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  • SpirantCrayon22
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    @Randelia I think just connecting via whatever platform you're on does what you suggest, or at least it's supposed to do that. Sometimes it works, quite often it does prompt things to occur in the game when returning to it. So the mechanism's already there, it's more that the server bugs out. I think so, anyway, but could be wrong.

  • Randelia
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    @SpirantCrayon22 yah, that is how it looks like. I am thinking about what is different in the transaction @azullFR is describing and a regular server interaction where information is supposed to be exchanged but isn't. That difference, whatever it was, made it work for him that one time.

  • azullFR
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    yes, that's exactly this :
    basic connection to Ubi Connect doesn't do the trick,
    To get an Avenge quest, I need (only on this account) to :
    "receive something" from Ubi Connect
    or, to have a TU update
    or, maybe (must verify this 1 or 2 more times) buying something at Reda shop

    The button is a good idea if it triggers the Avenge quest : this is where Ubi has some investigation to do
    The weekly challenge everyday was a joke suggesting that this type of connection is needed, but I had no idea how this could be done, so I like your button suggestion👍

  • Randelia
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    @azullFR From everything I have read so far it looks like in Ubisoft's code that does the communication exchange when reaching out to the server has a list of conditions the code goes through and checks each if it applies or not. And those conditions are not always handled correctly. That is what Ubisoft-Bug-Investigation needs to look at.

    The code for such a button, if ever implemented, should go through all the steps without checking for the conditions first. Then and only then all the info gets exchanged.

    And all the info needs to be exchanged for all of the stuff to show up: avenge quests, jomsvikings at dock, rewards if your own jomsviking has been hired, update of status of weekly challenges from your console to the server, if any additional opals need to be given to you, etc.

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6361 posts

    Hi Vikings!

    I am currently doing a routine check-up on the megathreads and I can confirm that the issue where players are unable to find any Avenge quests was resolved in Title Update 1.5.3.

    As we have received no reports of this issue since August we will now lock this thread.


    Official Response

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