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  • ScarosZ
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  • ZAV-3
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  • DivisionAgent3
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  • Sock_Monkey
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  • Peter8uk
    194 posts

    The "Play", "Shop", "Explore" top menu headers.

    Feels really in your face too much when you accidentally move your mouse up there.

    Like a flash bang and huge white banner. Wish it was more...discrete.

  • POP_King_Delica
    18 posts

    The forum is straight out unusable on mobile.

  • Quenllian
    2 posts

    Would it be possible to have a category for clan recruitments back (from a clan owner's perspective)?

    PS: Didn't see this being asked yet. I'm not yet overly familiar with this new platform, so I can't really tell if such a category would be suitable.

  • echolecter
    416 posts

    Might be reported already, I didn't go through all the posts but can we get rid of the profile popups when pointer is going over the users icon. I don't need to see this all the time and you can only get rid of it by moving mouse back and forth. And if this is really so important to display at least have it close again after few seconds. I do find this pretty annoying, as with every other popup used on any site.

  • xcel30
    1071 posts

    You guys need a better report system, don't make a dialogue box appear if you can't write on it, i though i had to pick a category to then explain why the report only to have it automatically close and made me unable to explain the report, now i know it will be ignored

  • rukturna
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  • xcel30
    1071 posts
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  • dagrommit
    894 posts

    I have little hope that any of the feedback thus far results in change, but here's another one:

    Restrict number of tags

    This thread is an example where the user spammed every tag on their post even though at least two (ubisoft connect & accessibility) were irrelevant. One platform tag and maybe two others should be sufficient.

  • Ubi-Lucipus
    Community Manager Original poster 198 posts

    I have gone through the posts and removed those that weren't on topic.
    As a reminder, this is a thread to post feedback on the forum itself, its structure and its features. Anything not forum related will be removed.

    We are definitely taking on board your feedback so thank you to those who have and continue to share their thoughts with us 🙂

    Official Response
  • POP_King_Delica
    18 posts

    @ubi-lucipus .. I used to be a regular user of the Division forums .... since the new forum update I'd be lucky to come here once every few weeks. The new forum is so painful to use it is just easier not to.

  • davidhines1
    22 posts

    the new forum software makes it hard to impossible to find what you want, unlike the old. the old forums you could easily find a maintenance note. it appears even moderators cannot find their own since i waited for hours longer than needed today to play division 1: reason? the maintenance notice wasnt sticky, so not where i could see it, and when someone pointed out in another thread about an error it was maintenance day, only then could i find the locked thread about it.

    and the thread wasnt ever updated to say maintenance over. its not even on the first page now, which will have triggered unnecessary reports of servers being down, and errors.

    you should get this fixed so that maintenance for division 1 has a separate thread, and probably make the top sticky a link to division 1 server status - right now we only get to see division 2 server status and i gave up on that game months ago with its locked into ny dlc and awful DZ system (guess they wanted an esport pvp zone so they tried to drop pve and succeeded... but i play division 1 for the dz where pve is viable rather than pvp is unavoidable.)
    unless division 2 changes dramatically to work more like division 1 did, i doubt i will ever need to reinstall it, so the division 2 server status is meaningless to me when i try to find division 1 server status.

    generally these forums look nice. they dont seem to have any logic, and its hard to find anything and too easy to start to reply only to get a warning its an old thread - in which case why warn about necro? why not do what other forums do and not show these threads on the suggested list underneath because they are old? the list under the current thread you read contains lots of old threads. but it looks like it contains similar and current threads which means you will get a lot of thread necromancy going on. that feels like the law of unforseen consequences biting.

    but if you wanted nice looking forums, they're nice looking.
    did i mention how nice they look? disorganised but nice.

  • davidhines1
    22 posts

    @davidhines1 i also want to add it would be nice if the forum didnt randomly and erroneously autoflag my post as spam for zero reason. just being active poster is NOT spam.

  • WrecK3rr
    534 posts

    I'd appreciate if anyone could confirm the best and easiest way to add photos/screenshots into posts.
    I have tried appropriate file sizes and formats yet it still gives a "Unable to process request" error.

  • Aced_100
    493 posts

    Why, why, why? Do I have to login practically every time and get logged out often, sometimes a few times a day, even though that little box that says "Remember Me" is always ticked? It's a darn nuisance, it only happens on this site and none of the others I frequent.


    Is no one watching this thread? It's just typical IMO.

  • AORUS2017
    434 posts


    We need an vote down button👎

  • DCAustin007
    33 posts

    When I click a thread title, it takes me to the bottom of the page, oldest reply. How is this the default setting and how do I change it?

    Note that I stumbled on this thread while browsing the Division 2 forum. I don't even know if it's supposed to be in here or if it's not actually here and the forum magically thinks I want to see it so it showed it to me.
    As I'm sure the community reps know by now this is one of if not the most confusing forum design I've seen in 20+ years of internet use. The only worse one might be the new nvidia forum, that one is really bad.

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