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  • londyntbarron
    2 posts

    I wanted to contribute to the discussion on Linux support for R6S and
    suggest an alternative solution for those who want to continue using
    CentOS 7 despite its EOL:
    (https://tuxcare.com/extended-lifecycle-support/centos-7-extended-support/): (https://tuxcare.com/extended-lifecycle-support/centos-7-extended-support/)) status.
    If you're someone who relies on CentOS 7 for your system, you can still
    receive extended support through third-party providers such as Red Hat,
    CentOS's parent company. This means you can continue to receive
    security updates and other critical patches even after the official EOL
    date has passed. Overall, I think it's important to consider all options
    when it comes to choosing an operating system for gaming, especially if
    you have specific requirements for your system.

  • Nitsuga.
    2 posts

    It amazes me. This has been the most viewed, liked and replied post at Ubisoft forums; yet they still laugh at our faces and don't give a damn about what we want (even though we payed for this dying game). You guys enable 'Division 2' right out of nowhere, which no one asked. And yeah, that should be the case with EVERY game without even being brought up by us. I wish you the worst Bugisoft.

  • nosko_
    4 posts

    Ubisoft please enable BattlEye anti-cheat support for Linux.
    I and many others are looking forward to it.
    Many games are now supported on the Linux platform and have good performance.

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