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  • FafliX
    2 posts
    • What is the name of the trophy(ies) / achievement(s)? - Spelunker and Crypt-ologist
    • What is the platform where the trophy(ies) / achievement(s) are not unlocking? - Ubisoft Connect PC
    • Have you unlocked the trophy(ies) / acheivement(s) previously on another platform? - No

    • If you can provide any images/videos that show the requirements have been met, but that the trophy(ies) / achievement(s) remain locked, this will be helpful for further investigation.

    Screenshots showing the completed tombs and the achievements not unlocking:

  • violence1337
    21 posts
    • @faflix Tombs of the Fallen:
      • Funny thing is, both trophies (Spelunker and Crypt-ologist) auto-unlocked in Ireland after completing a Royal Demand.

  • RobinRobin24099
    9 posts


    I’m having issues unlocking the Kings Maker achievement on Xbox Series X too. I’ve spoken to a few support guys in twitter - sent photos and videos showing the progress tracker and still not getting anywhere with it, currently stuck at 9 out of 10 done, I’ve lost count how many I’ve actually done.

    I’ve also tried unlocking it on Xbox One and still the same issue, apart from the gold medals in mastery challenge this is the last achievement I need, any help would be appreciated.


  • ColdCryo7
    2 posts

    How is this still an issue after 3 updates? @ubi-woofer

    Home Sweet Home
    Orlog Champion

    Both are still unobtainable if you’ve transferred from PS4 to PS5 unless you play the entire game again which I do not have the time to do. When will there be a fix for this? It’s been over a year but we only see dlc or expansion updates and it’s getting frustrating.

  • fade2black_23
    9 posts

    @coldcryo7 Did the "Builder" trophy transfer for you?

  • Ryusennin
    170 posts

    The trophy transfer situation is still the same in 1.4.1, no improvement whatsoever.

    The patch notes indicate that at least King's Maker should be fixed, but it's not clear whether they're talking about unlocking the trophy for the first time or transferring that trophy on another system. I tried unlocking it on PS4 by completing a Royal Demand (I already have the trophy on PC) and it didn't work.


    Another bizarre workaround: the Paris trophy "Bad Bull" (the auroch fight) auto-unlocked while doing a Royal Demand... in Ireland. It happened when I killed a rabid wolf with a yellow life bar in a druid camp. I suppose you can also achieve it anywhere else against a wild animal with that special status (same status as some powerful enemies like the masters-at arms).

  • Phased5ek
    1 posts

    Still no fix for Wrath of the Druids trophies retroactively popping in the latest update (v1.4.1)? Has anyone found a way to manually trigger them yet, much like the Siege of Paris ones? I've run all over the place trying to get some but things like the last snake in Ireland don't appear if killed on the PS4 version then the save game is migrated to PS5. The only ones I've managed to trigger at all after the save migration were Double Trouble (equip two sickles) and Decked Out (equip full Dublin Champion armor set).

    I've tried doing ten Royal Demands in order to trigger King's Maker, but it never popped. Everything else has been completed and cannot be completed again (Trial of the Morrigan trials, Dublin renown, all territories completed, story quests completed, etc).

    This is really frustrating and I really don't have the time to go back and replay things, and really shouldn't have to.

  • fade2black_23
    9 posts

    So I found a save file from before I unlocked the Home Sweet Home trophy on PS4. If I load this save on PS5 and reach level 6 in my settlement will it unlock that trophy as well as the Builder trophy? Does anybody know? For clarification those two trophies have not popped on my PS5 game even though I had unlocked them on PS4.

  • slamFM
    4 posts

    Still no fix for the home sweet home and orlog champion trophy… it does not unlock for me on ps5 with a save file transferred from ps4…

  • AnimusLover
    435 posts

    Guys, Ubisoft is not going to tell you this so I'm going to have to break the bad news: Valhalla does not support auto popping. I know Ubisoft said it does but they're wrong/lying. If your trophies auto pop it is by pure luck. It should be obvious by now given the varying results from players about how auto pop works. I got most of mine to auto pop by doing the last order of the ancients mission (speaking to Alfred) which popped trophies like Completionist All the Way. However, for trophies like Orlog Champion I had to reload a save before getting it. I then had to replay the entire opening act up to doing a raid in England to get the 'first raid in England' trophy. The time spent asking Ubisoft to fix this you might as well be going for the platinum again.

