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  • Locked Solved [16 Nov, 2021] [PC] Game crashes when loading due to Fast Travelling, Death or Special Operations following hot fix [Resolved]

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    Well there appeared to be some change to the ubisoft connect client overnight because when I started FC6 this morning I was prompted 3 times to allow ubisoft connect to make changes to my computer. Unfortunately, the crash issue still persists.

  • jev1313
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    @ubi-gizmo Thank you for posting this. Really appreciate it. Please see my recent update I posted about a few minutes ago. More feedback to take to the team. Hopefully it will help.

  • Redacted01
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    I tried to reinstall the game but it's said runtime error now i can't even install the game and it's been a week now and i missed the special operation event as well is there anyway i can refund this?

  • richardyling
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    set Ubisoft offline, then it will be ok. Hope the hot fix coming soon.

  • Tex_Hexonian
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    @ubi-gizmo not really helpful. As mentioned i bought the game to play it coop, together with friends. I rarely ever buy single player games anymore. So switching it to offline absolutely defeats the purpose i got it for.

  • Danihell2018
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    I learned that you can't take Ubisof games seriously. If you want to play occasionally, download the torrent version. There it is working perfectly.

  • Kkat.
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    @ubi-gizmo Thank you for the update. It is good to hear from Ubisoft on this matter

    As for the "Ingenious" challenge, it did not update when returning to online mode. I took your advice and have submitted a case, including screenshots of Ubisoft Connect showing the challenge sitting at 10/11 alongside the completed "Supremacy" Yaran Story (which is the in-game quest to do exactly the same thing) as well as my inventory with 11 Resolver weapons.

  • WindCourser
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    Same is happening to me

  • Kryptos2007
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    This has gone on long enough Ubisoft!!! If you're not going to fix this crap, I want a freakin refund. I do not want another game like Cyberpunk 2077 because this is going just like Cyberpunk or don't you give a s*#t about this!?

  • Kkat.
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    @kryptos2007 Dude, chill a little. We're all frustrated by this. But Ubisoft posted here again just yesterday, assuring us know they are working on it. And there is a work-around. Granted, it doesn't allow us everything we should be able to access, and it isn't helpful to people only interested in co-op. But it isn't nothing. And Ubisoft is informing people about the work-around despite its potential (if probably negligible) impact on their profits.

  • Highwind1982
    3 posts

    same here,absolutely something wrong with the bundles in the stores,and causing all the troubles

  • tlr_87
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    @ubi-gizmo  @highwind1982 you may be on to something there I can't access the Far Cry Credits part in the in game store.


  • medavroog
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    Any news on the ETA of the fix ?
    ... set the client to offline really isn't a fix: in so doing, I cannot access "challenges" nor the "special ops" of which in turn lock me out of the rewards ( and the weekly count-down is ticking day-by-day ) .

  • ville1979
    1 posts

    I bought the game last weekend, for me the game hasn't launched even once. Really annoying.

  • BushLiu1995
    8 posts

    plz fix this. It is very annoying.

  • Faxanadonuts
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    @ubi-gizmo Thanks for the response. I play on Xbox series X so setting it to offline I’m not sure will work but I’ll try that out. With it hanging at the load screen every few loads makes it pretty much unplayable special operations.

  • Roy_is_the_name
    1 posts

    I tried all the potential solutions to fix it none of them worked, for me it still happens, hopefully we get a patch soon as i don't want to lose my currect save.
    Platform: PC

  • Faxanadonuts
    14 posts

    @ubi-gizmo I tried but I can’t play special operations on Xbox without having Ubisoft connect online. This is pretty much unplayable with it crapping out every 2-3 loads. You basically only have 2 lives on every special operation no matter what difficulty. My last try it crashed after 1 life!!!!!!!!!!! These levels are so difficult even without the bug. Its very very frustrating having more than half your lives disappear. Especially because every time it happens the only way to get Far Cry 6 to work again is to hard reset the Xbox. It’s almost a perfect storm bug. Ak! Hopefully it is fixed soon. Thanks.

  • WildHunt
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    Something else I have noticed is the game crashes whenever I claim something off Ubisoft Connect. I can easily recreate the issue, first I claimed the free resources and the game crashed as soon as I returned to it from the Ubisoft Rewards menu. The second time I claimed last week's community challenge reward from the Challenges, the same thing happened; it crashed as soon as I returned to the game from the Challenges menu. Could this be something to do with the Beta thing on Ubisoft connect? I just noticed that today.

    Edit: Actually, just tested this and the game crashes whenever you return from the Ubisoft Connect menu, you don't have to claim anything there.

  • Vladd1983
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    @ubi-thrupney (POSSIBLE TEMPORAL SOLUTION) Hello. I have the same issue, i can do fast travel and load properly only when i am disconnected from Ubisoft Connect. When i am connected, fast travel and load after death or mission fail causes the game crash and exit to desktop, but when i disconnect i can play without this crashes. The problem is that playing disconnected blocks the access to the vehicles purchased in the game store, and i cant access to the operations. I have done everything on the troubleshooting guide, but the problem persist when i finish the first island. Please, you must check it, it seems to be a problem with the Ubisoft servers. Thanks.

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