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  • Adrian-11
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    It's both, the game and the Nvidia drivers. Issues are worse if your CPU and mobo are AMD.
    You can try to clear the shader cache, it works for some, not for others.
    The only proven work around is to roll back drivers to 466.77.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6074 posts

    Hello there!

    Thank you for continuing to share your experiences and reports regarding graphical issues following the release of the nVidia driver 471.96 update. I'd like to assure you all that the development team are aware of this issue and are still investigating the issue further. We don't yet have any updates to share with you all from the investigation. As soon as we have more details to share regarding this issue, we will let you know within the forums and in the News & Announcements forum.

    In the meantime, the team has suggested that restarting the game can help temporarily. You can also try rolling back your drivers to a previous version, as many players have reported that this has helped to resolve the issue in their own games.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • ozoomar00
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    Just bought the game about a week ago At version 496.13 The graphical artifacts have appeared This seriously should already be fixed otherwise the game is pointless to play if after every update to a Nividia graphics card the internal graphics are going to crash and bug out restarting does fix the game but only for a certain time I personally feel like when the game tries to load something specific it cant and then it starts causing multiple failures to load different textures causing multiple errors Verifying integrity cant detect the issue either which makes me believe the issue is an error that appears only when triggered a specific way it first started after jumping from season level 10- 17 when I completed multiple levels at once then again during tidal basin strong hold at the final boss in the arena and it started with the top portion of my screen then when loading out and rotating my camera it was even worse and i had to close the game and re open and now its fine but it will only be fine for a few hours then stop again a permanent fix REALLY needs to be fount for this...cause i the game is great over all!
    Update: what if it's something to do with the game not transferring scenes properly and when trying to delete a specific meshing or background graphic it cant and corrupt's and then because it corrupts it then fails everything else? I know games like borderlands for the PC has VERY rare bug that people can get where it doesn't Delete its internal memory cache and causes the game to crash after so many map loads what if it's something similar? but related to loaded graphical textures?

  • ozoomar00
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    as of 496.13 issues STILL EXISTS just started receiving it on my end right after updating my game started showing signs of it. I can't believe a company as respected as Ubisoft is screwing over its players like this with ABSOLUTELY no information about what this but what it could actually be or even when we could possible See a fix at all wasted money on this game Because I didn't know a SEROUS bug like this existed if I knew it did I never would have bought it def seems like this is a matter of when and not If. Its a great game don't get me wrong! its just a shame to see the developers not care enough to Focus on this major game-breaking issue when once you get it you pretty much screwed cause it will just keep getting worse till your game breaks entirely... Besides the same repair, they say works for everything So instead of fixing it they rather have us roll back (possibly brick are graphics card and possibly a security risk) Because their experienced developmental team cant solve the issue? It clearly has something to do with the way the game registered and reads the shader cache and a specific set of events happen And then it permanently breaks the game if you guys cant solve it Send it off to Nvidia and see if they can or get a second opinion something and stop leaving us in the dark... EDIT 10/14/2021 5:52 pm So at this point the game can't even last an hour without starting to artifact At this point the game should just be made free to play until you guys figure out how to fix it It went from Six hours till artifact to less than one which is absurd its obvious SOMETHING is corrupted and is triggered by some Sort of event and the UbiSoft launcher is incapable of detecting this corruption and it spreads like a virus infecting everything till the game graphically glitches out

  • Jamtastic86
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    @ubi-borealis Is there any news on why this issue is still present with the 496.13 version of the Nvidia drivers?

  • D.Harley
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    (I used a translator because my main language is not English, sorry about that first 😉 )

    I finally solved this problem, but it might be not for everyone I think.
    If you don't use the DX12 option, it will help you.

    Anyway, I had the graphic issue exactly the same as these.
    So I roll-back the graphic driver, but I couldn't play the other game because of the old version driver. (BF2042, ...)
    And also game crashes happened more often when I saw the alarm for requiring an updated graphic driver from Geforce Experience!
    So I updated the driver, then no crashes occurred but graphic glitches came back.

    By the way, I remembered I didn't use the dx12 option because of crashes and terrible frame drop.
    But when I searched about it, there's some solution for it.
    I tried it, and it's working perfectly now.

