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  • MGrossB
    1 posts

    @ubi-viral Are there any news? can't play since 5 days (PS5, German version) - that is unacceptable 😞

  • KopfSmertZz
    87 posts

    @septiva69 Thanks for the tip, this works for me! I swapped all my weapons and back again, and not change the firerate, now the weapons wheel is working properly again. Hopefully this bug will be recognized and fixed soon because I do not like to use full auto weapons

  • rabidturtle69
    1 posts


    This problem has made its way to the PC as well. I use a controller to play the game, and when the problem starts happening with the freak out of the weapons wheel, the only way i know how to fix it is by using the number to manually cycle through all the selection options. Once i have cycled through all the options it goes away temporally but the problem comes back. it is very annoying during firefights. I have only noticed the problem after this last update. Today's date is 8 november 2021

  • Ubi-Gizmo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2297 posts

    Hey there @mgrossb, I'm afraid currently we don't have updates regarding this. I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused and I want to assure you that when we have further updates regarding this, we will update this thread. Should you have further questions regarding this or anything else, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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  • stumpy676421390
    1 posts

    So I've noticed that occasionally when I open up the weapon wheel, it glitches and makes it almost impossible to holster my gun, call for a car, etc. I've contacted support, but unfortunately the things they suggested did not work. Hopefully it has been sent to the appropriate department.
    In the meantime, I think if you go to the arsenal menu and select a new gun, it temporarily allows the wheel to work. Not sure how long it will last though.

  • AndrewB610
    11 posts

    For those saying you need to swap out all of the weapons from the wheel, I can say from experience that you only need to swap out weapons that don't have a single set fire type. Also, the workaround I had of swapping weapons back with Y on XBox works to fix it only when one or both of the weapons have variable firing types.

  • AndrewB610
    11 posts

    PS might be different because of the haptic feedback they have that isn't present in the same form as in XBox. The bug might reside in that section of the code based on everything I've been reading from other people on this issue but my best guess is that it resides in the source code responsible for how the firing type interacts with the weapon wheel.

  • TalinHawk
    2 posts

    I have 2 saves I play, 1 as male and the other is female. I have the weapon wheel issue on the male character only. Very frustraing because it makes it hard to complete things when you can't access the right weapon.

  • RoekanAvallach
    3 posts

    @screamhamster A quick fix for PC players (that my wife discovered) is to simply hit the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 on the keyboard - I do it in that order. Following hitting the numbers on the keyboard the wheel works again...until you fast travel somewhere; then you need to hit the numbers again for the wheel to work correctly. If you don't fast travel or zone anywhere the wheel will continue to work after the initial hitting of the numbers. To clarify the numbers on your keyboard specifically mapped for selecting different weapons.

    Hope it helps,

  • Gotada
    1 posts
    Every time I try to select a different weapon or change weapons, depending on the type of situation the weapon selector does not stay fixed and does not allow me to change weapons, in the gesture selector this does not happen, I hope that in a next update it will fix because then there is no one who enjoys the game.

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  • UbiSushiVamp
    Community Representative 1138 posts

    Hello, @stumpy676421390! I am sorry to hear about the weapon wheel issue you have encountered while playing Far Cry 6. Our teams are aware of an issue with the weapon wheel and are working towards a solution. In the meantime, could you please provide me with a short clip of this occurring? Thank you!

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  • cskiller86
    109 posts

    @stumpy676421390 Issue seems to only occur if you have any weapon that has a variable firerate. So, if you replace those weapons, you should be fine.

  • Ubi-Thrupney
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3437 posts

    Thanks for your insights there, @cskiller86 - we really appreciate it!

    @stumpy676421390 , if you're unable to make a video for us, it'd instead be really useful if you could further elaborate on the issue for us - what happens when you try to select a weapon? Just to double-check that this is the same issue we're investigating, or if we need to highlight something new to our teams. Thanks so much for your help 🙂

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  • Sakura.Sato
    6 posts

    @ubi-thrupney It seems to be working fine now. I don't know what exactly changed. If it comes back, I will post.

  • I1nk
    1 posts

    This happened to me too on the Xbox series X. But I also lost one of my microtransaction items too. (Putting it here in case someone else had that happen to them too.)
    The issue about the not being able to select items seemed to fix itself.

    I did already put in a support ticket and they answered about the missing micro transaction item. (Sadly it seems that it has been eaten by the bug)

  • Ubi-Gizmo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2297 posts

    Hey there @gotada, sorry to hear this. Could you please first go through this technical troubleshooting article for me ensuring you have completed all of the steps? These steps can help rule out many of the common causes for technical-related issues. 

    Once you have completed all of the troubleshooting steps, and if the issue persists, can you please provide a short video for us demonstrating this? You could share this with us either through the thread or via a file-sharing website. Should you have further questions regarding this or anything else, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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  • Goresh_14
    14 posts

    @ubi-gizmo a link to this article would be helpful.

  • Law-II
    160 posts

    PC effected here:
    https://mega.nz/file/v3BVVQ5I#rfC1GjJ3v1uV6FG6va4H_-YiMJRw2bqX3FSORZq-aS4: (https://mega.nz/file/v3BVVQ5I#rfC1GjJ3v1uV6FG6va4H_-YiMJRw2bqX3FSORZq-aS4)
    Note: This occurred after a crocodile attack switching from URUSHI rifle and trying to go fishing
    Location: as screenshot

    Note: This video will only be available for a limited time

    GPU processor: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
    Driver version: 496.49
    Driver Type: DCH
    Direct3D feature level: 12_1

    Title Update 2 Deployment Nov 3rd 2021
    Edition Windows 10 Pro
    Version 21H1
    OS build 19043.1288
    Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0

    Game files Verified as fine / ok and Ubisoft Connect run as admin

  • Sgt.HackBraten
    1 posts

    It has been more than a week now that issue appears the first time on Xbox One S.
    Some posts by users with work arounds, some suggestions for temporary fixes but no real solution to fix it.
    The troubleshooting routines are not that helpful at all. The only thing that can help is a patch by ubi to fix that. For a hotfix its already too late, lol.
    So i would appreciate it when someone could tell me if that issue is taken serious by ubisoft or if i can start playing some other games for the rest of the years, instead of hoping for an update every day.

  • cskiller86
    109 posts

    @gotada Already a megathread here: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/116618/tu2-unable-to-select-weapon-via-the-weapon-wheel-post-here?lang=en-US&page=1

    As a temporary workaround, remove any weapon that has a variable firerate from your loadout.
    My loadout is now the MS16S rifle, the .308 Carbine sniper, either an MP40 SMG or the Recurve Bow and the M9 pistol.
    I never encountered the issue again after I removed my variable firerate weapons (like AK-M rifle or M60 LMG).

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