upon which Extraction, getting through 5 Hunter's and BT to launch the flair could be tough. Some of the extractions you can quickly just get in, launch, then hunker down defensively - but we had one last night way in the back that we had to fight to, and barely got the flair off in time for it to reach the extraction before the timer went off.

    If you can handle the Strongholds or Summit on Heroic, you'd be fine here [Solo, Duo+] - as long as you're comfortable playing with a little pace.

  • HarryPompstronk
    2 posts

    May I ask, have you played it?
    It doesn't need any coordination, if anything, this is a "raid lite".
    You just matchmake and go, no coordination, just rushing to an objective and beating the time.
    Its really fun, try it out first 🙂

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