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  • triquetratrip
    Original poster 26 posts

    @ubi-keo Hello Again

    I have tried your suggestion and thank goodness it has worked, thought I would have to start again from May and lose 4 months of game play!
    I still get a lot of stuttering during play and recently noticed Eivor sometimes moves too quick. One moment he's running in the centre of the screen and in a jiffy hes on the right by a tree or building, and you have seen the video I posted for the sound issue of Eivor in the river raids? That kind of thing has happened a few times too
    I like the game but I am still frustrated about the amount of bugs & glitches still around and I have experienced many of them, plus the price I purchased it for. I feel like a tester but paid for the privilage.

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6364 posts

    @triquetratrip Thanks for the update, I'm pleased to hear that my suggestion has worked.

    With regards to the other issues that you mentioned these are known issues that are being investigated.

    We have a megathread for the one where Eivor flies into the air and desynchronises, you can view that here.

    If you experience any further issues please check our megathreads list first as the issue may have already been reported.

    I can only apologise for any bugs that you have encountered whilst playing the game.

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