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  • Adrian-11
    897 posts

    OMG! What's happening?!
    I mean, if you wanted to make a bad reveal of a ultra generic shooter, you couldn't do worse than this!
    And naïve me thought R6 Extraction hit the rock bottom of "meh"...
    Yeah, after this I am not even going to try it. I can't find one positive thing about it.

  • Oatiecrumble
    1111 posts

    Game ain't even out and it's already being slated, jeez what is this world coming too.

    For all we know it might be one hell of a fun game, not everything revolves around TD.

  • Adrian-11
    897 posts


    Hey! They wanted me to be influenced and impressed by what they showed and said. That's the whole "reveal" idea.
    Well, they did impress me, just not the way they wanted.

    Just for the record, while I enjoy TD, I played and play a lot of other games that have nothing to do with TD. I am not TD exclusive 😁
    And I have hold reasonable hopes for FC6.

  • xcel30
    1069 posts

    @merphee what kind of weird universe did i fall into where COD requires brain , i did play a fair amount of BF1 amd tried a bit of BFV, man i just couldnt stick to V at all everything felt off in that game. Besides what i really wanted was a fast paced shooter to turn my brain off like COD, this oddly enough reminds me of a really short lived but fun Ghost in the Shell FPS that existed and i kinda miss it

  • Sircowdog1
    77 posts

    The only way I would have been interested in ANOTHING class/hero shooter....is if it would have come along with an announcement of Division 3.

    Who wanted this game? I know the ubisoft execs did because they think jumping on the BR/Warzone/Valorant/whatever bandwagon will get them a giant chunk of free money. But really. What group of players that wasn't already playing Apex/R6S/WZ/OW/Fortnight said to themselves: "You know what? I'm going to stop playing what I'm invested in to jump over to a Tom Clancy version! YEAH!"

    The worst part is that even if this game is widely a failure, it will still make money of the short-attention-span crowd. But it still pisses me off that UBI has developers enough to work on all these games, but somehow we can't get basic bug fixes or even a whisper of an update on Division 2. I %&@&(ing hate development and releases dictated by bean-counters.

  • Merphee
    153 posts

    @xcel30 Honestly, I think CoD always required a brain.

    Not in the literal sense, but more so in regards to avoid the random bs CoD is known to have. Knowing spawns, general map knowledge, predicting spawn flips, knowing frequently used head glitches or camp spots, predicting or watching flanks. It's an inherently competitive environment because it's an arena.

    Compared to Battlefield where goofing off is the formula behind the "only in Battlefield" mantra, since you're playing in a sandbox. And if you're on the receiving end of a "Battlefield moment", it's something worth laughing off because not even you can believe what just happened. Not saying Battlefield can't be competitive, it'll just be highly questionable.

    XDefiant is said to have a short TTK, though, so this may scratch the itch you have.

  • RichardOshea
    167 posts

    As is usually the case for a game some way from release we're gifted a whole lot of words and not a whole lot of information. The few seconds of gameplay shown is also too little to gain much from. What I did note was the developer's overt repetition regarding gunplay and how the game at its core is guns etc etc. They genuinely seemed terrified to mention the skills they have which makes me think they are trying to appeal to a specific type of player, and instead referred to their skills/specials etc as clutch plays.

    Too ealry to say much (ironically) but given what I have seen and heard I'm struggling to differentiate it from 4 other versions of this already on the market.

  • Imagine_Brata
    1084 posts

    The game can be fun as because I'm basically a close quarters combat PvP player.

  • Adrian-11
    897 posts

    I little bit lateral but still related... (also, dunno how long this post will survive...)

    I had the chance to speak to number of people involved in the Heartland test. So, this is 2nd hand information.
    There are two main common themes:

    1. Ubi was flooded with negative response to the game; the most positive reaction is in the range of "Meh...It's okay, I guess...".
    2. Even more concerning for the Ubi peeps keeping an eye on the test is how little time people played before giving up on it, never to start the game again; which would translate in DOA if they decide to go on with it.

    To paraphrase an beloved quote, it might be something or it might be nothing.
    If this is real, then it would explain the silence around Heartland. We may never hear of it again...

  • xcel30
    1069 posts

    @aspoiu I don't think they will sink that ship since it was probably in dev time for a long time, since most of the work is creating assets and maps which appear the case. Engine and mechanics were handled to team that is familiar with it already and from what i remember seeing from div 2 alpha, they will most likely ship this and will not care about delays

  • Adrian-11
    897 posts


    Yeah, that was hyperbole / exaggeration from my side.

  • dagrommit
    Original poster 894 posts
    Some of the assets look straight from Division 2 👀

    I don't care for PvP, but am curious as to how they've remixed some familiar locations to better suit that.

  • Oatiecrumble
    1111 posts
    Some of the assets look straight from Division 2 👀

    I don't care for PvP, but am curious as to how they've remixed some familiar locations to better suit that.

    The music in that video is rather catchy, TD players might even have an advantage over non TD players with the way it's laid out, i'm gonna need it as i'm shi* at PVP 🤣

    Quite looking forward to the game.

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