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  • Ubi-Viral
    2366 posts

    @killorio Hey! How is the game playing for you now?

  • Agent_Ares
    175 posts

    @jimmy_da There are crashes but not all crashes are related.
    This crash is unique from what I experienced to the fact that it first switches to windowed mode - then stalls the game ( as opposed to crashing )
    This particular kind of crash so far I have only seen since last summer

  • SWE_Haddock
    8 posts

    @ubisushivamp I haved disabled Resizable BAR, 4G Decoding and SAM, but it still crashes. I haved also reinstalled the game and drivers. No progress... 😞

  • MassivCrashFest
    111 posts

    @alphatonic unfortunately it's incompetence, laziness, illiteracy, deafness and blindness related so good luck with getting an offline mode.

  • SWE_Haddock
    8 posts

    @agent_ares The game has up until today worked ok, crashes now and again. After the update its has becoming worse.
    Today me screen just went black. Now I cant even play the game. Sometimes it crashes i the start up sequence, sometimes i can play like 30 sec. before it crashes.

    Ryzen 7 5800
    Radeon RX 6800 XT

  • Funlvncriminal
    2 posts

    I just had the same crash as I have always had for for a year now. Crash to windowed mode. Heres where the problem shows itself- It has to be memory leak bug , because i walked away from the computer multiple times during my 3 hr + having the game running but when the crash happened the windowed mode image in the window the very first thing I saw when i logged into 3 hrs prior which would think wouldn't be there after playing that long.
    I have a gtx 2060 with 6g vid memory

  • BigAlboski53
    6 posts

    @nekhebu I think we all can plainly see your build is far below required forget what is recommended lol.

    4 posts

    After reporting with no success and trying almost everything, i decided to keep playing no matterwhat.
    Yes, the game crashes from time to times, even with the overlay from ubisoft launcher deactivated ( this helped a lot), i am on amd 6600 card, and i noticed something, the game crash when it tries to do save game or save state, whatever you want to call it, fill ammo from box (crash sometimes) , grab an item which a leader drop (crash sometimes), after finish any objectives and i assume wants to update and save (crash some times). And i want to add, every time i open the game, the first crash is quick, after i close and open again quickly, it doesnt crash for a long periods of time.

    Would you please fix this already ?.

  • Gniewna
    2 posts

    Constantly Crushing here also. Done all the fixes/work arounds/ Cleared cache etc. This problem is years old but it was never like this. Today i logged in and crush. Run 5 min to side mission crush, fighting some True Sons imagine stall and crush. Its just show that Ubi dont care about any clients its just important that people will but season pass and yeeeeeee we got your coins!

  • ivan3000x
    17 posts

    @mr-t-magnum it didn't help.

  • Jimmy_DA
    50 posts

    @agent_ares Hi, regardless - its still a crash and not acceptable?

    Don't really care how it occurs, it shouldn't be the consumers issue. It's been reported numerous of times and since the games launch and I beleive it's time Ubisoft takes this seriously and stop with the generic responses and actually take heed and acknowledge the game is flawed and problematic for those trying to play on PC

  • Mr.T.Magnum
    179 posts

    @ivan3000x Ok, sry, I play under Win7 64Bit DX11...I see you play under Win10. I heard that issues also could happen sometimes under DX12 but I can't verify atm. Definitely I would set "Game Mode" in Win10 settings to "off", because this feature sometimes crashes other games for me... You could also try, if possible, to forxe DX11 (with "Game Mode" off and Ubisoft Connect Overlay off). Also if you have enough of RAM...pagefile is required.

  • Nazwyn
    2 posts

    The game crashes for me too. Sometimes I can play a full countdown, at other times it crashes after 5 minutes. I also crash/freeze if I stand afk for like 5 minutes in the base. It doesnt matter if I use DX 11 or DX 12.

    But the game have been unstable since launch, so I doubt they will fix anything. It just seem to get worse and worse. It is so annoying, because I would like to play, but I really can't.

    I have tried to lower my fps limit to 30 and is playing in fullscreen windowed. Played 2 hours without a crash. I think that is a personal best for me. 🙂

  • Alaryn81
    1 posts

    I have had the same problems as well. I did manage to at the very least lessen this by using a third party program called "Inteligent Standby List Cleaner". Now it only happens if i have to much running besides the game. Might be something for you as well for in the meantime until ubi manages to fix whatever is causing the freezes.

  • Nazwyn
    2 posts

    The game has been super unstable since launch, and it just get worse and worse.

  • Agent_Ares
    175 posts


    No it means that you need to file a different crash report if it is a different crash.
    The way to solve crashes is to find out the causative factor, not the resulting consequence.

    So the only way to get them fixed is to file the issue in the appropriate place so it makes it easier for developers to isolate the cause of that particular crash to fix it.

  • Jimmy_DA
    50 posts

    @agent_ares How many crash reports do they need? This issue has been ongoing for years now, heaps of people have filed crash reports - even i have and its the same generic response.

    Plus can't file a crash report, as it just freezes in window mode and have to close the application through Task Manager, there is no option of filing a crash report.

  • Sam-Ragga
    1 posts

    Same for me, Game just randomly stops working / freeze

  • Agent_Ares
    175 posts

    @jimmy_da That doesn't help explain the "cause" - it just tells you the result.

    It is like a car manufactuer getting the report "Car crashed - Please Fix"
    Then you are like, "WHY CAR KEEP CRASHING!? I say Car Crash!"

    Reports should include information that can help narrow down the cause.

  • Valkurie
    8 posts

    @agent_ares So true, I agree the devs need details so they can investigate, however lets just all take a deep breath, we are all frustrated here, I'm no expert or community leader but if we could please just keep posting details of your issue(s) so the devs can get all the information they need to get this resolved 🙂

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