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  • GuineaTigg
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    For all intestive purpouses yeah it just becomes single player again but with player controled ghosts, i think having 2 seperate modes could also benifit both, as im sure this game will also cater well to kids who have a tendency to launch more controllers than SpaceX has launched satelites when a game dunks on them for unexplained reason's ^^

    but yeah... i like the concept but the execution leaves alot to be desired

    But hey ho this is ubisoft we are talking about, Pretty much the champions of release now fix later but hey atleast they eventually tend to fix things in there game's

  • Yellowraven
    4 posts

    My take on collisions in mass races is this: right now, they seem to be velocity-oriented; the harder you get hit, the bigger the impact is on your trajectory. This might seem well enough on a surface-level, and this probably worked very well in playtesting where you would play on a low latency, dedicated network. However playing this with ping has the effect that if other players positions are slow to update, or lags behind, these other players (from your perspective) will not blink/warp to the new position but get "boosted" by the client towards their updated position. This creates an absurdly high velocity which completely knocks you off course. It seemed random before but this is the pattern that I've seen and it creates a disadvantage for players with worse network connection.

    My opinion on this is, keep collisions, but the impact/force put on the player should be static and not depending on physics. It should be equal and in opposite directions for the two players involved. This would at least level the playing field.

  • Aarongamma6
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    It should have collision, but in it's current state it's not worth it.

    The netcode is so awful it's just bouncing people around. I can't do anything near people because it just launches me off into a tree, and it's just not fun. I'm not taking it seriously, but getting netcode launched off the course is not fun. And I don't mean people hit me off like in a normal way. I mean they instantly launch themselves 3 inches to the left or right and the velocity in which it happens completely knocks me 90 degrees to the left or right. It's just ruining the fun entirely because it's not working as intended.

    They need to fix the collision itself and/or netcode, and if they can't then it needs to be removed.

  • K-reth
    6 posts

    After today's patch, collisions are still frustrating and unfair.

    Still get put to a full stop when someone cross your path.

    Still getting bumped to the moon from player teleporting left and right cuz they have low connection.

    Still need a major improvement. Maybe disable it for a time....

  • Pavel_530
    7 posts

    i've played the game and i stream on youtube.
    I can tell you that for the first month you bet your bacon you will get frustrated with the game and blaming the engineers or developers wont make the 1 month "break in" speed up. Just play the game would ya and get better and complain after you are better. I tell you what, after 1 month, i'm better.

  • BasicLeeJanie
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    This post is deleted!
  • Nekhebu
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    @pavel_530 Time has nothing to do with it. I've been doing mass races lately to see how competitive I am now that I have elites in all specializations and it's no better than it was. I've not been stopped dead in my tracks but that was never my main issue. It was the constant bumping left and right and slowing you down if you get surrounded by a crowd of other players. I can't count how many times I'd lose 30-40 positions just because some random dude came back onto the track and sideswiped me into a tree or past a checkpoint.

  • okay_whatever
    16 posts

    The collisions make the controls feel choppy and erratic. Especially on my slower PS4. I'd do without some particles and features for the holy grail of stability.

  • Zoomjah
    9 posts

    Collisions in the mass races are neat concept for a little more "realism", but far too often I'm thinking: "Hey a mass race, cool, let me just full sprint with my bike in the beginning in the very middle of this pack and... oh would you look at that I'm in last place rammed into this fence because of something completely outside of my control." - sigh-

    And then there are other times where I'm like I'll try ramming someone else for a bit of sport. Their bike doesn't move or more likely runs even smoother than mine. Meanwhile the second I get rammed by one person I'm flying 10 feet off the course and have to backtrack... Like... what?

    30 posts

    @clutchlordzukes yep, Mass races should be non-contact. Hell, the whole game should be. There’s no reason I need to touch other players, just make us all like the ghosts.

  • PhumeleleSJose
    4 posts

    They're really not as fun as they were in beta or on day 1. They're just stressful to me now. Players bumping or falling in the middle of the track and sending me flying. It's just [censored] annoying and wears on me after a while.
    Lv2000 players, with nothing else to do all week apparently, completely dominate the races. It's like mass races are just between the tryhards who no-lifed the game and got all the endgame gear already, and the rest of us are just set dressing.
    Collisions need to trigger invincibility frames after a while, and gear should be normalized across the board. I'm thinking I should just avoid them unless I have a contract for one now. They're quickly becoming more of a chore than exciting to do imo. Something needs to be done.

  • Flo310201
    31 posts

    @phumelelesjose I absolutely agreed to the points you made there. Ubisoft really needs to fix some things here. The top five are usually all players with 900 equipment. They don't win because of skill but because they grinded their way to the superior equipment.

  • Edward4562022
    5 posts

    I love them. Sometimes I'll get an early lead and stay in 1st the whole race. Other times I'll get smacked around and finish in 16th. The uncertainty of the chaos makes it fun to me.
    My favorite mass race so far was one last night where I was in a 3 way battle for first and all 3 of were less than 100 milliseconds apart. I came in 3rd overall, but it was a blast. And on the victory screen, all 3 of us had the T pose emote, which was hilarious to me.
    If you focus only on winning, then yeah, it can tilt you. There's a lot that can go wrong with that many people in one race. But it's fun if you embrace the chaos.

  • Flo310201
    31 posts

    @edward4562022 A little chaos would be ok but the frustrating bit is when you get smacked around so much that you are thrown out of the track and miss checkpoints because of that and need to backtrack. Those collisions where you are smacked 15 meters to the side are just too random and not fun at all - even when the focus is not winning but having a nice and fun race.

    88 posts

    Hi all.
    I just wanted to add I am also not a fan of Mass Races collisions and needs to be discussed by devs again as from my experience it is now become a 'Battle Royale' lol or maybe I missed somewhere that this was a Death Race - maybe could add that as option? lol.

    A small bump here and there which would slow the bumped players down would be no problem for me and feel more "realistic" as when I used to Triathlon and Cross Country IRL there would be some accidental bumping, but more often than not when people talk about "realism" in regards to this game it is far from it! When you are in competitive races like this IRL you would normally - or maybe I am just too old and stuck in my ways - show some respect and sportsmanship and let a player who is obviously going to pass you, PASS YOU, but nope...not in this game as the collisions are right now.

    At this moment the collisions are still an absolute mess in my honest opinion, other players are getting angry and then just harass you for the rest of the race, I do not understand this mentality.

    Then there are the Elite type players and teams who have 5 figures stars all Elite gear and win before you get 75% of the race, but I think this is due to bad matchmaking, these players need to have people to compete against at their level as they must be so frustrated. Although I have found these players do not bother others so I do not mind these.
    When I have to do mass races for Shackdaddy Weekly I just chill out let everyone go and fight it out, I have found others just gave up and quit, some stand still to which I walk with them or fly/bike/ski along side them to try not to get them to quit.

    I have tried the GO FULL SPEED AHEAD, the fight back, the chill "hey lets all walk this together for a laugh" tactics and honestly I just now chill and take my time unless there's only a few in race, then I follow the leader depending on there level and gear.

    The collisions I personally think need to be deeply discussed or as some has already mentioned (I apologise I forget the names) 2 modes.. Collision on and Collision off as MASS RACE implies (to me anyway).
    Matchmaking in this mode is very poor, I see players who just started out put up against Elite 5 figure stars with all Elite gear and then the 'Battle Royale' players who want to give the new players hard time and basically bash them till they quit and it is just so very disappointing.

    Since the beginning, early testers/betas we have been saying this constantly and though changes have happened, this seems to be getting worse.

    I hope you all can have fun with other modes 👍


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