    The best way to get a double platinum is to find save files before the trophy pops and then just transfer the file and do the last action required to pop the trophy. Ever since I realised this I've just been making strategic manual saves before every last action required for the trophy and then just auto popping on PS4 using the cloud save. It's more reliable and not too finicky either.

  • fade2black_23
    9 posts

    @animuslover can I do this using the PS4 version on PS5 or do I actually need to use the PS4 console to play the game?

  • AnimusLover
    435 posts

    @fade2black_23 Yes, you can play the PS4 version on the PS5 console. You don't need the PS4 console to play the PS4 version because Valhalla is backwards compatible. So what you can do is on your PS5 boot up the PS4 version, make a manual save before the last action needed to get the trophy then upload it to Ubisoft's cloud. Perform the action needed to get the trophy. Then boot up the PS5 version, load the cloud manual save and perform the action needed to get the trophy. Voila, double platinum.

    Don't rely on the auto pop feature - this game does not have one despite Ubisoft claiming it does. The definition of an auto-pop is that you can simply boot up the save that has the platinum and all the trophies will just pop. If you're having to perform actions to get the trophies to pop again then that's not an auto pop.

  • Artanamir
    2 posts


    Some of the trophies from Wrath of the Druids did not sync to the PS5 version of the game. They remained like that since the patch that was supposedly had to fix the trophies transfer. I am running the latest versions of the games (both PS4 and PS5) to this date.

    The trophies that no matter what are not syncing are:
    Irish Legend
    King’s Maker
    Dawn of the Druids
    All Roads Lead to Dublin
    Ireland's Deliverance

    Please assist!

  • Valjackal
    4 posts
    @ubi-woofer The last update in this topic was by you on October 20th. 1,5 months have passed since that update and we still have no word on a fix, a workaround of whatever. We have new content, new restructured game (complete new download for future content) but still no fix for an issue that seems easy to fix, seeing other developers doing the exact same thing and having no problems whatsoever.

    It's a shame and quite frankly terrible customer support on the Ubisoft end. It should've been fixed seeing this problem was there as soon as the update was announced (a year ago), there has been no real update since that time, the problem was only placed on the board after update 1.3.0 while it has been there for much much longer.

    An update on this would be the least you guys at Ubisoft could do. Maybe even fix this issue before releasing new content? Especially if you want us to pay for it thorugh another seaon pass (which I am happy to do, the game itself is great now that most major bugs have been patched).

    Tldr: Could you guys please update us on the progress of this issue. It's taking too long and you've been silent for too long. Hope to see a reply very soon.


    They'll just give the same answer they have been, asking for data they should already have mountains of by this point, and to tell us that it's being worked on. I refuse to play another second of this game until they fix this, so I haven't even played the dlc yet, which is unfortunate as I foolishly bought the season pass. I feel like you should probably ensure your base game is working correctly before trying to release more content. But we know it's all about the almighty dollar in the end.

  • WookieSandwich
    7 posts

    Seems like they stopped caring but I'll say it again ;

    Builder, Home Sweet Home and Orlog Champion still unobtainable on a 160h+ safe file. Really discouraging.

  • Ryusennin
    170 posts

    Another achievement mysteriously unlocked from PC to PS4...

    Know What Is Right (complete Francia 100%) — the trophy auto-unlocked when I opened a minor chest during the Rhine river raid... yes, in Francia (at Rheinberg, to be precise).

  • Soul_Slayer98
    26 posts

    @ubi-woofer can we PLEASE get a update on this annoying topic????? You have been quite since two month!!! We deserve it…

  • FilthyDUB
    4 posts

    Just upgraded to a ps5 and the trophies still aren’t syncing. I have gained all trophies through main game, mastery challenges and DLC.

    any update on this? Or work around? Why can’t it just sync over? I will not be replaying certain challenges to gain the trophy, very time consuming. I have already played 256 hours! I am a completionist and would like it to sync correctly.


  • ColdCryo7
    2 posts

    @fade2black_23 yes “Builder” as well considering it’s a pre requisite for “Home Sweet Home”

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