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  • Why they should bring back the 2019 version of the game - All of the missing content in the new version

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    @OldTokken24 Weird. I think all these would make the game worse. Even building levels. I still remember original settlers (like TS2) and it was better than most of the others (at least my memories of those old versions are). I think Ubisoft needs to bring something which will win with memories of those who played original settlers (1&2) and not be a better version of TS6 or 7. It is a restart. Simplicity is needed. Then they can improve upon it. But I think they should watch to not make it an RTS game. It should be mostly a cute building with logistic and gorgeous graphic. But some new cool war elements would be useful too, because times changed and players will expect some action (me too).
    The only real change I would like is for buildings to not look so similar to each other within each faction. Ubisoft, don't keep everything in the same style. I know your graphics designers probably has issues with gamers having bad taste but we/I love variety. All buildings looking so similar that it's tough to figure out building's function on the first sight is plain bad game design and it does not sound like settler of my memories.

  • C4ssy5
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    @OldTokken24 Yes, please! This missing features made me so excited for the earlier version of the settlers. So much potential not used currently. I hope they will introduce all this features again. I can't wait for an endless mode on randomly generated map with all this features. Building my settlers kingdomn.

    Please Ubisoft. Take this advice to heart. Will you?

  • Tore_Nydius
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    @OldTokken24 Volker left the team after they changed their mind about vision for this game.

  • TomK1888
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    @OldTokken24 The petition reached after the post about the Alaja Update just over this weekend so many new supporters that the game has now at this point of me writing this post 350 people who back it up. Its unfortunate that so many players already left this project. Imaging they would have known this in the beginning of the year when they showed the version of 2022. It was created back then but shortly after the post of it got closed here in the forum.

    https://www.change.org/p/fans-of-the-settlers-make-the-settlers-great-again: (https://change.org/p/fans-of-the-settlers-make-the-settlers-great-again)

  • C4ssy5
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    @OldTokken24 R.I.P Settlers. It would have been great to have had the version of 2019 but the community was proven right: Ubisoft never intended to make a settlers game. Instead the project was hijacked but some tyrant who desperately wanted to prove his worth. And he failed miserably and the community has to bear the consequences: No settlers.

    But also: No money for Ubisoft. This will have massive consequences for Ubisoft and i would not be surprised when they need to close their doors one final time because of their incompetence. Whoever lets something like this happened what happened here is not competitive enough in the market.

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