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  • Sir_0v3rk1ll
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    I like the game but its buggy in the sense that enemies keep respawning and the game is too easy. we need a hardcore setting

  • GameGuru2018
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    This post is deleted!
  • GameGuru2018
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  • p.i.n.o.u
    11 posts

    Avant toutes choses bravo à toute l’équipe du jeu. Sincèrement ce jeu est une dinguerie, les persos, les dialogues, le son, les doubleurs, les graphismes, les paramétrages, le choix du héros homme ou femme, les armes il n’y a pas grand chose à jeter. Par contre pour en avoir parler avec beaucoup de gens autour de moi, on n’est persuadé que la vue à la troisième personne apporte une autre dimension. L’idée que le héros échange avec d’autre dans l’histoire apporte une immersion rafraichissante et franchement ça fait du bien, on fait vraiment parti de ce merveilleux voyage. Et pour finir je joue avec le perso féminin, et pour moi elle envoie du très lourd. Fallout4 propose le choix de jouer à la première ou troisième personne et je crois que ce choix judicieux fait partie intégrante de son succès. Nous faisons le souhait que cela puisse être possible un jour oh mon dieu! j"ai trop envie d’y croire. Merci aux devs de nous donner du rêve, on en a besoin.

  • TheDotard75
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    Worst Far Cry game I’ve ever played. The graphics are decent but ever since the latest update the game is not enjoyable at all.
    There is no audio with exception of gun fire which sounds thin.
    Been a huge fan of Far Cry since Far Cry 2. Always looked forward to playing the games and throughly enjoyed them.
    Far Cry 6 is a huge disappointment. I really hope they patch this mess and redeem this game.

    I would not recommend anyone buy this game, at least not yet. Maybe wait for a price drop because by then they will hopefully have fixed these issues.

  • GameGuru2018
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    Developers, any noise around the game is good. Even negative noise.

    Negative noise is also good.
    Indifference is bad.
    Oblivion is bad.

    If someone hates the game.....let them hate!
    Any fuss around the game is good.

    Don't let people forget about the game.
    Release patches, mods.....Make noise!

    Constantly remind about the game!

  • Res1s7
    6 posts

    Still loving this now I've played a lot longer. One niggle. I was capturing the communications bas with the very tall tower and just before I captured it a Special Forces team was sent in. However I shot the last non-special forces soldier and I still captured the base. I should have had to fight off the Special Forces team first.

  • FaberEsProfundi
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    Pros: The Environment! Give your developers a raise. Every where I look is amazing.
    All the little details you notice, lightning, birds, a spot on the map that looks like a skull.
    Combat, The AI is up to Far Cry standards. Constantly getting flanked.
    The world, IT'S HUGE!
    Tons of guns (you gotta patch some and make them more effective. Example, it shouldn't take 3 missiles to down a chopper, or 6 to stop a tank.)

    You reused bits from FC 5. (example, cover takedown, has the same animation.) there's more but you all know what you reused.
    Bows, every Far Cry you could change ammo on your bow (ie) fire arrows, explosive, regular, on the fly. This having to go to the pause menu and swap bows to one that I have equipped (whatever arrow) is stupid.
    Speaking of pause menu. I like the armor perk system, it's different for Far Cry but having played The Division 2 I get it. Why did you not put in a custom set save?
    Atleast in D2 you could save your build or builds. To access more easily.
    FC6 I have to pause, and change every peace of gear individualy unless I want a full set that you all came up with.
    Again spending way too much time in the pause menu.
    You NEED to have an outpost reset, or new game plus. One would think you learned from FC5 that this is a feature you must have. The insurgencies can be done in 30 min (as mentioned above) End game here I can run spec ops or go to the airport and run around just killing for an hour plus to see how long I can stay alive. (think I am pushing 8k kills currently)

    The story; Not the villain I was hoping for. That Mckay guy had my attention more than Anton. I even went back and played through a second time because I thought I missed something. It just didn't grip me like every other FC villain. (Pagan Min rules!)
    The guns;
    Have you ever shot a gun before? The recoil on some of this stuff is laughable. Does our character have no arm strength..at all?
    The light machine guns bounce all over the place, the rpd looking one goes strait up in the air.
    The cd launcher does NO body dmg, I basically pre ordered the game for this and it does nothing. Unless I am on top of the enemy and I may as well takedown at that point.

    So, having played through 2x in 5 days. Bordering on 100% (because I need one more insurgency to get trophy)
    You all have some serious patching to do.
    I've been a Far Cry fan from the start. I use my vacation whenever a new one comes out.
    Far Cry 6 was a disappointment. ( environmentally/world you guys knocked it outta the park)
    I'll be going back to replaying 4 and 5, even New Dawn.

  • igrvks
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    All in all, I have had a generally positive experience with this game. I am a big fan of "modern far cry" gameplay loop so much of the criticism aimed at this game has not really applied to me. The constant enemy respawning is definitely a issue I would like to see fixed ASAP and I would also like to see a more challenging difficulty option in the future.

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