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  • NastuNoodle
    2 posts

    Why hasnt this happened yet

  • Linux_Support
    18 posts

    Bumping this again.

    4 posts

    So you moved the thread so it is more visible for the Dev Team to see for consideration.
    Can we have any indication if the Dev Team has considered this, and if so what the result and reasoning of their considerations were?

  • SirNik_OdTW
    2 posts

    Linux/Proton enabling would be a based move!
    dont't forget your players and customers; even if it's a smaller group

  • Otto.Motor
    3 posts

    Would be nice to hear from dev team, like are they even considering adding support for Linux? I think they are struggling to keep cheaters under control - linux support would just be another unforeseeable factor, which is probably why it hasn't happened yet.

  • Otto.Motor
    3 posts

    Just wanted to leave that here:

  • rodriiguex.LyNx
    6 posts

    Come on ubisoft, for the new year to announce the support and show that you care about the players

  • Marfnfn
    2 posts

    No Linux support on the y8 roadmap 😞
    I really hope they add this so i can play the game again.

  • CZ_4lien_
    1 posts

    Enable it for my friend please

  • nosko_
    4 posts

    Ubisoft, pls add linux support

  • Svetlana1917
    1 posts

    +1 for Linux support. please add it asap!!

  • dxb_style
    5 posts

    In the world of gaming, there is a team-based shooter,
    Where operators clash, each with unique features.
    Rainbow Six Siege, a game by Ubisoft,
    Is loved by many, with skills that you must unlock.

    But not all can play, due to certain restrictions,
    Those on Linux are left with limited options.
    The game is not supported, it is a shame to see,
    But there is a solution that could set them free.

    Proton is a tool that makes gaming possible,
    It runs Windows games on Linux, it is simply magical.
    Ubisoft should activate this support for R6,
    So Linux gamers can play without any tricks.

    It is not just about reaching a wider audience,
    It is about giving them a chance to experience the suspense.
    To fight in a world of counter-terrorism,
    To learn new tactics and achieve mastery in the game.

    So let is make it happen, Ubisoft, hear our plea,
    Activate Proton support, and let the gamers be free.
    Together we can break down the barriers,
    And make Rainbow Six Siege accessible for all players.

    this was made by chatgpt with the prompt "write a poem about why ubisoft should activate proton support for R6"

    So listen to it and activate Proton support

  • sweetkxx
    1 posts

    +1, linux support is very needed. the community has already tested the singleplayer modes of the game and concluded that the game is already ready to support linux. just the anti cheat support has to be enabled. it's not even worse performance or security wise on linux since battleye integrates and maintains a connection to the compatibility layer for their support, this makes it very well supported even on linux. please just enable it.

  • Marfnfn
    2 posts

    @dxb_style If this poem wont convince them, then nothing else will

  • crsorsmth
    2 posts

    @Ubi-Viral Hey I know that I am late to the party, but +1 for Linux support!

  • LelaxLp
    1 posts

    Apex Legends barely runs 100fps wqhd on windows for me;
    I get more stable frames on Debian Linux then in Windows.
    Respawn getting their anti-cheat to support Linux increased their reputation tenfold.
    Really looking foreward to a single OS machine in a couple of years 🙂

  • miss_barfin
    1 posts

    any news on this? I'm still waiting even after these years 😞

  • Stack-Overflow
    3 posts

    This is proof that Ubi doesn't care about the game and knows its dying. Enabling that Battleye for proton support would probably boost the player count by +10% (at least temporarily).

  • NetworkablePC
    1 posts

    Bumping this. ik im late but +1 more plea for linux support. I want to abandon Windows altogether ASAP

  • londyntbarron
    2 posts

    I wanted to contribute to the discussion on Linux support for R6S and suggest an alternative solution for those who want to continue using CentOS 7 despite its EOL: (https://tuxcare.com/extended-lifecycle-support/centos-7-extended-support/) status. If you're someone who relies on CentOS 7 for your system, you can still receive extended support through third-party providers such as Red Hat, CentOS's parent company. This means you can continue to receive security updates and other critical patches even after the official EOL date has passed. Overall, I think it's important to consider all options when it comes to choosing an operating system for gaming, especially if you have specific requirements for your system.   

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