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  • vahndaar
    130 posts

    So I've played a bit further into the game and this continues to be pretty much the only main annoyance I have, so far everything else is excellent.

    Recently my main irritation has been with respawning hostile animals, I'll constantly get swarmed by coyotes and mongeese that I've just taken care of. I'll constantly be attacked from behind as they respawn. Also I've been killed by a sniper who respawned behind me and shot me moments after I'd taken him down.

    It seems that respawning is completely distance based and not time based.

    There are a couple of ways to resolve these issues:

    • Make respawns time based - one in game day should be sufficient to make progress
    • Allow the player to clear all enemy locations - this gives a feeling of progression in the world and rewards player actions. As it stands it's confusing which things can and cannot be cleared.

    Now, I know the main worry here is that the game world will become empty and it's something Ubi has been obsessed with of late - I've talked at length about this in games such as AC and Breakpoint - but the problem is that it makes the world static and unaffected by player actions. However for most this simply isn't the case: This called world progression and is something that previous Far Cry games had, clearing areas resulted in reduced enemy presence to the point where entire areas could be cleared. This wasn't boring or empty it was rewarding for struggling through challenging areas and seeing a persistent player impact on the world. For myself the most satisfying aspect of the game is when it acknowledges that I've cleared an area and then rewards the player for doing it well and then being able to observe a persistent impact on the world. Furthermore, there are diminishing returns returning to the same areas to clear them over and over other than to practice or improve their ability to do so, in fact this repetition for most is a sense of great frustration that their actions are meaningless and pointless - even more so when you run 50 yards and the enemies you took the effort to take out are back again. Most players will tackle a location once, be satisfied with how they did and move onto the next location.

    Far Cry 5 also offered the ability to manually allow the player to respawn enemy bases at their leisure, giving them control over how populated or challenging the world was - would strongly suggest providing that option here.

    And if the world is completely captured and there are no longer any enemies then guess what - the player can start the game over and clear it all again. Games need to have an ending; a sense of closure or completion where the player can look over what they've achieved and the impact they've had.

    Anyway, rant over, like I said the game is otherwise excellent and IMO one of the strongest entries - except in the areas mentioned above where it is arguably one of the weakest (it actually echoes FarCry 2 which I couldn't get into purely because of the respawning enemies).

    2 posts

    How tf this went through QA???
    Game is fkin unplayable for me, enemies respawn at camps when you turn around!!!!!!!

  • Is1andBob
    1 posts

    This really breaks the game, not sure how the designers and testers thought this was fun or even a good idea.
    Maybe someone tweaked it at the last minute and thought they were dealing in seconds rather than nano seconds and didn't test it, definitely feels like a last minute blunder.
    If it wasn't for this this would be an excellent game, really enjoying the rest of the gameplay and narrative, but this really is a major issue for me.

  • ivyfoos
    6 posts

    It's as if they forgot that a lot of us enjoy the stealth approach. Now it's just chaos for chaos sake. It doesn't even feel like a FC game anymore. I can not convey the level of disappointment I feel.

  • hralex1951
    242 posts

    I don't understand this. How do you clear a base if the enemies keep respawning? Or is base or stronghold clearing not in the game? Or is it limited to missions where you don't have to clear the area? It sounds like a throwback to FC2. I am waiting for the dust to settle before buying but I do not think I will.

  • Sausbert
    18 posts

    Yes this needs to be fixed ASAP. It’s absolutely game breaking. I love the game, but I’m gonna wait until a patch comes out. If not I’m returning it.

  • RamMalc
    2 posts

    @porta86 I had exactly the same issue , scoped a sniper and killed with headshot , rotated 360 and he was back , killed again and did same . Six times !!! was only taking literally 10 seconds to respawn . Made the mission virtually impossible except for a Zuluesque charge at the defenders

  • JOPH13L
    1 posts

    Is it me or do enemies respawn far to quickly in this game. FarCry 5 was bad for respawning enemies if you moved 100 meters from where you killed them. But FarCry 6.....wow. moved 10 feet on one mission turned around and they had all respawned and killed me instantly......UbiSoft, please fix the spawning.....

  • KeyF0rerunner
    1 posts

    Literally made an account just to add my voice to this issue.
    I agree with the respawns being ridiculous! I’m doing the ”Cache Money” treasure hunt and everytime I eliminate the two guards, they spawn in the parking lot only 30ft away or so.

    I’m also annoyed with the fact that I can enter a Trespass Zone completely undetected, yet somehow, within a minute or so, I have soldiers sprinting straight for my location. I’ve even died inside the zone, respawned inside said zone, and then had soldiers already running towards me. I know they didn’t spot me, because there are normal patrols going on that have no idea where I am, but there somehow seems to be some sort of hunter killer, elite, telepathic squad that knows exactly where I am. Makes stealth impossible

    Perfect example would be the Cache Money mission again, I take out the two guards and when they respawn, they’re already sprinting directly for me.

    I know there’s a thread already for this, but everytime I try to add anything to it, it just asks me to sign in even though I’m already signed into my account.

  • Jakeo10
    24 posts


    Yep...this is ruining the gameplay for me. I've stopped playing until it's fixed. Can't believe they let the game launch with this issue present. Someone must have made a last minute edit and no one tested gameplay.

    Ugh. This is why I rarely play games at launch.

  • FireIce38
    33 posts

    I just want you guys to know, when you fix this, I don't want you to turn the game into a wasteland like in Far Cry 5.

    In Far Cry 5, there was basically no one to fight anymore after you liberated a region which takes the fun out of the game.

    PLEASE PLEASE don't nerf enemy spawns to that point!

  • DutchRudderFTW
    6 posts

    @fireice38 They should just just give players the option to manually respawn checkpoints if they so wish just like a lot of people are saying on here. Then the game can cater for both sides of the fence. Those that don't like the more emptier feel can manually respawn areas and those that prefer cleared areas to stay clear can have that too.

  • Ingvark226
    27 posts

    @joph13l Just right away now  i have spotted same issue and i must admit that too. Ubi rethink this strange respawn distance please

  • Sausbert
    18 posts

    Yes and there’s already a major thread about it.

  • Sausbert
    18 posts

    @fireice38 They can just let you manually respawn outposts or let outposts be randomly attacked. It’s not that complicated.

  • viggenras
    10 posts

    i hope this get`s fixed soon but i don`t think it will be...so putting this game on the shelf for now...and honestly i do not mind doing so...this has so far been the least fun far cry game in years even though i have not made it to far. I mean supressors stop working after just a few rounds??...they tried this feature in sniper ghost warrior 3 but this was no longer part of the rest of the series so i guess it was not very popular and now far cry tries to do a similar thing and for me it is again a failure.

  • Sausbert
    18 posts

    @viggenras Well they said the team is aware and investigating. So why wouldn't they fix it? I mean outpost clearing is a Far Cry mechanic, isn't it? It's impossible right now.

  • viggenras
    10 posts


    i din`t say that they wouln`t fix it...i said i do not expect it to happen anytime soon

  • FoxFort.
    4 posts

    Really annoying, I turn away and poof whole camp just respawned. It's not like I moved 100m away, i just rotate and they spawn behind you. Ah come on. What the heck...

  • Sausbert
    18 posts

    @viggenras Yeah but why do you think that? There was a stutter issue on PS5 in Immortal Fenyx Rising and that was fixed in the first week.

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