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  • ThotRemover
    12 posts

    I fully switched to Linux, so you guessed it. You lost one player (and potential buyer).

    This topic is already 21% of the comments on the whole R6 forum. And we were here early, before the Steam Deck was such a success.

    The snowball is only getting bigger. The Steam Deck has a bright future, and I hope Ubi gets left behind. Their own decisions will get them there.

    I had to re-write the post a couple of times because It gets flagged as spam. Is that how you are going to handle this now, Ubi?

  • Chuck_Strut
    1 posts

    Well I use Linux exclusively. I believe I got this game free with my GPU as well as Borderlands 3.
    I have completed the Borderlands 3 game and I quite liked it I then bought all the add-ons.
    I am not a gamer at all. However I would like to buy some more games be feel i should first finish the ones I have first.
    I tried to get Rainbow Six Siege to work again because there has been lots of improvements in the last few years with proton.
    Gave it a try and still did not work. Apprently BattlEye can be used with Linux and can be enabled with minimal work.

    1. Why has it not been done yet.
    2. When can we expect it to work.
  • Garlic_Kasparov
    3 posts

    I'm very surprised to come back to this thread, see 47 pages of people agreeing with each other that Linux support should be implemented by Ubi and STILL absolutely NOTHING has been said or done that actually means anything.

    I think at this point it's safe to say Ubi is never going to implement Linux support, which is fine since it's their game. But I am never ever buying any of Ubisoft's rubbish games anymore.

  • R6DeckSupport
    7 posts

    Changed my name to show support for this, and I suggest others do the same.

    Doubt it'd do anything, but, hell, if one of us gets in a match with a large content creator or an actual developer, that might be more likely to start change rather than just only being in the eyes of the community managers who have been ignored by the devs for more than a year now.

  • LeHoax
    5 posts

    Ubi, let us play with Proton or at least allow us to play in a Windows VM. I will not switch to Windows because of 1 game, even if it's one of the best. Do we really have to wait until the game is so unpopular that you look for new platforms and players?

  • Mishu_
    1 posts

    I want the supp for the R6 too, want to play again

  • BasilYes
    1 posts

    Let us play R6 again, on linux

  • WhoTookMuhBread
    1 posts

    This thread has 48 pages already, so i'm genuinely not sure what kind of nudge they need to make this work. The work is laid out for them

  • ModernWayfair
    1 posts

    I'm boycotting all future Ubisoft titles until you enable BattleEye Proton support here. Thanks!

  • xStarxFox
    1 posts

    Please Ubi, jump on and support the linux community and make your games playable on linux.

    The "year of the Linux Desktop" will come, YOU will miss the opportunity and lose player and buyer.

    Time to overthink your strategy !

  • TreidenX
    2 posts

    Enable Linux support for R6 Siege, normal companies have done this for a long time.

  • StoneMoe
    1 posts

    This thread is impressive.

    Just got my new Steam Deck today, and find out I can't play r6s on it,
    just because of ubi choose not to move forward one step.

    ok cool.
    Steam deck is cool, not ubisoft.

  • hosszufasz69420
    1 posts

    @Ubi-Viral I just wanna say that I'm very much in favor of Proton support, for the record and to add another comment :3

  • josuraki
    2 posts

    Its been a year since i posted here, requesting you to fix this game to work with Proton. Imagine all the skins the 900+ people replying to this and thousands of people viewing this post would have bought. I know Ubisoft is a big company, but this is literally your business model. You sell games and then you sell more stuff inside those games to make real profit. If people cant buy your skins because they cant play the game then you loose profit. Simple as that.

  • Rekt3y
    1 posts

    I swear Ubisoft, y'all are a bunch of morons not enabling anticheat on Linux. You're losing out on a lot of money, and you can't really afford to lose money right around now if the rumors are true.

  • wondeRellahh
    1 posts

    Please add linux support to R6S. Please please please. I want to switch linux so badly but this game is important to me.

  • dxb_style
    5 posts

    Ubi c'mon do us a nice christmas present and enable Proton anti-cheat support. I would love to play this toxic [censored] game again on Pc and on my Steamdeck alike.

  • rodriiguex.LyNx
    6 posts

    Ubisoft is one more company that only cares about money, the community and people's comments don't care, with this I realize how little Ubisoft cares about the players. This is the thread with the most comments and likes on the forum and even so, Ubisoft doesn't care, come on ubisoft do something right, activate battle eye support, the rest is taken care of by the community

  • Rockpie_
    1 posts

    Also voicing my support for Linux support. My brother and i put several years into this game on Playstation but now that we have gotten PCs we cannot play our favorite game.

  • bschelst
    2 posts

    it runs perfectly on linux natively , because it was supported on Google stadia (read: that runs linux), so nothing is stopping ubisoft to enable it on linux and or steam deck.
    For the time being i'm not playing it anymore, nor buying new ubisoft games.

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