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  • jackshinobi23
    2 posts

    Do you guys think GTX 1650 might have at chance? Even Far Cry 5 looks 1000x better on it.

  • RMBR
    1 posts

    I'm waiting for a solution to this problem with textures and lighting before purchasing this game.
    I refuse to spend money on broken game on PC only.

  • Kopseer
    6 posts

    Case nr: 15486417.

    Resolution 3440x1440@144hz
    All settings on Ultra
    Anti Aliasing: TAA
    CAS: Enabled

    All other settings for brightness default, resolution scale is 1, no FSR settings are used

  • UbiSushiVamp
    Community Representative 1138 posts

    Hello @LuPf27599! I am sorry to hear that you are having troubles with the textures in the game. Would you be willing to share with me if you have the HD texture pack installed? If so, please try to remove the HD texture pack and then restart your game and let me know if that makes any difference for you with the textures you are noticing!

    Official Response
  • tylikson
    8 posts

    yes, how much can you mock us???no workaround helps

    14 posts

    @jackshinobi23 Yes, my brother is running the game on his laptop with GTX 1650 with high/medium setting at 1080p and getting on average 45 fps but I totally disagree with you about FC5 looking better, FC6 has much more interesting environment and setting than FC5.

  • horris_88
    3 posts

    Ja der Siel restart bringt für kurze Zeit etwas aber wenn du ann wieder ein paar Minuten spielst tritt das gleiche Problem wieder auf, kann ja auch nicht Sinn der sache sein das Spiel alle 20 Minuten neu zu starten

  • Sleezure
    145 posts

    @strelats I think a lot of the "blur" stems from the TAA implementation and also the weird way the engine renders foliage and whatnot: It almost looks like the FC5 version of Dunia adapted FC4's "Fur" system for trees and foliage, which gave it an odd, blurry look much of the time. And since FC6 has much more going on with foliage, that blurriness is even more pronounced here.

    Not a very informed or technical analysis, I admit, but that's what it looks like to my eyes.

  • eppic123
    3 posts

    The issue is potentially broken video memory management. As people have pointed out, the game is reporting a lower memory allocation than, for example, MSI Afterburner. The missing/blurry textures likely start to appear when the physical memory is at full capacity, while the game thinks it still has a couple of gigs unused. This would explain why it works for some after changing/lowering the graphics settings (and by that reloading the textures), installing a different driver (purging the system wide video memory), and why it starts to reappear for some users after a while.

  • GasBock.TAT
    92 posts


    Richtig das kann es nicht sein.

  • eirevin
    7 posts

    @fovway still blurry

  • Croowen
    5 posts


    1. RBAR OFF in BIOS
    2. I instal Nvidia Drivers 496.13
    3. I played for about an hour and I didn't see it blurry textures
    4. seems to be working

    You are great THX

  • CrailJast
    17 posts
    So, friends. Through various experiments, I seem to have discovered what causes blurry textures, even when HD textures are disabled. The problem is the DXR reflections. Try disabling them.


    It seems every day i see someone post this solution, so i will comment on this. DXR in itself is not the issue causing this bug. The reason for this is because it affects both users of high end cards like the RTX series, but also cards that dont even support DXR, and that means for those people that DXR is already off by default. Thus the DXR does not have any influence on this bug in the textures.

    While this might be a help for some (turning of DXR features) it is unfortunately not a cure for everyone.

    Still, thx for your feedback, cause it might still be a part of the larger issue regardless.

  • jackshinobi23
    2 posts

    @strelats I mean the texture bug, I heard even with high end GPUs the textures look like straight outta PS1. I'm also having that bug on 1650 GTX rn

  • Derelici0us
    4 posts

    @ubi-viral Case Number: 15487008
    Images with every video settings in-game with and without HD textures pack installed:

    Do you have FIidelityFX Super Resolution on? and if yes with what settings? : no
    Do you have Fidelity FX CAS on or off? : on

  • kevinsyslo2
    51 posts

    First restart your game.
    Then turn off all dxr and set texture filtering, shadows, geometry and vegetation, environment, water, terrain, and volumetric fog to low.
    Then start a game and your textures should be clear unless your hardware is below minimum specs. Then one at a time and one level at a time raise texture filtering, shadows, geometry and vegetation, environment, water, terrain, and volumetric fog and go back in game and check results by switching between guns and looking for a drop in quality. As soon as you raise one to far past what your hardware can handle you will see the texture of your guns drop when you switch between them. Then go back and drop the last setting one notch and you should be able to play at these settings.
    You may have to restart your game first.

  • Axial_c44
    9 posts

    @gasbock-tat Aktiviert mal FX Super Resolution, sollte dann besser werden

  • Akira1364
    159 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Akira1364
    159 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Akira1364
    159 posts

    @kevinsyslo2 This issue still occurs for people who aren't having any kind of performance problems (like in terms of framerate) with the game at their chosen settings, though.

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