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  • TeckLeo
    6 posts

    The game is painfully easy. It seriously needs an added difficulty mode where soldiers hit harder, spot you faster, and run for the alarm if you don't insta-kill them, miss your shot entirely, or when they discover a dead body.

  • ophtho77
    26 posts

    agreed, a survival or much harder version would be nice. Im about 10 hours into my third playthrough, going to play permadeath, if I die I start over, only way for combat to be interesting. Technically I can almost die once since I got medic supremo (v revive), and also multiple med syringes, that was first thing to get by level 5 along with ss58 assault rifle. Of the few deaths on my second play through, most were from wingsuit, not even going to get that this game. Even if they would "unlock" a survival/very difficult version once you made it through, if they dont want to offer it up front.

  • GameGuru2018
    311 posts

    Far Cry must have only one difficulty setting!

    Closer to reality.
    That's all the game needs.

    We all should play the same game.

  • SquareToShoot
    10 posts

    What I find ridiculous is the amount of bullets needed to take down any enemy. They're flat out bullet sponges, all of the. Even without body armour. What's all that about?

  • ophtho77
    26 posts

    build the guerilla camp highest tier (im just level 5 in my first camp, already have it), just hit trucks/bandido missions/construction sites with needed resource and money via bandidos, then get:
    1) SSgp58 assault rifle with acog/increase damage with aiming/ap rounds = single burst in head = death to any enemy, throughout the game.
    2) ms16L (not s) same loadout with ap = 1 shot death in head to any enemy.
    3) get any lmg load with explosive rounds = death to any helicopter with 1 clip.
    4) rocket launcher for tanks.
    I will have all that before I start any real missions, just scavenge for first few hours. at that point can handle anything. I actually like that you have to go get the "right equipment for the right job" to me makes the game more fun, rather then give you all you need from start. soft rounds/poison rounds and inferior guns and body shots are there for people who like to play with bullet sponge enemies.

  • KrayZee_
    98 posts

    @teckleo They do sound the alarm if they spot dead bodies lying around.

  • TeckLeo
    6 posts

    In my first playthrough, roughly 62 hours, an enemy only triggered an alarm once after spotting a dead body.

  • guydodge
    49 posts

    @topeira1980 your not lying the game is way to easy and its do to the AI damage is way to low.the AI is actually very good in this game
    theres a great variety of easier(dumb),slower,fast,tuff and very smart AI but the damage they deal is a joke.this would be a great game if they just up
    the damage AI deals.

  • ophtho77
    26 posts

    same here, 3rd playthrough, takes too long for them to react, only rarely dead bodies triggered alarm. I like that some alarms hidden inside, but reaction to pulling them needs to be quicker. On ship, they call to their buddy, when they dont answer they meander over to their location and by the time they get their everyone is dead including the one wandering over.

    agreed, need more enemies and more deadly. Some camps only have about 5 enemies. I can use my lmg with explosive rounds and fire at their feet to get more soldiers in (btw they sometimes just stare at you for 2-3 seconds, then run and find cover so I have to shoot at someone elses feet to get them to pull the alarm), but even then just waste everyone in camp including reinforcements with minimal damage to myself. It would be nice if you triggered the alarm for their to be consequences (ie much tougher combat), rather than just more cannon fodder.

  • olalaquebien
    69 posts

    @en9a9e Sorry hadn't seen your post.

    Look. It looks satisfying in the beginning to walk around cleared secotrs, but in the end all you want is to fight

    Thats what FC5 resistance mod will teach you

    Yeah. Naive me who was thinking Ubi would have learnt something from that mod, as for now we got nothing. Not even harder mode

  • TeckLeo
    6 posts


    Seriously, why are you limiting this to only two difficulty settings?! Your current settings are easy and 'a little less easy'. At no point was the main game the least bit challenging. I wanna be punished for making stupid mistakes! I want enemies with 4 health bars at a minimum for the simple minions, 6 for mid level enemies, At least 8 for armored enemies (of which there should be a lot more), and 12 at a bare minimum for boss targets during campaign missions!

    At least give us the option! It's 2021 and you give us 2 difficulty options both of which are near difficulty of a walking simulator once you've cleared a region and gotten some decent weapons.

    Also, why do the special operations/dlc have difficulty levels that far exceed the regular game? The whole premise just seems oddly confusing.

  • olalaquebien
    69 posts

    That's why we need FC5-alike infamous difficulty mode asap.

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