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  • Locked Solved [RESOLVED] [Mar 24, 22] Ubisoft Connect Challenges and Stats aren't updating as expected | POST HERE

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    Rainbow six Siege, same boat

  • Bojan-77
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    @rammst0ne Oh, thank you man. Thank you very much, I can't play for three days, I'm trying, but it breaks in half of the action or movement with the notice "can't save" ... Uh, not at first, but I equip with all the original equipment and it still didn't save, but then I turned off the game and restarted, and it works ... Finally Save works, thank you. I hope UBI reads this post, gold is worth it. Thanks again. 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

  • Kain111178
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    @alpha8188 I'm in the same boat, I must have 50 Raven kills and they're all still 0

  • ghostgamer1089
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    @m-i-k-a im having the same issue as well but in xbox cause I've done the challenges but nothing is being tracked or updated

  • orldan
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    Just did a drinking challenge and didn't count, either. Also, one of my daily challenges disappeared while I completed the other, had to reconnect to accept another.

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    @alpha8188 I am having the same issue

  • Akshay1004
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    Same here on PS4 AC Valhalla. Weekly challenges not updating.

  • HddnDrgn0321
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    I have the same problem. I did all of the R6 Siege weekly and battle pass challenges and went to collect and they are all still 0. Tried AC Valhalla and they did not work either. I even see that the AC Origins community challenge is still at 0 so I did not bother contributing. When are they going to acknowledge and fix the issue?

  • Sky-Piercer
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    Same thing on PS5 since a bit earlier this week.

  • CXPtwo
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    I thought I was the only one. I only found out after killing everyone in the Calleva outpost that the kills are not registering. Then I tried with the longsword kills. Same issue. I hope it gets fixed soon. Using PC.

  • TheNorfolkian
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    @spirantcrayon22 I too have the same problem with this week’s timed challenges. I was surprised to not see any raven kills get counted after running around weakening upwards of at least twenty enemies to kill them with Synin.

  • KingBeard
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    @fyreinsyde I think their sever may been hacked and they're not telling people. Ransomware.They're saying its a delay issue on their end on twiter. It's not just Valhalla on all versions it's also Far Cry 6.

    of course this is just speculation. But who knows as its very odd. Its been days now that things aren't counting????

  • irshansk
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    Opals in Dawn Ragnarok for exploring are not counted either. I "wasted" many opals collecting them in the world just to figure out that they are not added. I do hope Ubisoft will compensate this. They never fix this stuff. In AC Odyssey, on Korfu, the opals don't count either, but at least they stay at the place when coming back.

  • Sky-Piercer
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    Also having same issue here on PS5. None of my challenges are updating since earlier this week although meeting requirements, everything stays at 0.
    I also noticed that around the same time, even my core challenges stopped updating.
    (e.g.: My Harvest Time sickle kills are staying at 0/100 and my Rise Up is staying at 9/10 although I have maxed out infamy level yesterday.)

  • Haggy51
    57 posts

    I also am not getting credit for any of the Ubisoft Connect challenges this week (they started on 24 March, 2022). Not for the drinking game, Long Sword or Raven kills, or even winning Orlog. I haven't tried a River Raid this time, but I have a feeling it will be the same.
    I know y'all are busy, but it would be nice to know that someone is working on this. Especially since the Odyssey tattoo is the best of the bunch!
    Playing on fully updated PS5, all game patches installed.

  • Prometheus-CO
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    The weekly challenge issues are becoming more common with this game. I have opened several tickets in the past and tech support is nonexistent not to mention they just copy and paste generic responses then stop responding in hopes you'll just get frustrated and won't pursue the ticket. I really hope a more reputable company would just buy out Ubisoft and FIRE every single worthless employee that works for Ubisoft. This game has gotten ridiculous over the years and on a decline in my opinion. Moreover, Reda's shop is a joke and full of ornaments rather than useful gear or things that have been on before. Ubisoft makes sure you don't complete a set and buy their microtransactions.

  • AnGeLLx
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    Same problem here.. None of the Ubisoft connect challenges are working.

    Please fix this ASAP ubisoft

  • a1002599829
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    @thenorfolkian not only challenge but also game data static are not updateing,i dont konw why ubisoft connect has too many bug.....

  • Sir_Beezalot
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    Same problem with challenges, no stats are updating. Xbox One Series X. I haven’t seen any replies from devs

  • RatherBeSailing
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    Same here as well. Won the dice and drinking games, killed well over 50 people with the long sword, ran two River Raids both taking down several locations until I gained 600 items, etc. Nothing is updating. I backed out of the game, restarted my computer and still it's not updating anything.

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