    So let's get started.
    My system is : Ryzen 3700x + RTX2060 + 48GB RAM + Windows10 OS

    First, they said I should delete the ShaderCache.
    Go for direction: ...\Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy's The Division 2\ShaderCache
    if you using dx11, there will be a [dx11] folder.
    Even if you activate dx12, it still exists. (They think it causes crashes with dx12)


    1. Go for the game options menu,
    2. Activate DX12 Rendering,
    3. Turn off the game,
    4. Go for the direction and delete [dx11] folder,
    5. and run the game again

    But if you still have a problem with it, then try to use ISLC(intelligent standby list cleaner) program.
    I used it because of the laggy games and crashes, it help me a lot.

    By the way, I am really disappointed about what happened now, devs.
    Why should users make the way to solve the problem?
    Such as using third-party programs and find reasons why we couldn't play the game, and how to optimize it.
    Not for the options, just want to play the game properly.

  • ozoomar00
    4 posts

    @d-harley Def has a serious crash with it with Dx12 Why even add the option if they cant even properly design it right to even work without crashing? like what's the point? they need to stop charging money for the game and scamming people into buying it with its 50/50 bug chance until they actually FIX these fatal flaws like dx12 crashing or this graphical artification bug but I tried the fix you gave the ideal for and it def didn't work for me

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1405 posts

    Hey there.

    Sorry to hear you've encountered this. So we can gain a better understanding of what these graphical glitches look like you could provide images or if possible video of the issue please?

    Official Response
  • TRYHARDcudder
    6 posts

    Please.. can you guys give us any further informations what the hell we can do about this? It's unplayable and kinda annoying.

    Those glitches appear after 1 hour of playing.

    GeForce Game Ready Driver
    Version: 496.13 (up to date)

  • TRYHARDcudder
    6 posts
  • TRYHARDcudder
    6 posts

    @lo_th i have EXACTLY the same things going on.. did u found any solution?


  • Adrian-11
    897 posts


    This is not new, was introduced few months back with the Nvidia driver 47X.XX, and it's still unsolved. For this particular glitch (terrain corruption) it's worth doing a files check in Connect.
    One work around (if you are lucky) is to set shader cache to off in the 3D driver settings and clear the game cache. For some works, for others works for a while, then the glitch comes back.
    So far the only permanent solution is to roll back to 466.XX generation, which is not ideal if you have new games to play.

  • TRYHARDcudder
    6 posts

    @adrian-11 thx man. i appreciate ur answers. i did roll back to 466.77 and looks fine till now.

  • TRYHARDcudder
    6 posts

    @adrian-11 game still crashing to desktop. LMAO What is this 😄

  • Adrian-11
    897 posts


    Unfortunately, no solution for the crashes. Not even sure what it is (servers, EAC, memory leak), but most likely it's not your hard or soft, many of us have these crashes and they are totally random.
    Ubi has been "investigating" for almost a year now - my bet this is just BS, they are not seriously looking at the issue.

  • TRYHARDcudder
    6 posts

    @adrian-11 i played the game with the 466.77 driver for more than 4 hours and had no glitches or bugs so far.

    about the crashes to desktop.. i just changed my screenmode settings from "fullscreen" to "full windowed" and had no more crashes since then.

    game is playable for me right now with no further issues.

  • Big..Jake
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    Im haveing the same graphics glitch in game, im on driver versjon 496.13

  • paulPC_RO
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    Hello. What happens to this game because it is no longer playable at all. After I uninstalled it last week, because it came out of my game, in combat, with a hard core character and of course I lost the character at level 10, being extremely nervous, I installed it again these days and since then, for 3 days I have been struggling to play because I only have graphic problems. In other games I have no problems at all so it is not the video card. I checked the files, uninstalled and reinstalled, uninstalled and installed the last 3 versions of the video driver using DDU and it doesn't recover at all. This is my last attempt to find the problem, if I can't find a solution here either, it's time to move on to other games, because it is clear that the further we go from the release date, the worse and unplayable the game is and the fault of the developers. and their updates. Game on a PC consisting of:
    R5 5600x
    1070Ti Strix
    2k monitor
    ssd 16 GB DDR4 3200mhz
    windows 11
    I mention once again that the game went smoothly until I got out of the game.

    Sorry for the grammatical mistakes, English is not my main language.

  • SuspiciousPixel
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    Guys try the 496.49 WHQL (Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy) driver that was released today. Under Fixes the TD2 issue is fixed.


    Download link
    GeForce Game Ready Driver | 496.49 | Windows 11 | NVIDIA

  • paulPC_RO
    4 posts

    I installed the driver with DDU and tried almost all the scenes where I had graphics problems. It seems that this driver is a good one, a long-awaited one, and I hope that no other problems appear or that the graphics problems return! : D. But even now there are many, many FPS drops.

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