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    guys best solution is to open sportify Ac Valhalla original game sound track and play , don't wait for Ubisoft this game will be old until they fix it :)).

  • Yesin069
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    I also find the sound quality in Valhalla...strange!

    Since Origins i always put music frequency on high and i would also prefer background music always playing (like in Witcher or older AC titles). But in Valhalla the music gets verry muffled and you barely hear the music when in combat. Also combat encounters in free roam have no music at all which makes them pretty lackluster.

    Ubisoft clearly needs to change something because this seems like a bug. It worked better in Origins and Odyssey.

    But as we know Ubisoft..problems like that will never be fixed. Same with performance. We have to live with it and not buy the next games from them. Just buy them after they proved to listen to the community and care about what we want fixed and what not.

    Nobody said: Please fix XP glitches, but they fixed them pretty fast. The time they spend in fixig those exploits (in a singleplayer game where everybody is free to break his own experience if he/she wants to), should have went into bigger bugs or performance and sound problems.

  • Arraken343
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    Same happening here... 100+ hrous into the game, just thinking the sound design is [censored]. A friend shares his favroutie song from the game. Never heard it before. NEVER. And its supposed to be one of the main ones. I got to the point where in a mission there is a fire and I need to save poeple. No music. Really Ubisoft. Shame on you. 3 months after the release, still happening. This game is absolutely mediocre except on the writing. FIX THIS.

  • BubbleL0rd
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    I was having the same issue and I found a temporary fix for me, I turned off music in the settings then I made a save and reloaded the save and turned music back on and the drumming stopped.

  • Yesin069
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    Thanks for the tip but this seems to be too much to do on every start of the game. It is a good workaround but Ubisoft should finally fix this. It shouldn't be that hard to fix bugs that have to do with input devices.

  • Iscaru_1988
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    Hey I have this problem, no music at all.
    It started some days ago, with another strange bug, every time I fast travel or when I launch the game, after the loading screen ends, I see a black background with the loading symbol at the bottom righ corner for 40 or 50 seconds ruining fast load times at all.
    These two problems appeared at the same time.
    I'm playing on ps5.

  • RecklessPanda
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    Hi everyone,
    just wanted to post my experience with musical and sound bugs.
    I played for 156 hrs now. It must has happend after around 130/140 hrs, when I realized that there is know ambience music. The nature sounds are totaly fine.

    • missing ambience music in all locations
    • missing ambience music at Animus anomaly (soundeffects is there, not missing in cursed areas for example)
    • no battlemusic at random ancounters or when discovered in enemy camps
    • no music when infiltrating enemy camps and still hidden

    It occure to me as these bugs happened after patch 1.1.1, but cant say it for sure. Uninstalled de game completly, which dindnt help. Maybe it got something to do with the savegame files?

    Thank you an I hope this helpes

  • Yesin069
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    With the new patch the problem still exists. I have ambient music in the same frequency like in Origins and Odyssey. Sadly this isn't enough music for me.

    The main problem is the muffled sound when in combat. You barely hear any music because the sound effects are just too loud. Often when in free roam and being ambushed by enemies there is no music at all. It feels really strange and buggy.

  • RecklessPanda
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    This post is deleted!
  • RecklessPanda
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    The music frequenzy is very low, but I guess it fits the more settled tone of the game. In the end it is a question of taste. 😄

    I also had problems with loud sounds in battle.

    I started a new game. Strangely everything works fine in the starting area. I wasnt in Englaland yet, but it would be interesting to know, if verything works fine with this new safefile. I will test this out.

    I am playing on PC btw

  • RecklessPanda
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    exctly same here

  • RecklessPanda
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    Like I said in my post below, I tested a n old savefile (19 hrs playtime) and a complete new one. Both work perfectly fine regarding missing sounds and ambience music. On the same spots, enemy encounters and restricted areas, there is no music anymore, when I load an 150 hrs savefile. Was imposible to reproduce this bug. I dont know anything about the Anvil engine, but it seems to be related to the savefiles.
    Got no problems regarding voiceover or missing music in main mission, so cant say anything about that.

    Hope this helps

  • olat_dragneel
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    I'm also experiencing the issue where ambient music almost never plays. And when I say almost, I mean it only plays when I sync some (SOME) viewpoints.

    Nothing else. All the battles, cutscenes, whatever - nothing gets the music playing. I'm using high frequency and sounds are to the max. Tried reinstalling the game, even tried reinstalling the OS and finally downloading the game on another PC and installing - the issue persists. I also started a new game, and the same happens, so it does not appear to be savegame related to me.

    Ubisoft, please fix this soon. It just feels like a huge shame to play this game without music.

  • U2RoKkeR
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    Adding a post because this has happened to me. Tried to re-install but no luck. Game is absolutely lifeless without any music.

  • Arraken343
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    Poeple still have this issue. The game has been out for 4 months. No answer from Ubisoft. Great.
    People, lets stop spenindg money in this company.

  • UbiExcellent
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    Hello everyone, and please accept my sincerest apologies for not responding to this thread earlier. I've shared the details everyone has posted on this thread with the development team, including the video links from VENOML0RD. As soon as I've received an update, I'll post their findings here.

  • guest-6SXaD7qq
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    Supper Annoying Bug! Playing on ps4, up until I did the alliance mission in Cent, everything was fine, (well.. sometimes a specific soundtrack would get stuck and would keep on playing in a loop until I would simply reload the save or game entirely, which would fix the problem). But During the mission in Cent I put ps4 into "rest mode" instead of turning everything off. Once I turned it back on the background music in the game became absent. Only sometimes during small fights and battles "battle music" would get triggered. + It would get triggered near view points. But now the game feels empty and weird. Nothing seems to be fixing it. Unfortunately, until there's a patch for this, I cannot continue playing it.
    *I think the issue is in the saves now, cuz again, re-loading doesn't work.
    Also, besides the background music, some environmental sounds disappeared as well. Like some animals, footsteps, NPC's, opening chests and other small sounds are gone or some delayed., other's became dull or too quiet. Overall, there's a major music AND sound issue happening here. Please fix this ASAP, cuz this sucks ;(

  • Jiggyprawn3000
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    Whenever I raid a small camp, once I have looted all small chests and killed enemies the raid music never ends. I could sail half across half of the map and the stupid raid music still
    plays. This is only for small camps, but it’s immersion breaking.

  • mgvsquared
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    @ubiexcellent Can we get an update asap? I too have issues on Xbox Series S. I've finished the Kjotve section of the early part of the game and haven't heard a single piece of music in cutscenes, battles, ambient...my game is devoid of music. Except for the title screen. That's it. I have to stop playing entirely at this point because it's such a jarring bug. How could this not have shown up in testing? Did they not test it very much? Lol.

  • olat_dragneel
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    Another video of the issue:

    Music almost never plays, and big fights, raids, important story parts or even feasts feel completely empty since there is NO music playing at any point in time.

    My settings are also visible in the video.

    I hope the patch today fixes this, because it's been ruining the game for many players. Just imagine having a big conquest battle and NO MUSIC. It's almost funny to play.

    Please do something about this.

    I'm on PC btw, but you can see my settings in the video. There are also other public videos about this in my channel.

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